Majestic Amateur Championships

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 3-4, 2023 at Blue Ribbon Pines in East Bethel, Minnesota
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Kevin Phillips    June 2 at 4:47pm

Will the shack be open so we can grab drinks and a bite during our rounds?

Jason Wilder   June 2 at 6:03pm

of course

Alan Toczydlowski    June 2 at 11:37am

Tee times are posted!


Kyle Sparrow    June 1 at 10:41pm

Any update on when tee times will be posted?

Sam Butler   June 2 at 12:02am

They were posted on the pdga event page a couple hours ago.

Stephen Andrus    June 1 at 1:38pm

I'm #5 on the MA2 waitlist, should I still show up on Saturday and see if others don't show up

Jason Wilder   June 1 at 2:08pm

You are always welcome to exercise that option.

Michael m    May 30 at 2:31pm

Wondering what the schedule looks like? Approximate tee time for am1?

Jason Wilder   May 30 at 3:28pm

Tee time order by division will be:

Jason Wilder   May 30 at 3:29pm

MA50, FA40, MA40, FA2, FA1, MA2, MA1

Michael m   May 30 at 5:45pm

Thank you very much!!

Alan Toczydlowski    May 29 at 1:57pm

Any idea when a schedule/tee times will be available?

Sam Butler   May 30 at 1:54pm

Guessing we won't see tee times until Friday night after registration closes. I'm curious to see a schedule, though. I'd like to know the window for tee times.

Jason Wilder   May 30 at 3:26pm

Tee times wont go out until at LEAST Wednesday and likely not until Thur

Evan Reynolds    May 24 at 8:31am

Will the “reserved team brp” place holders in ma1 be replaced with those on the waitlist at some point if no team brp folks claim the spots? Or are those permanent holds? Thank you!

Jason Wilder   May 24 at 11:31am

They are already spoken for.

Evan Reynolds   May 24 at 3:00pm

Thank you for the update!

Jason Murak    May 22 at 4:27pm

Okay I’m gonna need 42 of y’all to drop please ????

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Jason Murak   May 22 at 11:48pm

Phew, only gotta pay off 17 people ????

Jason Murak   May 22 at 11:48pm

It keeps making emojis question marks by the way

Sam Butler   May 23 at 2:34am

Website doesn't support Unicode characters - gotta use old school emojis :P

Scott Broady    May 22 at 3:47pm

Hello, rated out of MA2 so hoping to get into MA1, any switches available or is that game over effectively?

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Jason Wilder   May 24 at 2:52pm

we will take care of it

Scott Broady   May 31 at 3:09pm

Just a reminder as I'm still showing in MA 2 (which I guess is legit as it's rating as of sign up, but still would prefer to play MA1).

Jason Wilder   May 31 at 7:38pm

we will still switch you. But for the record, it is not based on rating as of sign up. It is rating at the time of the event (with a small grace period if an update happens right before an event)

Sam Butler    May 19 at 7:24pm

Any idea when the layout will be posted and available for practice?

Jason Wilder   May 19 at 7:48pm

Whenever Ray makes his final decision ????

Sam Butler   May 19 at 8:56pm

Good enough. I'll ask him next time I'm out there. Thanks!

Sam Butler   May 26 at 2:29pm

Layout was put in yesterday and it is TOUGH. New hole 2 is a doozy.

Ashley Moua    May 15 at 5:00pm

Is it possible to switch from FA2 to FA1, although it’s full?

Tom (Odie) Odegaard   May 15 at 5:35pm

not at this time, you would have to drop and join the waitlist of FA1.

