MVP Presents The CCR Open

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 18-19, 2018 at Grand Woods Park in Lansing, Michigan
A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

WELCOME TO THE 2018 ABOUT PAGE FOR THE CCR OPEN, PRESENTED BY MVP!!!!!!! Walk up registration and check in ... more
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Brett Piziali    4 days ago

player pack?

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Matt Rinker   4 days ago

Along with the 2 discs, you will also get a custom ccr open dry fit and ccr club birdie bag

Gary Vigil   4 days ago

Haha, thanks Matt! I know Brett is a collector of MVP discs and didn't even think about the other items in the players pack!

Brett Piziali   3 days ago

Both! really I'm not much of a tourney player... but do love the gyro

Mike Conlee    July 10 at 2:20am

I need my refund request link clicked. Thanks.

Matt Rinker   July 10 at 1:16pm


Andrew Smith    July 9 at 6:13pm

Is Renegades Trail a temp course, listed under a different name, or is there just no DGS page for it?

Matt Rinker   July 9 at 6:41pm

It's listed as Devils Den on DGS, it was renamed by the park

Adrian Sigala    June 27 at 12:12am

What courses will c pool be playing on which day?

Matt Rinker   June 27 at 12:57am

still hashing all that out. I'll post this soon

Tyler Alfano WPD    June 18 at 1:38pm

Am I reading this correctly? Mpo/am1 will play long pads to long baskets for renegades trail layout?

Matt Rinker   June 18 at 6:13pm

you are playing from all long pads, the pin locations are in the about section

Nick Carpenter    June 1 at 2:28am

Is this an am nats qualifier?

Matt Rinker   June 1 at 12:11pm

I will check and get back to you

Josh Hargrove    May 9 at 7:42pm

I have to bail from this tourney. Summer vacation plans got in the way. My PDGA # is 85491. Let me know if you need additional info for my refund. Thanks!

Matt Rinker   May 11 at 3:07pm

refund sent

Mark Metzger    May 5 at 9:07pm


Matt Rinker   May 6 at 5:46am

Did you need something? I don't see a comment.

Eric Best   July 8 at 8:16pm

I think that he's made his point.

Joe Phipps    April 9 at 3:08pm

What's the layout for each division?

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Matt Rinker   June 6 at 5:06pm

Just posted in the about section.

Rob Dahmen   June 7 at 3:09pm

Rivers Edge references Pools A/B/C. Which divisions are in which pools?

Matt Rinker   June 7 at 8:51pm

That's been updated as well

Joe Levell    January 14 at 8:56pm

Is this the "A BUT" page for CCR Open lol

Matt Rinker   January 14 at 8:59pm

Thanks, Joe!

Joe Levell   January 14 at 9:07pm

No problem Matt - I couldn't resist - hope to see there. Thanks for all u do for us & Happy New Year!

Matt Rinker   January 14 at 10:11pm

It's my pleasure and happy new year to you, as well!