Mill Valley Shootout: Presented by Homestead Beer Co.

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 24-25, 2021 at Marysville DGC in Marysville, Ohio
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club are proud to present the Mill Valley Shootout: Presented by Homestead Beer ... more
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Keith Tebbe    Sticky 2 days ago

Caddy book can be be found here:

Make sure to download one to your phone!


Keith Tebbe    Sticky February 23 at 7:05pm

Just as a reminder, the PDGA Covid-19 waiver is inserted into the waivers you sign when signing up.


Shawn Wright    3 days ago

Can Shawn Wright Jr, get moved to Recreational? Or is it to late to do that?

Keith Tebbe   3 days ago


Keith Tebbe    7 days ago

TD decision: Longs will now be a Par 56. After looking at 4 years of stats, Hole 3 has been upgraded to a Par 4 from the Long tee. Now someone go get me that eagle! Not the ones on 14, leave them alone.


Anthony Myer    April 9 at 4:17am

Willing to switch to MA4 if its easier for adjusting cards. Obviously im #10 on the waitlist, but in case it gets to that point! Thanks for all your do!


Rodney Johnston    March 15 at 8:25pm

So sir I'm sorry but it seems I have put myself into the tournament twice for some reason, I have paid once already and now my dumb second time registering is asking for payment. What should I do?

Keith Tebbe   March 16 at 2:12pm

I’ll get it sorted later today.

Keith Tebbe    March 7 at 5:16am

Divisional caps removed, waitlists adjust. Make sure those promoted check their emails to complete their registration.


Stephen Pruitt    March 3 at 4:33pm

So does MA3 play both days?

Keith Tebbe   March 3 at 4:37pm

All divisions play 1 round each day.

Brooks Hibbitt    March 1 at 12:12pm

How many people will be on a card?

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Brooks Hibbitt   March 2 at 9:30pm

Do you know how scheduling tee times will work because I have to be somewhere the second day?

Brooks Hibbitt   March 2 at 9:32pm

Will it be the same for both days or what if you know?

Keith Tebbe   March 3 at 2:38am

Day 1 tee times are produced using the PDGA program. Day 2 is based on how you play on day 1. As ma4, your tee time will be sometime in the early morning both days.

Brooks Hibbitt    February 24 at 2:23am

How do you look at scores when playing the round?

Keith Tebbe   February 24 at 2:31am

This year we are using the live scoring feature on the PDGA, so you'll be able to see live score during the round on your phone.

Lucas Koenig    February 24 at 1:47am

What's the policy on being wait-listed? Do I just wait for people to drop out?

Keith Tebbe   February 24 at 1:50am

Pretty much. There will be some movement once I take the reserved spots out, plus if there are still spots open once the pro deadline passes. Typically there are drops beforehand.

Lucas Koenig   February 24 at 1:55am

This would be my first tournament so I'm waiting on MA4

Shawn Wright    February 24 at 1:10am

Do the past winners have to get signed up or do we tell you when we get to the tournament?

Keith Tebbe   February 24 at 1:13am

2019 winners still need to sign up if they want to play. The spot was just held for them to make sure they had a chance to get in.

Brooks Hibbitt    February 21 at 2:51pm

How quickly to the rounds go off?

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Brooks Hibbitt   February 22 at 12:30am

Cool, if they could just walk with me or something that would be great or whatever works.

Brooks Hibbitt   February 22 at 12:55pm

Sorry for all the questions but this is my first tournament so will there be a practice basket for putting?

Keith Tebbe   February 23 at 3:07pm