NADGT Canna Challenge @ Live Oak Brewing

Monday, October 25, 2021 at Live Oak Brewing Company in Del Valle, Texas
Disc golf event

NADGT Canna Challenge @ Live Oak Brewing graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the NADGT Canna Challenge @ Live Oak Brewing. As part of our week of National Championship events and festivities we have worked out a series of daily events supported by our various sponsors.

In today's edition, CANNA will be getting us a MYSTERY DISC. Players will be competing on a standard 12 hole layout @ Live Oak Brewing, only using their ENTIRE BAG and the disc in their players package.

Along with the player's package disc, each player will receive a beverage of their choice from Live Oak Brewing.

But, wait, that is not all....... Did somebody say that they wanted more.....


Top finishers will receive prizes, merchandise and maybe even other cool stuff that we cant event think of yet!

Total of 110 Spots will be available on a first register first serve basis. Once registered, players can show up at their leisure on Monday anytime from 12pm-5pm.

Dont miss out, this is going to be a ton of FUN!

This event is OPEN to the public, not just NADGT National Championship Competitors. With that being said NADGT Nationals Competitors will have first chance of registration. Competitors will be issued invites similar to when they qualified for Nationals. We welcome all players regardless of skill! Come on out an join us at Live Oak Brewing, if for no other reason than to enjoy a refreshment and meet some people.
Did I forget to mention that this was a SERIES of Events? That means more than one, and if their is more than one event, that that means we probably need to have a Series Champion? Yep, you guessed it, there will be an OVERALL KING and QUEEN OF SIDE GAMES created during this series. Who gets the most points through all of the 5 sets of games will become the first EVER NADGT KING and QUEEN of the National Championship SIDE GAMES! How cool would that be?


Refund policy

National Amateur Disc Golf Tour is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Round 1: Live Oak Brewing Company - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 42
1Abraham Garcia3737
1Logan Warr3737
3David McCormack3838
4Andrew Eckhoff3939
4David Brown3939
4David Turner3939
4Jeeshie Josh Martin3939
4Lance McLean3939
4Matt Curtis3939
4Oak Shain3939
11Adam Frias4040
11Daniel Rigdon4040
11Jon Youngbar4040
11Somsack Bouasri4040
11Tucker Tha Turtle4040
16Anthony Rapena4141
16David Cash4141
16Jesse Wells4141
16John E. Riley4141
16Mike Davis4141
16Nathan Boulette4141
16Shawn Gould4141
16Todd Quigg4141
24Alex Kantner4242
24Carter McLean4242
24Chris Metz4242
24Chris Reid4242
24Daniel Shain4242
24Dylan McKinley4242
24Jesus Lamas Cruz4242
24Rick Creelman4242
24Travis Cooper4242
33Ben Walter4343
33Evan Langer4343
33Jared Williams4343
33Nathaniel Hunt4343
37Chad Rose4343
38Bill Razey4444
38Gavin Healey4444
38Kevin Moran4444
41Adam Garcia II4545
41Adam Moul4545
41Chaz Critchfield4545
41Jason Einfeld4545
41Logan Miller4545
41Luke Orth4545
41Quinton Piekkola4545
41Zac Stone4545
49Andy Vasquez4646
49Chad Solberg4646
49Cooper Bechtol4646
49Dustin John Hanson4646
53Curtis Van Slyke4747
53Daniel Picchione4747
55William Rink5050
56Austin Butler5252
56Charles Eschmann5252
56Steve Moyer5252
59Fred Grosse5555
60Allan Britcher-0
60Brad Bourgeois-0
60Collin Hayden-0
60Joel B Gleghorn-0
60Matthew Villegas-0
60Michael Wiseley-0
60Skip Grady-0
60Travis Davis-0
60Trevor Gill-0
60Trevor Snyder-0
60Zac Teuscher-0
60Zachary Crist-0
Round 1: Live Oak Brewing Company - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 42
1Ronit Taggart4646
2Anissa Martinez4949
2Regina Marie4949
2Tiger Borth4949
5Lillian Reddmann5050
6Deona Werth5151
7Lauren Burke6161
8Brianna M Defer6262
9Natalina Ross7373
10Heather Turner7575