MVP Presents The CCR Open

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 18-19, 2018 at Grand Woods Park in Lansing, Michigan
A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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WELCOME TO THE 2018 CCR OPEN, PRESENTED BY MVP DISC SPORTS!! Walk up registration and check-in will be Frid ... more
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Matt Rinker    Sticky August 18 at 10:11pm

ATTENTION A Pool: A tree fell in the middle of hole 2s fairway at Grand Woods making the hole unplayable. The park came out and determined they will not be able to get a crew out til Monday to take care of it. Due to this, you will be skipping hole 2, only playing 20 holes your final round.


Matt Rinker    Sticky August 17 at 9:44pm

there is a typo on the Player Guide... it says All other Ams are playing to the sort pins on Rivers Edge... The B pool will still be playing to the long pins as stated in the about section. Only the C Pool is playing to the short pins on 9, 10, 12, 14, 16


Matt Rinker    Sticky August 15 at 11:50pm

Here is a list of all Obs for the week. They will also be in your player guide, so when you check in, please grab one for reference this weekend
Grand Woods
1. Inside Race Track
2. No Ob
3. Water past basket
4. Road and over
5. Pond
6. Pond
7. River
A. River
B. No Ob
C. In or over creek long of basket
8. Pond on left, creek and over on right
9. Pond
10. None
11. Inside or on top of Pavilion
12. Pond
13. Pond
14. No OB
15. Road and over
16. Road and over
17. Road and over
... more


Matt Rinker    Sticky August 15 at 8:24pm

Event Notices:
Burchfield is a Pay-to-Play course and it costs to enter the park. Parking is $5 for non county residents, $3 for residents. $4 per day to play golf. While you're pay-to-play fee will be handled for the tournament, you'll still have to cover parking, so I suggest carpooling.

Also, I've been getting some requests asking for me to card them with their friends for the first round... First of all, I don't take requests for groupings, this is not a casual roun ... more


Matt Rinker    Sticky August 13 at 5:53pm

Player Pack for the Ams - choice of 2 Event Stamped MVP discs (Electron Pilots, Neutron Traces, Neutron Clashes, Firm Electron Atoms) A custom event stamped shirt and a custom CCR Birdie Bag, plus a gift certificate from Lucky Disc golf for $7 when you make a purchase of $10 or more.


Matt Rinker    Sticky August 13 at 5:51pm

It appears I didn't add the ace pool and 50/50 options to the online reg, so you can pay for those when you check in. They will be $5 each and are per pool. If there's a way to still add it using the confirmation email you were sent when you registered, feel free to go that route.

Shawn Herbert   August 15 at 7:34pm

It took some digging but I finally found that registration email from January 2nd, lol.

Matt Rinker    Sticky August 12 at 9:18pm

Some reminders. Player check in is Friday at Grand Woods from 10am to 8pm. If you can't check in Friday, report to your assigned course Saturday morning. If you dont checkin friday, you can grab your player pack at grand woods Saturday evening at the player party.
We will provide a free lunch of pulled pork Saturday at Burchfield.


Sancho Valdez    August 23 at 2:12am

Someone mentioned they put my pinkish/redish champion Firebird with 20476 on it in the lost and found. Is it still there?

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Matt Rinker   August 23 at 10:49pm

I have your firebird. If you pay for shipping, I'll mail it to you or I can send it with one of my guys playing states. Let me know

Sancho Valdez   August 24 at 9:23pm

Send to States. Although i didnt perform well. You and your staff did an amazing job. Thank you

Matt Rinker   August 24 at 10:32pm

Thanks Sancho, appreciate that. I'll have one of my guys leave it at Tourney Central when they check in

Travis Morrill    August 19 at 4:07pm

Buddie Left his phone in the bathrooms at the sign in pavilion by the jungle gym in the big stall at burchfield his name is Sean Odell if anyone finds it he will be at the awards for a bit or message me on here please and thank you!!

Travis Morrill   August 19 at 5:25pm

We got it .. thanks everyone

Matt Rinker    August 19 at 11:44am

A pool. The park took care of hole 2 at grand woods. We will be playing hole 2...


Matt Rinker    August 19 at 12:50am

ATTENTION A POOL: appears the park is now attempting to cleanup hole 2, so we may still be able to play it tmrw.


sam vandergraaf    August 18 at 3:54am

Sorry, I couldn't check in today, but will be there first thing in the morning

Matt Rinker   August 18 at 10:44am

We'll be there. Just go straight to the course you're playing for round 1

Skyler Stoker    August 17 at 9:09pm

Waitlist me if there is one Skyler Stoker #59861 MPO

Matt Rinker   August 17 at 9:16pm

you can sign up for the waitlist... no cashless

Chris H    August 17 at 8:38pm

Waitlist AM3 Chris Harrington #11025

Matt Rinker   August 17 at 8:47pm

Am3 isn't full, you can still register

larry byrd    August 17 at 7:28pm

Hey Matt I'm going to check in on Saturday I can't make it today see you tomorrow

Matt Rinker   August 17 at 8:08pm

sounds good - just report to your course in the morning

larry byrd   August 18 at 12:44am

Ok thanks

Matt Rinker    August 17 at 6:22pm

Josh Cook and Phil Dilone are in


Chris sias    August 17 at 4:30pm

What time is the flymart starting on Saturday?

Matt Rinker   August 17 at 4:35pm

Starts after the 2nd round. So around 630

Chris sias   August 17 at 4:44pm


Phill Dilone    August 17 at 4:15pm

Wow apparently this tournament filled up over night... There were 45 spots available not even 2 days ago.

I guess wait list me please for

Phill Dilone

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Phill Dilone   August 17 at 4:29pm

I tryied to reg but the MPO selection wont let me click.

Phill Dilone   August 17 at 4:33pm

Looks like you added the waitlist option Matt.. Thank you... I am assuming I should be good to go since i am first on the WL and Zach Larsen backed out. See yall saturday

Matt Rinker   August 17 at 4:34pm

Until he requests a refund, you're still on the waitlist

Charles Young    August 17 at 3:33pm

Can I be moved to am 3 . Thank you

Matt Rinker   August 17 at 3:47pm

There's an option on the confirmation email to alter reg

Charles Young   August 17 at 5:21pm

Thanks , got it taken care of.

Matt Rinker   August 17 at 5:21pm


Matt Rinker    August 17 at 3:29pm

The A pool is now full