Maynard part 4 sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSaturday, September 25, 2021 at The Pines at Shenango Lake in Hermitage, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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2 Round PDGA C-Tier at The Pines DGC Remembering our friend and family member Dan Weber (aka Maynard) with ... more
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Trevor Murphy    September 27 at 12:19pm

Hey everyone, I am submitting Payouts to Dynamic as we speak and will be hearing back from them shortly on Payment as well as Activation of the Codes.

Once that happens, I will be Emailing out your Payout Codes as well as Pro Payouts and AceFund Throw Off Winner.

I will have a full write up here shortly along with the GO for the Codes.

Thanks again for spending the day at the Maynard pt 4! We are already looking at September 24th 2022 for Maynard pt 5!!! Stay TUNED!

Trevor Murphy   September 28 at 12:03am

AM Payouts will be coming to you by Email in the AM, sorry for the delay

James Smith    September 25 at 5:12pm

If anyone finds a yellow KH star destroyer on hole 15 please let me know. It’s wayyyyyy off to the left in the OB :(


Trevor Murphy    September 25 at 10:01am

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD Morning Disc Golfers!!!
Today is the Maynard part 4!!!!
Check In: 8:30am-9:15am
Player Meeting (ALL PLAYERS): 9:15am-9:30am
Find Your Tee: 9:30am-9:45am
TEE OFF Round 1: 9:45am
Your starting holes should be posted here shortly:
See you all in a few Hours!!


Trevor Murphy    September 25 at 12:45am

CTP - Round 1
MPO - #9
MA1 - #18
MA2 - #3
MA3 - #16
MA4 - #4
MA40+ - #14
MA60+ - #2

CTP - Round 2
MPO - Long Drive - #15
MA1 - #14
MA2 - #6
MA40+ - #3
MA3 - #16(reset)
MA4 - #4(reset)
MA60+ - #2(reset)

Hole #15


Trevor Murphy    September 24 at 10:17pm

Get those Putts ready!!!

Hole #15 for ALL Divisions. You will find a small "Marker Flag", unlike a CTP Flag, that has a Bag Attached to it. THIS will be a LONG PUTT Marker!

Longest Putt on #15 ALL DAY will win a SPECIAL Dynamic Discs Shop Code! Value of $25!!

First Card on #15 will set the pace for the Day. Move that Marker BACK from the Pin the Further the Putts Go! Furthest from #15 at the End of the Day will win! This will be explained and questions answered at the Player Meeting.


Trevor Murphy    September 24 at 7:20pm


Baleigh Hopkins
Mary Ellen Moeller
Billy Herman
Brendan Reed
Brian Carter
David Lachendro
Garrett Gustafson
Zach Dahm
Andrew Heltsley
Dave Wolfrey
Evan Kovacs
Giancarlo Milano
Mason Scarfone
Matthew Hardaway
Patrick Sylves
Sam Hockenberry
Andrew Bundy
Cory Powell
Derek Bundy
James Dorko
James Leazier
James Petite
Jimmy Allen
Nick Richardson
Pete Paredes
Sam Heeter
Zachary Dickun
Douglas Pollock
Jeffrey Regis Fitzhenry
Mike Squatrito
B. J. Reiher
John ... more

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Trevor Murphy   September 24 at 9:36pm

What I find even more humorous is that the PDGA finally caught up to Joe's shenanigan's over the years. He can have whatever name here, they auto correct it now on their site LOL

Sam Court   September 25 at 12:14am

I paid for the ace too

Trevor Murphy   September 25 at 12:26am

Crap, sorry Sam, I will add you in the AM on the Paper List and Update it here.

Trevor Murphy    September 24 at 4:44pm

Hey Folks!

Just a few Reminders. As well I have had a few questions.

1.) This is a Shotgun start and Not a Flex Start. I have had some folks asking what time their Tee Time was. You must be at the course between 8:30am and 9:15am to pick up your Player Pack and Check In. ALL PLAYERS must attend the Player Meeting at 9:15am as I have important details to go over with you before the start.

