Maverick DG: Crestview Cup presented by INNOVA

PDGA logoSaturday, July 6, 2019 at Crestview Park in Topeka, Kansas
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

Maverick DG: Crestview Cup presented by INNOVA graphic

About this tournament

Two rounds of 18 holes at Crestview Disc Golf Course in Topeka, KS. One round will be on the normal layout of Crestview, the other round will be Crestview East which incorporates Edgewater Park, some of Crestview Gold (backwards) and some new temporary holes in a layout that has never been used before.

EDIT - Crestview East has been redesigned and no longer includes Edgewater Park. Eventually this will be a permanent course.

Refund policy

Maverick Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. DGScene and PayPal fees are non-refundable. Refunds 7 days or more will receive full entry fee (not processing fees) refunded. Refunds from 6 days before until 24 hours before the tournament starts will receive refunds less a $5 handling fee. No refunds will be issued after online registration closes. No call, no show at event will forfeit player pack and refund. Late arrival after the player meeting has started will cause you to be scratched from the event. (

Those that are fully registered have until registration closes to receive a refund less handling fee. If someone withdraws then you are automatically bumped in. If no one withdraws before registration closes, then it's up to you how you want to proceed.

You can:

1. Wait to see if there is a late withdraw and get in.
2. Show up Saturday morning to see if there is a no-show and then get in.
3. Just request a refund and receive a full refund.

For those on the wait list, if you don't get in, you will receive a full refund less the $1.34 the website keeps at any point you request a refund.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Jake Lazzo484896$174
2Isaiah Esquivel4555100$110
3Casey Atchison4854102$70
3John Jones5151102$70
5William Lister5256108
6Zach Zweig5455109
7Bruce Esquivel5457111
8Matt Roskos5162113
9Alex Woodward5857115
Pro 40+
1Jose Ossa494897$245
2Edan Badajos484997$171
3Danny Craig5150101$106
3Shane Caylor4952101$106
5Marc Wisbey4953102$78
6Leo Daprato5350103$60
7Dick Parker4757104$25
7Kevin Corbett5351104$25
9Travis Trober4956105
10Peter Cashen5552107
11Drew Stevens5554109
11Fred Smith5455109
13Damon Cheswick4961110
14Carl Aufner5556111
15Kelly Babbit5755112
16Brad Merys5957116
17Ben Hansen--0
1Lupe Esquivel5149100
2Brandon Tackett5252104
3Justin Farrell5451105
4Jayme Padilla5455109
5Ethan Veach5159110
5Justin Hall5456110
7Barrett Houchen5655111
7Jeff Burdiek5358111
9Kyle Harrigan5460114
10Devon Eich5561116
10Jonathan Harris5462116
10Luther Hargrove5957116
13Yancy McLean6359122
14Michael Storrer5867125
15Jacob Berger60-60
Amateur 40+
1Ray A. Woodruff5550105
2Greg Woelk5551106
2Robert Uitts5353106
4Matthew Dixon5458112
5Mitch Bonjour5856114
6Daniel Eich5957116
7Rick Padilla6156117
8Matthew Jenkins6454118
9Barrie Eich5861119
9Mark Miller6257119
Amateur 50+
1Ray Presnell5553108
2Michael Krueger5656112
2Rick Simmonds5854112
4Gary Harvey5558113
4Tom Palmer5657113
6Dan Moison5758115
7Al McKellips6257119
7Harold Berciunas5762119
9Larry McGillivary6460124
10Skip Grady6957126
11Scott Ringham6670136
Amateur 55+
1Ted Keith5556111
2Dan Dokken5757114
3Wes Beck5758115
4Robert Kozlowski6158119
4Steve Stansberry6158119
6Dale Bell6159120
7SteelerDoug Kroll5863121
8Virgil Nunnery6261123
9Neils Johnson6064124
10Mike Wulbecker6762129
11Leon Arndt6768135
1Joseph Donley5451105
2Michael Barr5456110
2Nathan Hillegas5357110
4Sergio Valenzuela5655111
4Weston Alford5556111
6Donovan Esquivel5458112
6Tyler Jackson5458112
8Alex Eich5855113
8Bryce Walker5558113
8Corbin Michael5756113
8Donovan Tozier5855113
12Eli Smith5559114
13James Ryan5659115
14John Cullen5858116
14Justin Brown5759116
16Armand Eich5760117
16Yevgeniy Shmurak5859117
18Christian Eikermann5761118
18Luis Gardea6058118
18Miles Starks5959118
21D.J. Welsh6356119
21Kenny Allen5960119
21Todd Wilson6356119
21Will Stiles6158119
25Jake Greer6258120
26Tyler Weinbrecht5962121
27Driston Allen6557122
28Daniel Slankard6360123
28Trevor Hastert6063123
30Aaron Nickel6262124
30Karl Page6064124
32Charlie Emerson6263125
32Jake Walker6065125
32Neil Killian6263125
35David Doemland6660126
36Gregory Morrow6562127
36Hank Kapka6661127
38Zach Stanley7061131
39Damion Eich6769136
40Jeremiah Shipley888-888
1Maximilian Gutierrez5655111
2Paul Peach6056116
3Charles Ballenger5564119
3Justin Klumpe6059119
3Nathan Jones6059119
3Steve Meyer6356119
7Jared Ink6259121
8Michael Stephens6260122
9Liam Durkin6459123
10Kael Ecord6064124
10Omar Bennett6658124
12Dalton Michael6758125
12Justin McCurdy6065125
14Alexander Bruschi6363126
15Justin Gutierrez6562127
16Michael Christiani6761128
17Beau Bemis7060130
18Aaron Hedrick7458132
19David Williams6865133
19Tom Thompson7459133
21Brandon Gogian6768135
21Jim Barnard6867135
23Aaron Hazlett7561136
23Daniel Millbern6967136
23Sebastian Fortunato6670136
26Bill Anderson7760137
26Eli Donley7265137
26Jai Badajos6671137
29Matt Andersen7068138
30Huntyr Schwegman7665141
31Thomas Torres7372145
32Wayne Stallard76888964
33Greg Curtin70-70
34Adam Turvey--0
Intermediate Women
1Elisabeth Borg-Bowman6665131
2Olivia Cates6971140
3Anna Hare7270142
Recreational Women
1Rebecca Stockbauer8678164
Junior Girls 15
1Ava Meyer9080170
2Victoria Earling8490174
3Emma Eich8894182