2020 Mesa City Championships

PDGA logoSaturday, January 18, 2020 at Red Mountain Park in Mesa, Arizona
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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john scheinpflug    January 18 at 12:15pm

Are you taking walk-ups for registration? I could be there by 8:30


Will Mercer    January 18 at 1:56am

I have somebody that would like to play in the rec division tomorrow is there still spots available

Sean Castagnoli   January 18 at 2:45am

If it’s still open I’m sure it’s ok I know there isn’t a wait list

Sean Castagnoli    January 17 at 6:47pm

So when I signed up I wasn’t a pdga member is there anyway to get my number added ?


Gabriel Ortiz Jr    January 17 at 3:01am

I'm a pdga member in the MA3 recreational division, i would be happy to pay at the tournament or before. I just can't do it on paypal


Gabriel Ortiz Jr    January 17 at 2:56am

I'm having alot of trouble registering with paypal, is there any other way for me to pay? I have tried for over an hour


Peter Luchsinger    January 10 at 2:59am

Can I get moved to the MA60?

Michael Spencer   January 15 at 1:49pm

Peter, search mesa city championship in your email and open up the email from DiscGolfScene, scroll to the bottom of the email and choose ”modify” or ”edit” to edit your registration. From there you should be able to change your division.

Peter Luchsinger   January 16 at 5:14pm

I actually read the other messages on the lower thread and they told you how to do it so I went ahead and did it a few days ago. Thanks!

Rob Hart    November 18 at 1:01am

Additional age protected divisions have been added.

Ken Kreie   November 20 at 12:51pm

Excellent. Please move me to MP50

Ken Kreie   November 21 at 1:51am

Looks like you moved me to MP60 instead of MP50

Joseph Wolfe   November 24 at 12:06am

Hi Ken. You can edit your division from the "Registered Players" page.

Rob Hart    November 17 at 11:31pm


Joseph Wolfe    November 13 at 2:23am

Is it possible to add an MP50 division?

Ken Kreie   November 13 at 3:32pm

I would also be interested in MP50

Michael Spencer   November 15 at 8:29pm

Joe, in the interim, sign up for MP40, and if there are enough MP40 and MP50 players, then you can always ask Rob to create the division and move you guys. Assuming that all parties are okay and that you give the TD enough time to accommodate.

Dave peace    November 4 at 11:43pm

Yes. Thank you Rob. ✌