Moccasin Lake Open Am Weekend presented by Sekushi

PDGA logoSat-Sun, November 5-6, 2022 at Cliff Stephens Park in Clearwater, Florida
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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The 2022 Moccasin Lake Open AM Weekend Presented by the Tampa Bay Disc Sports Club The 2022 MLO AM Weekend ... more
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Curtis Shriver    November 6 at 2:12am

Maybe I'm missing it but it seems like the Sunday tee times for some of the divisions are now missing. They were there earlier this evening.


Sam Withrow    November 4 at 2:29am

Are tee times going to be moved up an hour on Sunday because of the time change?

Sean McGowan   November 4 at 4:40pm


John Swecker    November 4 at 1:50am

If you can. I have been my sickest in my hole life. If not maybe I’ll visit my brother to pick ups and disc. I even had to cancel the Nascar Miami race thi


Sean McGowan    November 3 at 11:51pm

Good Evening Everyone,

I hope you are all looking forward to our tournament this weekend. Before you play there is some information that you should know.

All vital information regarding the event and the course rules can be found in our Virtual Players Meeting. Please watch our Virtual Players Meeting linked here

Tee times for the event can be found at

We are offering early check in tomorrow Frida ... more


Ben C    November 3 at 2:39pm

Need to miss MLO again. Injured, again! Ugh! Withdraw and refund please.


Nick Laurino    November 3 at 9:57am

What time is ma4 tree off

Ben C   November 3 at 2:39pm

Early. You will be on one of the first 3 or 4 cards.

Sean McGowan   November 3 at 6:34pm

First card is 10:20

Jake Abell    November 3 at 12:31am

Hi Sean? Do you think it’s possible to move me from MJ18 to MA4?


Joe Kaminski    November 2 at 6:14pm

Hi Sean. The short line on 22 is 70’ farther out than it should be, according to the course signage… 316 vs 246

Sean McGowan   November 2 at 9:58pm

Yes, the sign is incorrect, that's where the line goes.

darren mottola    November 2 at 1:28pm

Hi Sean I just realized I registered under ma55 and I didn’t mean to can you switch me to ma50?

Sean McGowan   November 2 at 9:56pm


Shawn Baker    November 1 at 9:59pm

Can I get on the card ( tee time) with Logan Curtis


Danny McDonnell    November 1 at 8:52pm

Hey Sean where are the obs listed?
Specifically im wondering about the sidewalk to the right of 15 and if sidewalks are on and beyond- thank you

Sean McGowan   November 1 at 11:35pm

The rules can be found in the pictures within the tournament and will also be detailed in the virtual players meeting to be released Thursday. Sidewalks on 4, 8, 15, 23 are all beyond OB, hole 21 the sidewalk itself is OB

John Swecker    October 28 at 1:11am

I am terribly sick and want to cover it. I hope to see you folks again. ????

Sean McGowan   October 30 at 11:15pm

Are you needing to be removed from the registration?

Jason Bourgholtzer    October 27 at 4:03pm

Hey Sean. Unfortunately I need to withdraw from the tournament. Work isn’t cooperating. Pretty bummed but will be there next year. Thanks.

Jason Bourgholtzer   October 27 at 9:05pm

Need a refund please and thank you

Cindy Taylor    October 26 at 12:31am

Hi Sean please refund I need to withdrawal. Thank you

Sean McGowan   October 27 at 3:58pm


Jay Sauls    October 25 at 1:00pm

Is there a course map available for the additional holes? I've never played these (didn't know the existed until recently!) and would kinda like to know what to expect.

Sean McGowan   October 25 at 2:20pm

No, unfortunately not. There is some tournament coverage from back in the day that may show them played.

Jay Sauls   October 25 at 6:35pm

Thanks! But we are playing a 24 hole lay out?

Sean McGowan   October 27 at 3:58pm


Chad Boyanton    October 16 at 8:12pm

Unfortunately I need to withdraw from this tourney. Travel plans changed and I cannot make it

Sean McGowan   October 19 at 4:37pm

Please request a refund through disc golf scene

Rick Rey    October 16 at 4:23am

Shame I have had to request a refund for this. I was looking forward to good time with the 65ers. Mexico job will last longer then expected, you all have a great time!


stu crisco    October 12 at 1:25am

I registered but am listed as #25 on the wait list, obviously I will not get in so can you just go ahead and issue me a refund, thank you


Ken Corbo    October 10 at 2:18am

If possible I would like to be switched 60AM to the 65 AM if it doesn’t put me to the bottom of the waitlist I am currently 15th on the waitlist thank you

Sean McGowan   October 10 at 3:45pm

I will update your registration should you get in.

Ron Taylor    October 9 at 1:58am

I was moved from the wait list but have not received any information about a t-shirt. I would like one.

Sean McGowan   October 10 at 3:43pm

It's a players pack component.