Morley Field Spring Fling

PDGA logoSaturday, May 21, 2022 at Morley Field in San Diego, California
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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*** Due to overwhelming demand(!!!), we have split the Spring Fling over two days. MA2, MA3, and MJ18 divisio ... more
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Fernando Vargas    May 22 at 7:30pm

Refund please. Fernando Vargas MA3


Fernando Vargas    May 22 at 4:38pm

Refund please. Since I didn't make it off waitlist.


David Arterburn    May 21 at 8:25am

I was 2nd on the waitlist and was planning on showing up tomorrow morning but now my name isn’t there anymore and I got refunded? What’s going on?

Alex Pierson   May 21 at 5:47pm

Sorry David, but we didn't take anyone off the waitlist today as we were already over-capacity for today's divisions.

Beau Johnston    May 21 at 12:21am

Please refund Beau Johnston (MA3) and Bruce Johnston (MA3).


Tim Lasky    May 20 at 7:51pm

Caddies and spectators welcome?


Brian Calvin    May 20 at 2:56am

Please refund Brian Calvin I am unable to play this weekend.
Thanks Alex


Richard Hummel    May 11 at 7:11pm

Please refund Rachel Hummel (FA2) and Richard Hummel (waitlist), we are unable to attend this tournament due to family obligations.


Rich Fletcher    May 8 at 2:37pm

I'd like to bring a daughter or two; are caddies or spectators allowed? Am fine with purchasing bands for them if needed.


Jon Lestat    May 6 at 5:28pm

Will you be posting the layout?

Alex Pierson   May 11 at 8:34pm

Just posted a photo of the layouts

Dougie Williams    May 5 at 1:22am

Will dogs be allowed?


Richard Hummel    April 29 at 4:03pm

Get me into this, waiting 6th right now. Haha got my wifes in it, now I need some help. Lol


Aldo Aviles    April 20 at 2:38pm

I see my name in tournament in disc golf scene but I don’t see it on pdga page. Is there something wrong ?


Wayne Helgeson    April 8 at 6:21pm

Well this was a **** show. I signed up to be #37 on the waitlist, (highly unlikely I’ll make it in right?!) so I withdrew only to find out they let everyone in a day later cause of “demand,” like wtf?! Demand has been high for all tournaments since covid. And you’re throwing a tourney at the most play dg course in the country. Should’ve made it a 2 dayer since the beginning. Oh well :)

Andy Rotolo   April 8 at 8:44pm

Exact same thing happened to me. I registered within 3 minutes but ended up on wait list. I asked for a refund because I didn’t want to pay full price to be on the waitlist. Instead of communicating that they were going to expand the field they refunded my money. Then they expand the field and I missed that boat too. Dumb.

Diego Lopez    April 8 at 1:40am

I’m assuming that if we don’t get in from the waitlist we get our full money back correct??


Andy Rotolo    April 7 at 3:26pm

Charged full price for wait list. Please issue refund. Thanks


James Maddalena    April 7 at 6:24am

If you have two groups, and start you tourney with all tees loaded with 4 people then you can get 72 players to finish at around the same time within 3 or so hours. That means in a 6hr day you can add 50 more slots and in a 9 hr day add 190 spots! At $60/participant your talking an addition $3K to $11K in prize money or gross revenue?!?! Please open more spots :)

Heibel Medina   April 7 at 7:03pm


Alex Pierson   April 8 at 3:52am

You're math forgets it is a 2 round tourney (and one very hard round at that). But we are going to split divisions over two days... with so much demand, doubling the playing field seems to make sense.

john scheinpflug    April 7 at 3:45am

When will additional info. be available? (start times, 1 or 2 rounds, etc.). Thank You.

Alex Pierson   April 8 at 3:49am

8:30 AM round 1 start time, lunch approx 11:30-12:30, Round 2 at 1pm, Awards and raffle to follow

john scheinpflug   April 8 at 8:33pm


Aldo Aviles    April 7 at 3:15am

This thing filled up faster then lunas sold out !

Todd Hogan   April 7 at 4:07am

I think it was like 8 minutes lol

Diego Lopez    April 7 at 3:14am

***wait list?


Diego Lopez    April 7 at 3:13am

Is it suppose to charge me full price to be on the top air list??