M.V.D.S.A. Daylight Doubles BF Part 2

Sunday, March 9, 2014 at Dave Heider's Hike in Amity, Oregon
Disc golf doubles tournament



Tournament Director and PresidentTerry Shuler

About this tournament

For those of you like me who can't make it on Saturday, or for those of you who just can't get enough of Doubles At Dave's. Then here's your chance to give a little more to the course basket fund.
This will be a bring your own partner event. If you show up and I can't match you with a partner you may play cali.
This will be three rounds of golf.
Round 1: Standard 18 hole course. Best drive then alternate shot cali. You take your best drive. Who's ever drive you didn't take starts the alternate shot part of the hole. After you drive while playing the alternate shot part of the hole you get 1 cali. The person who shot the shot takes the cali. If you are playing cali you get double cali. You can't use both cali's on same shot unless both shots or OB.
Round 2: Will be a 9 hole course. Hole 1 is worst shot. Holes 2-9 are best shot.
Hole 1: 1-6.
Hole 1 is Worst shot. If playing cali you must take two shots every throw.
Holes 2-9 are Best shot If playing cali you get double cali. Can't use both cali's on same shot unless both shots are OB.
Hole 2: 2-3
Hole 3: 4-7.
Hole 4: 8-9.
Hole 5: 10.
Hole 6: 14.
Hole 7: 15.
Hole 8: 16.
Hole 9: 17-18.
Round 3: Will be another 9 hole course. Hole 1 will be worst shot. Holes 2-9 will be best shot. Same rules apply as last round.
Hole 1: 5-2.
Hole 2: 4-9.
Hole 3: 10-11.
Hole 4: 12-13.
Hole 5: 14.
Hole 6: 15.
Hole 7: 16.
Hole 8: 17.
Hole 9: 18-5.
Open $20.00 per team Adv.$16.00 per team Am. $12.00 per team. $4.00 per team to basket fund. $2.00 ace pot. If no one hits an ace then a cash ctp on hole 15 will take half the paid in ace pot. Other half to basket fund.
More info or to get registered contact Terry Shuler