Maurertown FLY

PDGA logoSunday, August 23, 2020 at Signal View in Maurertown, Virginia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Tournament DirectorBrandon Bailey
Assistant TDNathan Hughes

About this tournament

First - INCREDIBLE COURSE...manicured like a National Tour Event, Challenging as anywhere in Virginia and a scenic backdrop of mountains surround you all day.

Second - registration at this event will dictate whether there is support, in this more traditional format, for the GHO and Cardinal.

Third - COVID PROCEDURES are as follows:
(These will basically remain the same for the remainder of 2020 events)

Check-In consists of the following:
Pros and AMs - pick up your card from one scoreboard and put in in the "HERE" box and a TD will take it from there. No need to stand in line at all. AMs will be directed to their Players Pack via a sign.

You are not required to attend Awards - it is at your personal discretion. All OB and event information will be available here on DGScene (OBs and a better Course Map to be posted here soon). Also, at Tournament Central, there will be a printed sign with the Course Map, OBs and Event information available for everyone to snap a pic of with their phones.

Social Distance - During Players Meeting, Rounds 1 - 2 and Awards...just be considerate of each other and keep a safe distance.

Masks for players are optional.

AMs - we will not be sanitizing the AM packs or Payout with I81 $, so bring your own or wear gloves if you wish.

The MOST IMPORTANT COVID RULE is - ABSOLUTELY NO JUDGMENT on anyone's personal decisions on how to stay safe from COVID.

If ANYONE asks you to move or stand a bit further away, respect their wishes with no questions.

WE are all in this together and we should all support each other in any way possible.

Refund policy

I81DGS is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

NO Refunds of $1 Wait-list

NO Refunds 48 Hours before event


Signal View
Maurertown, VA   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Cody Bradshaw4753100$110
2Sam Shiley4357100$110
3Brad Lescalleet4853101$53
3Nate Hughes4457101$53
5Matthew Pastelok4661107$35
6Logan Clark5257109
7John Pastelok4764111
8Mike Griffith5264116
9Obadiah Miller6372135
Pro 40+
1Jake Kaiser5258110$40
Pro 50+
1Eddie Foster5267119$79
2Steve Jewell6067127
1Dan Castle455095
2Austin Kelleher494897
3Cameron Byer5646102
3Owen McCall5052102
5Kevin Booth5548103
5Trevor Oyer5251103
7Riley Kingsley5252104
8Ricky Souder5253105
9Russell Johnston5453107
10Brad Hoke5355108
11Asher Miller5455109
11Kelly Dunnavant5554109
13Austin Jackson5756113
13Matthew Swartz5855113
Amateur 40+
1Courtney Biel5551106
2Chris Faunce5658114
3Andrew Jacks6057117
4John Reynolds6060120
Amateur 50+
1Ed Steele5652108
2Brandon Bailey5755112
3Robert Stevens6259121
4Dennis Cavallaro6458122
1Ryan Coon5655111
2James Robbie5655111
2Tim Coffman5556111
4John Miller5458112
4Joseph Kenneth Seitz5656112
6Brenin Stevens5856114
6Ronald Hoover5658114
8John Fontana5958117
9Dustin Allen6059119
10Thomas Kees6665131
1Miles McCall5560115
2K.C. Barney5659115
3Austin Gerber5759116
3Connor Parsons5759116
5Eric Snyder5859117
5Rob Brant5760117
7Barry Pearson5860118
8Andrew Kipps6059119
8Paul Goudfrooij6356119
10Brad Pearson6159120
11Joseph Lambert5963122
12Chris Edwards5964123
12Cory Abrahams6558123
12David Manuel6459123
15Aaron Roberts6559124
15Jarrad Wisherd6064124
15Joey Lezotte6460124
18Mike Althouse6263125
19Jonathan Ritenour6363126
20Michael George6761128
21Bhagwant Madane6961130
22Hunter Dodge6863131
23Jason Sullivan6570135
23Schyler Leaphart7065135
25Kyle Lombardi6972141
Recreational Women
1Teresa Martilik6766133
2Breanna Payne6671137
3Kellie Hopkins7677153