Mosquito Dam Jam

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 25-26, 2022 at Birdie Hill in Cortland, Ohio
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Format same as Last Year 3 Rounds 18 Birdie Hill 18 Squirrel Run 27 Young's Run/Titan. We had to move event ba ... more
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Brad Silvers    Sticky June 24 at 9:06pm

Ob's are posted in pictures, list on scorecards, and on digital scorecards. Not printing OB sheets. All OBs will be gone over during players meetings and as a player in a sanctioned event it is your responsibility to read and understand any /
all OBs and PDGA rules. If you have a question ask, if unsure play a provisional.


Brad Silvers    Sticky June 24 at 7:46pm

MPO MA1 and MA40 you will have until 9:30 to check in as your Round doesn't Start until 10


Brad Silvers    Sticky June 24 at 7:30pm

For anyone camping at the group campsite too just let them know when you check in that you're with the Disc Golf Group in group campsite too and Lee Spencer is already there and has extra parking passes

Brad Silvers   June 24 at 7:30pm

Group camp 2

Brad Silvers    Sticky June 22 at 5:52pm

Registration for all players will be at Pavilion near Hole 1 at Squirrel Run. After Check In players that are playing Birdie Hill Round 1 are free to head to course. There will be a players meeting at Birdie Hill at 8:50am for MA50 MA60 MA2 MA3 FA1 FA3. Tee off at Birdie Hill 9:15. There will be a players meeting at Squirrel Run at 9:30am and Tee Off will be at 10am for MPO MA1 and MA40


Brad Silvers    June 25 at 4:11pm

Round 2 Tee Time 1:30pm at opposite course from Round 1


Paul Krebs    June 25 at 2:06am

Lost a yellow z stalker with a red stamp either on hole 7 or 18 at birdie.


David Michl    June 25 at 12:08am

Have to drop out. Sorry for the late notice.


Zach Trdinich    June 24 at 5:54pm

For MPO does check-in also end at 8:45 AM even though our round doesn't start until 10 AM?

Brad Silvers   June 24 at 7:45pm

You will have extra time

Nate Laubacher    June 23 at 6:49pm

Will there be a glow round on Friday night this year?

Brad Silvers   June 23 at 6:55pm

Last year it was on Saturday and Dubs was Friday night. I'm not sure I'll have time to organize that but if you're volunteering go for it

Brad Silvers   June 23 at 6:57pm

Or if anyone else wants to put something together let me know. Last year woodwackers dgc did glow

Nate Laubacher   June 24 at 12:21pm

Oh okay thank you. I won’t have the time to organize it unfortunately.

Mike Yankey    June 23 at 6:14pm

Not. Huge deal but do we know starting holes yet ?

scott summers   June 23 at 6:36pm

They don't get posted until Friday night at the earliest.

Brad Silvers   June 23 at 6:52pm

It won't be finalized until morning of event

Mike Yankey   June 24 at 1:34am

Cool no worries .

Richard McAdams    June 22 at 2:41pm

Brad, I can’t make it again this year, sorry for the last minute notice. Just keep the money for your origination/league. Thanks!

Brad Silvers   June 22 at 3:11pm

It's all good man, I'll send you back

Brad Silvers    June 22 at 12:58am

Courses are all nearly complete, definitely ready for practice rounds. Missing tee signs have been replaced on every course except Birdie Hill. If anyone is out practicing and sees something that needs done please let me know. OB sheets will be posted in next 48 hrs.


Brad Silvers    June 20 at 6:45pm

Today 5pm get some course Karma at Birdie Hill DGC. Meet at 305 Boat Launch Parking Lot. Bring Trimmers, Takes, Loppers


Joshua Miller    June 20 at 4:54pm

Had to withdraw due to work


Matt Dartanion Schultz    June 20 at 1:56pm

I need to drop out. Sent a refund request


Jake Emery    June 20 at 2:25am

I have a sudden scheduling conflict and have to withdraw. Thanks

Brad Silvers   June 20 at 2:32am


Tori Cutlip    June 20 at 1:08am

Hi Brad, I just noticed FA3's schedule isn't posted anywhere. Are you able to update that?

Brad Silvers   June 20 at 2:13am

Yep, my bad

Brad Silvers   June 20 at 2:15am

Posted now same as FA1 and MA3

Tori Cutlip   June 20 at 2:17am

Thank you!

Nate Zunic    June 13 at 11:08pm


Brad Silvers   June 13 at 11:11pm

No problem

T.Bart Bata    June 13 at 6:53pm

Brad, I got to drop dogg. Planned a vacation a few weeks ago and forgot the tourney was the same weekend

Brad Silvers   June 13 at 10:45pm


Quinn McKnight    May 29 at 9:37pm

Can I get moved to ma1?

Brad Silvers   May 29 at 9:43pm


Timothy Rastetter   May 29 at 10:59pm

Me too please?

Brad Silvers   May 30 at 8:43pm