NADGT 2022 Nationals Side Games @ Live Oak Brewing - Lone Star Discs

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at Live Oak Brewing Company in Del Valle, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament

NADGT 2022 Nationals Side Games @ Live Oak Brewing - Lone Star Discs graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the 2022 Live Oak Brewing Side Games. These are a series of FOUR, non-sanctioned, sides games offered at Live Oak through out the week. Each one of the four side game events will be sponsored by a different disc manufacturer with a different offering for each day.

Tuesday October 25th is Lone Star Discs Day!

You will get 1 Premium Lone Star Disc (Mold TBA)

These events will be a modified One Disc challenge, with the hitch that you can use your own putter inside Circle 1. Aside from that the participant MUST use the disc provided to them in the player package. Modified tee pads will be provided for certain divisions.

Winners of each division will receive daily trophies, courtesy of PyroHyzer, and the over all Series Champions will be crowned with a truly unique Champions "Trophy" to proudly show all that can handle the glare of this awesomeness.

Point System:
2 Points for participation
10 Points for 1st
7 Points for 2nd
5 Points for 3rd
3 Points for 4th
2 Point for 5th

Non NADGT Championship Competitors are welcome to play as well!

Refund policy

Side Game Series will have no refunds, if you are unable to make it you can pick up your player pack disc onsite.


Final Results

1Tyler Belan2626
2Collin Fairchild2929
3Tyler Houck3030
4Ross Robarge3131
5Finn Sullivan3232
6Seth Poling3232
7Jeff Mullen3333
8Evan Harris3333
9Joseph Barney3333
10Nicholas Anderson3333
11Jake Collins3333
11Michael Chambers3333
13Cameron Peterson3333
13Kasper Pieters3333
15Brian Uzzi3434
16Nathaniel Powell3434
16Trevor Williamson3434
18Mark Carter3434
19Daniel Rigdon3434
19Mike Davis3434
21Kyle Miller3434
22Taylor Gardner3434
22Zachary Smith3434
24Nick Erland3535
25Adam Frias3535
26Hunter Paddock3535
26Tim Banning3535
28Bradley Robertson3535
28Derek Puhlmann3535
30Avery Del Grosso3535
31Chad Collins3535
32Jason Culven3636
33Brian Goos3636
33Steve Hoffman3636
35Ponce Hatch3636
36Matt Watwood3636
37Jason Einfeld3636
38Parker Sturm3636
39Desmond Parker3636
40Andrew Wayner3636
41Brian Frankson3737
42Tim Lloyd3737
43Daniel Picchione3737
44Doug Banning3737
46Tom McGrew3737
47Michael D Collins3737
47Travis Collins3737
49Chad Rose3737
50Paul Marbury3838
51David Bethke3838
52Luke Henderson3838
53Kraig Carlson3838
54Drew Bryan3838
55Tom Rohrer3838
56Rocco DiFronzo3838
57Patrick Olcott3838
58David Turner3838
59Casey Livingston3939
60BJ Jaeger3939
61Chuck Jaqueth3939
62Robert Scott3939
63Jordan James Hoberg3939
64Sheldon Overlock4040
65Jason Henderson4040
66Cody Brown4040
66Sean Anthony Terrillion4040
68Clint Clupka4040
69Jessie Hackney4040
70Joel Gleghorn4242
71Joshua Bryan4545
72Bogey Brandon-0
72Brian Cederquist-0
72James Reynolds-0
72Jeffrey Dao-0
72Ramsey Ross-0
72Roby 1 Kinobi Breger-0
72Samuel Adams-0
72Samuel Rasmussen-0
72Titus Cederquist-0
1Emily Douglas3737
2Trish B3838
3Kristina Kendrick3939
4Brianna M Defer4141
5Alyssa Leonard4242
6Trisha Allen4343
7Korie Clupka4444
8Meredith Curtis4545
9Jennifer Hamilton4545
10Cher Meschke4646
10Jasmine Manangan4646
12Clarisa Bingham4646
13Lorianne Russ4747
14Hannah Benson5454
15Heather Turner6060
16Tori Reynolds-0
1Ian McNamara3232
2Justin Harris3838
3Aidan Begay-0
1Jadyn Reynolds-0
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