Mill Valley Shootout: Presented by Homestead Beer Co.

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 24-25, 2021 at Marysville DGC in Marysville, Ohio
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Mill Valley Shootout: Presented by Homestead Beer Co. graphic
Added cash $750

About this tournament

The Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club are proud to present the Mill Valley Shootout: Presented by Homestead Beer Co. being held April 24-25, 2021. The tournament is again at a B tier status and will have a minimum $750 added cash to the Pro purse and all Am players will receive a players pack. The tournament will be held at the Marysville Disc Golf Course. After losing out on last year, I've expanded the tournament to 144 this year and will run tee times both days.

Additional divisions can be created IF the demand for that division is there. Minimum of 3 needed to form a division(exception for junior and women’s divisions). Contact the TD for further information.

There is currently 52 spots reserved for the Pro division until March 6th. On March 7th the cap will be removed and it will be open to any division. If there is an AM waitlist by the point, those on the waitlist will be added to the registration page in the order they registered.

2019 Winners will have a spot reserved for this years event and will have until March 6th to claim their spot. On March 7th, that spot will be opened up to the general population.

In order to run this event this year and in compliance with the local health department, we will need to implement several mitigation strategies for the tournament this year as follows:
-No day of registration
-No caddies or spectators allowed
-Participants are asked to arrive no earlier than 30min for their tee time and avoid congregating in large groups around the course.
-Masks will be required when at Tournament Central and anytime during the round when unable to appropriately social distance.
-Scoring will be completed via the PDGA Digital Scoreboard
-At the conclusion of the round, each card will verify with Tournament Central that the score was correctly submitted before leaving that day.
-At the conclusion of the 2nd round, awards will be given out as that division is completed
-If the merch store is set up, participation in said area will be limited as spacing allows.

Format: Tee times for 2 rounds of 18 holes

Pro/Adv 2 Rounds of Long Tees
MP 40/MA 40 1 Round Long Tees, 1 round Short Tees
MP 50/MA 50 and up/Int/Rec/Nov 2 Rounds of Short Tees

Players meeting: will be sent out via e-mail on 4/23/2021
Tee times will be posted during the day on 4/23/2021
Tee times starting at 8am both days
Check in at Tournament central before heading to tee time.

Keith Tebbe, Tournament Director
[email redacted]
(217) 246-5003

Format may be changed at TD discretion

Download Caddie Book

Refund policy

Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Marysville DGC
Marysville, OH   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at


Robert MooreHole 3 on Main course, Short tees
1Harley Payne5652108
2Brad Schick5854112
3Tanner Cuffman5761118
4Jordan O'Neill6059119
5Alex Cameron6160121
5Tony Mo Reiss6358121
7Alex Evers6261123
7Evan Hughes6855123
9Jimmy Hughes6560125
10Aaron Gullett7171142
11Steve Penland8267149
Pro 40+
1Manuel Spicer6448112
2Edward Utzig6649115
2Steve Duros6154115
4J Ted Zadareky6353116
5Dennis Janney6455119
6Chris Deitzel6159120
6Jason Ninnemann6753120
8Steven Heckathorne6658124
9Eric Davis6956125
10William Payne6958127
11Paul M Franey7160131
12Walter Lake7458132
13Bryon West7360133
13Jeffrey B Barman7459133
15Patrick Bornheim68-68
1Thomas Neel5764121
2Jon Allen6061121
3Luke Stoll6263125
4Michael Simmons6859127
4Neil Yoder6463127
6Joe Olson6168129
7Travis Bevilacqua6566131
8Joseph Miller6667133
9Nate Grooms6669135
10Zeke King6671137
11Sam Manning7168139
12Joe Campbell7678154
Amateur 40+
1Jacob Kocher6655121
2James White6860128
3Ben Stepp7360133
4Deano Barbo7560135
4Sam Campbell7758135
6Bill Neighbarger7561136
7Derrick Thomas7663139
1Sean Humphreys5152103
2Joel Sheeley5353106
3Kameron Carpenter5357110
4Austin Lee5854112
4David Link5854112
6Andy Adkins6054114
7Jacob Walker5956115
8Dana Hill5759116
8Randy Grimm5759116
8Scott Wickemeier5858116
11David Leavitt5958117
12Jason Stewart5959118
12Spencer Hollis6256118
14Andrew Heiser6059119
15Matt Bisbee5862120
15Robert Moore5961120
15Ryan Reed5961120
18David Keller6655121
18Jesse Santiago6259121
20Alex Schnese6359122
20Joshua Adkins6062122
22Jamie Kern6162123
23Ricky Cox6758125
23Sam Link6461125
25James Robinson6166127
26Joshua Caldwell6368131
27Jon Hain7062132
1Chris Acquista5553108
2Robert J Corby III5853111
3Dustin Mills6152113
4Daniel Heavern5559114
4Shawn Wright Jr5361114
6Johnny Hall6253115
6Jon Wagner5956115
6Neil Leonard5659115
9David Hayman5762119
9Erick Starkey5960119
9Kyle Stankowski6257119
9Matt Lorz5762119
13Paul Baldwin6456120
14Stefan Gustovich6259121
15Travis Oquin6062122
16Shad Branson6261123
17Adam Myers6461125
17Brian Cataldi6263125
17Damon J Rothgeb6164125
20Greg Yahle6660126
21Kirby Brennan6859127
22Patrick John6564129
23Alex Thomas6863131
23Greg Russell6665131
25Chris Hartley6567132
25Lucas Gorz6963132
27Tom West7163134
28Trevor Gerstner6471135
29Jason Larson6474138
30Alex Schenkel7567142
31Gary Bowman7077147
32Christian Cabreja7978157
33Joshua Daugherty64888952
34John Caballes53-53
35Rodney Johnston60-60
1Ethan Shaw5855113
2Fergus Theibert5955114
3Anthony Myer5965124
3Stephen Winkle6064124
5Alex Hoy5867125
5Eric Newell6362125
5Jacob Smith5867125
5Max Holloway6164125
5Phillip Caceres5867125
10Matt Rinella6759126
10Noah Linstedt6759126
12Scott Candela6464128
13Max Provich6069129
14David Weimar6268130
14Shawn Wright6763130
16Ryan Nichols6665131
17Chris Nichols6270132
17Jason Ehizokhale6270132
19Kevin Connell7064134
20Austin Netting7165136
20Chad Baumann7264136
20Kevin Kruse6967136
23Lucas Koenig6671137
24Liam Curran6771138
25Eric Stepp7368141
26Ron Stout7468142
27Steve Behnke6975144
27Thomas Wimbish7371144
29Nicholas Lorenzi7273145
30Chris Kandibovich7472146
31Brooks Hibbitt7575150
32Fergie Theibert7480154
33Mark Confer61-61
Intermediate Women
1Jadine Rafi6768135
2Roxanne Sargent6672138
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