Maricopa Open sponsored by Infinite Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, January 25-26, 2020 at Copper Sky in Maricopa, Arizona
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

It’s the 7th Installment of the Maricopa Open. This year, it will involve not one but two 27 hole courses in ... more
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Clay Birchfield    January 30 at 8:32pm

Just spoke to The cards given at the awards ceremony are only valid with the Mook tour vendor. Mook is an independent store franchised by infinite discs. You'll need to contact [email redacted] to see how to apply your giftcard. Infinite discs said you could have used them at the tourney booth where he was set up. Because we were offsite at the time, there was no way to know how they worked.


Lee Semke    January 29 at 10:22pm

All AM"S. From Infinite Discs: "The payouts are something you'll have to take up with the tournament director. When they upload the payouts, they will show up on your Infinite Profile, under My Gift Cards. Unless they do that, we have no way of knowing who won, and how much they won. Hopefully that happens soon."

Clay Birchfield   January 30 at 3:27am

So it sounds like we have to make an account, then speak to the TD?

Lee Semke   January 31 at 4:32pm

Who knows? I have an account and no one has heard from TD about AM payouts. No instructions, nothing.

Clay Birchfield   February 1 at 12:17am

Contact [email redacted]. Since he is independently run, the cards are redeemable through him only, but if contacted, he can transfer the balance to the webstore you have an account for. Mook said the TD explained all this.....but i dont remember hearing this...

Lee Semke    January 29 at 5:45pm

Any word on how to redeem Infinite payouts before I call them. No code on gift cards?


Matt Campbell    January 24 at 11:31pm

Emailed with person filling my spot.

Sam Russ   January 25 at 5:01am


Jason Heimark    January 24 at 12:10am

Any tourney players find a Bluish Green G*Shryke near the basket on 24 at Maricopa Meadows a couple hours ago?

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Steven Schuman   January 24 at 4:14pm

We will bring it to you tomorrow

Jason Heimark   January 24 at 5:30pm

Awesome TY!

Jason Heimark   January 25 at 12:25am

I guess just leave it at checkin at Copper Sky since we are all meeting there on Sat am. Thanks man!

Michael Bugbee    January 20 at 5:00pm

Any chance for a super late registration for MP40?

Sam Russ   January 20 at 6:02pm

I can get you in. Need an email and pdga number.

john scheinpflug    January 15 at 11:23pm

On the 12th hole at Copper Sky, is right behind the basket O.B.? The way that the black line is there continued from the right side makes it appear to be O.B. or is it further behind where the next tee is?

Sam Russ   January 16 at 1:38am

The sidewalk and beyond are ob on 12, tee pad G is on the sidewalk, at the end. I’ll have the markers up on Saturday.

John Terlap    January 14 at 1:09pm

The caddy book in my email was corrupt. Did it work for anyone else?

Chuck Russ   January 14 at 3:27pm

I sent you another e-mail caddy book. Print landscape double sided

John Terlap   January 21 at 1:21pm

Thanks and great job on the caddy book.

john scheinpflug    January 6 at 4:52am

Do we have to be there on Friday from 1-5 to register or just check in on Saturday?

Sam Russ   January 6 at 11:39am

Friday is an option, mainly for those participating in the Infinite Discs Limitless Challenge. There is time to check-in on Saturday prior to players meeting.

Steve Kurth    December 25 at 5:31am

Hello Sam. Quick question, I just registered MP50 with hopes of getting in off of the wait list. If that doesn't happen would I still be able to play MP40?

Sam Russ   December 26 at 2:15am

Already got u in

john scheinpflug    December 19 at 2:26am

Is everyone now playing 27 holes? I thought MA3 was playing 18 holes.

Sam Russ   December 19 at 3:55am

With the new format, everyone will be playing 27 holes, MA3 will be playing from whites where available and not much of added difficulty

Boston Chavez    December 18 at 4:39am

Can I be put on the waitlist for MA2 please?

Sam Russ   December 19 at 3:56am

Register for MA2 and it will automatically put you on waitlist

John Terlap    December 16 at 12:27pm

I signed up for MP40, but was hoping for MP50. Can you put me on the waitlist for MP50?

Sam Russ   December 17 at 4:25am


John Terlap   December 25 at 1:45pm

Thank you.

Jason DeCorte    December 14 at 9:20pm

Does MA40 play from long tees at maricopa meadows

Sam Russ   December 15 at 5:29am

Long both courses

Josh Lortz    December 4 at 12:44am

Which tee pads does MA1 play from? Long or shorts?

Sam Russ   December 4 at 3:23am

Long. 27 holes

Sam Russ    November 30 at 2:43am

$10 Random Draw Doubles @ Copper Sky. Sunday, January 19th @ 10am. 27 holes.


Lee Semke    November 20 at 11:37pm

Curious. For current PDGA members who haven't yet renewed for 2020, will that $10 be refunded once we're current before tourney? Or put it towards ace pool, etc? Thanks.

Sam Russ   November 21 at 3:18am

That choice is yours. If you chose refund, we decided to wait till registration so you won’t have to pay fees again.

john scheinpflug    November 20 at 6:40am

Curious, would it be possible to switch divisions? I am interested in playing in Rec, but if I have to go on a wait list, I'll just stay in MA55

Sam Russ   November 20 at 11:53am


john scheinpflug   November 20 at 3:12pm


Tom Verstraete    November 11 at 4:11am

Will the extra holes on each course be available to play before the tourney, if so, when?

Sam Russ   November 11 at 5:16pm

Meadows is ready for play now. I’ll be laying out extra holes soon at copper sky but baskets won’t be available till doubles or tournament

Tom Verstraete   November 18 at 5:31pm

Thank you!