Jason Wilder   May 15 at 8:39pm

Hi Ashley. At the moment Tom is correct. The biggest issue is keeping the cards at an even denomination of 4 players (4, 8, 12, 16 etc). We try to keep players from the same division together for competitive integrity. If at the time of the event, there is a spot open, we can move you to that divisi ... more

Lora Murtha   May 24 at 7:10pm

Ashley it looks like there is a spot in fa1 now for you to move to

Jesse Mays    May 14 at 9:41pm

Is it possible to be switched from ma1 to ma2 without being waitlisted

Tom (Odie) Odegaard   May 15 at 5:36pm

No, if you drop from a division that is capped with multiple waitlisted then you will be put at the end of the waitlisted spots of the division you switch to.

Charlie Vandagriff   May 18 at 2:22pm

I am willing to trade my spot from MA2 to MA1 if we can make that happen

Alan Toczydlowski    April 16 at 2:43pm

Do we know what tees/pins MA2 will be playing?

Jason Wilder   April 16 at 8:35pm

There is only one set of tees. We have not finalized the layout yet.

Greg Barber    March 27 at 8:21pm

Any idea when division tee times will be? Mainly wondering about Sunday. Trying to figure out what time frame MA1 will be most likely teeing off, so I can plan accordingly.

Jason Wilder   March 27 at 9:28pm

MA1 always plays last

Greg Barber   March 28 at 5:43pm

Perfect! Thanks!

Stephen Andrus    March 16 at 4:57pm

Can someone explain the waitlist? I am #11 on the wait list but there are 57/56 spots filled for MA2. So what am I waiting for and what are my chances of getting in based on past tournaments?

Sam Butler   March 16 at 5:13pm

Not sure how MA2 is over the 56 available spots, but generally you're hoping for 11 people to withdraw.

Christopher Humes    March 16 at 3:26am

There’s no point in me complaining about losing $4.02 for trying to register 3 times. Disc golf is fun. I wish I could play the event. I’ll think about the #29th spot on the waitlist, but I’ll focus on the 3-4 other tournaments I can enjoy my summer with through Tim or Trevor.

Greg Barber   March 16 at 2:03pm

Sure seems like complaining...

Nick VanderHeyden    March 16 at 1:17am

Hey Jason,
I got charged the full $88.58 and got out on the waitlist. Usually if I make it to the waitlist, you are notified before registering and get charged like $5, and the rest if I get in. Wondering what the chances are of me making it in the tournament (WL7) or if that amount will be refunded now since I apparently didn’t get in? Thanks.

Calin Jacobs   March 16 at 1:40am

This also happened to me as well.

Jason Wilder   March 16 at 1:40am

If you don’t get in, you will receive a full refund less the $5 waitlist fee. As far as your chances of getting in, I’d say they are decent.

Ben Hartman    March 15 at 2:38am

$1.34 from PDGA hasn’t been refunded yet. I’m on no waitlist, and a PDGA did nothing. When do I get this back?


Matt Friedman    March 15 at 1:54am

I think there was confusion with how the ratings tier registration was being handled. 1.02-C2 that Zack referenced does allow an unlimited number and registrants if they fit the criteria for rating. I myself was under the assumption as well that all available spots were gonna be released if met the rating criteria (see CCO reg). This one was setup with the higher ratings part of the exclusive pre reg crowd therefore, falling into the percentages mentioned above. Guess just some food for thought ... more

Jason Wilder   March 15 at 1:59am

Matt, you bring up good points. The misunderstanding and frustration is legit. We essentially are using a hybrid of limited and unlimited exceptions with the purpose of giving limited priority and access to 1) Sponsors 2) Higher Tiered Players 3) everyone else

Bryan Pyle    March 15 at 1:06am

Hey Jason, you on this sign up snafu?

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Scott M   March 15 at 1:27am

I am waitlist #5, first for Ma1. Does that mean I will automatically get one of the first reserved spots when it opens tomorrow? Or am I going to need faster fingers on the keyboard tomorrow?

Jason Wilder   March 15 at 1:29am

Scott M, there is noone on the waitlist at this point. The waitlist will open tomorrow night at 8pm along with Open Registration

Jason Wilder   March 15 at 1:29am

You will not be automatically registered and yes, warm up those fingers