2.) Everyone WILL be playing Red Tee's the First Round. This is how I have done it now for th ... more


Brent Vaccaro    September 23 at 8:03pm

Where there time slots before? I feel like myself and Tim Wellard signed up for 11:30 but now I don’t see anything like that. It’s his first tournament and we are coming from pgh was hoping to be on the same card at least for the same round

Trevor Murphy   September 23 at 8:18pm

This is a Shotgun start and not a Flex Start. You will need to be here for the Player Meeting in the Morning. We then go to each Tee and Everyone Tee's off at the same time with a 2min warning and then a Tee Off. Your starting Holes will also be posted in the AM.

Trevor Murphy   September 23 at 8:19pm

9:15am - 9:30am - Player Meeting and then 9:30am - 9:45am - Find Your Tee

Trevor Murphy    September 21 at 8:54pm

Opening Reg for the Final Spot. MPO side.

AM Side is Full as I do not have more player packs.

Trevor Murphy   September 21 at 8:56pm

2 Spots of MPO. I had an AM drop but taking the Player Pack.

Sam Heeter    September 19 at 12:38pm

Any chance I could be put on a waitlist for rec? I know registration is closed but if there’s any chance that’d be great


Matthew McElroy    September 18 at 1:40pm

Looks like I should be in rec instead of novice based on rating. Any chance I can be moved up? I’ll bring the extra $5 day of if that works


Zachary Ecola    September 17 at 8:15pm

I'm currently registered in the Novice division, but my player rating recently went up to 864. Can you please put me in the Recreational division?


Mark Jahnke    September 15 at 5:23pm

Hey Trevor, I know registration is closed, but if there is still a waitlist could I get put on?


Jeffrey Fitzhenry    July 29 at 11:47pm

Does that mean I'm in? Still shows me as waitlist #1

Trevor Murphy   July 30 at 12:24am

?? no, waitlist means you are waiting until someone drops.

Kenny Fogleman    July 27 at 11:08am

Unfortunately, im going to have to drop out Trevor. Good luck everyone!


Trevor Murphy    July 21 at 12:25pm

We are adding 14A to the Layout. This means we have room to add in 4 More Players to the roster without congestion.

Congrats to #1 through #4 on the Waitlist and WELCOME to the Maynard part 4!!!


Matthew McElroy    June 14 at 1:35am

Will there be a ghost group or two? ????

Trevor Murphy   July 12 at 12:11pm

We have kinda changed directions with an idea for #14A which we used this weekend at the SVDGOpen 2021. We will be adding this hole in as it seemed to have some decent feedback over the weekend and we figure to maybe shorten it up a touch. More details to come, but expect the field to expand at least by 4 players shortly.

James Leazier    June 7 at 1:04pm

Is there a big wait-list?

Kenny Fogleman   June 7 at 1:08pm

Currently 8 people

Matt Dartanion Schultz    May 18 at 2:53pm

I'll play any division if it gets me in quicker...

Trevor Murphy   May 18 at 6:32pm

Wait list is overall and not by Division. Sorry.

Matt Dartanion Schultz   May 19 at 12:05pm

np. figured i'd try

Trevor Murphy    May 10 at 11:35pm

25 Mins til Reg Opens!!! Who is STOKED????

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Trevor Murphy   May 11 at 12:24am

You guys... you just scored the FIRST Limited Edition T-Shirts for the Event I am giving out! Way to support! Thanks for the comments and expect your packs to have a Hoodie and match T-Shirt! Thank You!!

Garrett Gustafson   May 11 at 10:42am

Wow the best player packs keep getting better and better!! I was pretty stoked to see it was a hoodie this go around. Thank YOU for always running awesome events. Can't wait!

Landon Morucci   May 12 at 3:38am

I'm stoked to get off the