Mint Discs 3-Disc Challenge @ Live Oak Brewing

Sunday, November 15, 2020 at Live Oak Brewing Company in Del Valle, Texas
Disc golf event

Mint Discs 3-Disc Challenge @ Live Oak Brewing graphic

About this tournament

We're having an 18 hole 3-Disc Challenge at Live Oak Brewing.

Why should you play? Live Oak will have a special Mint Discs collaboration beer on tap to purchase and this will be your first shot at getting an Apex Longhorn before they are released to the public.

IMPORTANT COVID-19 NOTICE: Face Coverings are required when you check-in and also when you turn in your scorecard. We will not have extra inventory for sale and packages will be pre-bundled. We will not allow you to change discs, colors or plastics in order to ensure sanitary and safe conditions for staff and players. Face Coverings are also required when purchasing beer or other products from Live Oak. Players must maintain 6ft at all times and are not permitted to touch other players discs while playing(no pickups!). We reserve the right to refuse service, disqualify or issue refunds to any players who do not adhere to these rules. If you miss your tee time, you will forfeit any holes that your card has already played. We will not delay cards for any reason.

- 1 entry person. We will refund double entries and reserve the right to ban anyone who attempts to abuse registering multiple times.
- We will not ship players packs nor allow players to pick up a pack for someone else. You must claim your personal pack on the day of the event or else we will refund your entry the day after the event and you will forfeit your players pack.

-18 "ace race" style holes.
-Rewards for most aces/metals and also for best score.
-Tee Times required, maximum of 4 people per hole.
-Must use the 3 discs provided in the players pack.
-1 mulligan per hole. You can choose to take an extra tee shot, approach or putt. You'll play from what you decide as the "best" disc/shot after that mulligan.

Entry Cost:
-$40 per person

Players Pack w/ Entry:
(1) Royal Bullet w/ Limited Edition Live Oak Stamp
(1) Royal Profit w/ Coin Stamp
(1) Apex Longhorn - stock stamp pre-release
(?) Sticker, Pencils, and other swag(will be random per bag).

Refund policy

MINT Discs is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



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