MVP Open Am Side

PDGA logoFri-Sun, October 2-4, 2020 at Maple Hill in Leicester, Massachusetts
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Justin Strobel    October 2 at 5:40am

Hey Steve. I paid for camping a couple weeks ago but I had to work late and got here after 1am. I should have reached out earlier but there’s a white Subaru camping in the parking lot. Couldn’t think of anything else to do. Apologies.


Stu Daniel    September 29 at 5:58pm

Will tee times change from round to round, or are we keeping the same tee time throughout the weekend?

Kyle Budde   September 30 at 12:53am

I am also wondering the same thing

David Galvin   September 30 at 4:23pm

Tee times changed based on how well you shoot. Best scores will be the last to tee off each day. Similar to other A-tiers

Paul Krans    September 23 at 9:29pm

Are caddies allowed?


Brian Barrett    September 17 at 2:32pm

Will caddies and or spectators be allowed?


Daniel Stinehelfer    September 16 at 4:36pm

Steve will there be any camping opportunities on date? I had a great time playing and camping last year at Tim Selinske and was considering joining the waitlist and bringing my 11 year old son. I can get tested easily enough but if I'm reading the travel FAQ correctly my son would be exempt as an accompanied minor, correct? Thanks for the help - maybe I can make this happen!

Daniel Stinehelfer   September 16 at 4:38pm

That was supposed to say camping "on site"

Steve Dodge   September 17 at 11:05pm

Yes. I'll have details next week.

Daniel Stinehelfer   September 19 at 2:32pm

Thanks Steve. I'm thinking it'll be too stressful trying to pull this off from the bottom of the waitlist coming from out of state, so I'll try to act earlier and come back another year. Thanks

Tyler Riel    September 8 at 3:03pm

I had to request to withdraw due to work schedule conflict.


Josh Cicco    September 7 at 4:09am

Any update on whether or not players packs will be available for purchase?

Steve Dodge   September 7 at 3:22pm

Not yet. We are focused on the pro side currently.

Josh Cicco   September 7 at 6:01pm

Alright thanks

Kyle Rogers    August 24 at 5:12pm

Will player packs be available for purchase?

Steve Dodge   August 25 at 11:56am

This has yet to be determined. It may be a possibility.

Antonio Albert    August 21 at 11:20pm

Besides the Massachusetts travel restrictions, what other Covid-19 precautions will be in place? (Required mask wearing, digital scoring, etc).

Steve Dodge   August 22 at 12:08am

We will follow pdga best practices as outlined at the time. Current info is here:.

Kevin Bighinatti    August 18 at 2:44pm

What is in the player packs


Kyle Westling    August 5 at 4:51pm

Was this event postponed as well as the pro side

Steve Dodge   August 5 at 5:53pm

The date was never announced until we determined it could happen, so technically no. Realistically though, we try to hold it before Pro Side, so yes.

Brian Lively   August 6 at 2:24pm

Is the schedule the same for all 3 days?

Steve Dodge   August 19 at 4:29pm

Schedule has been updated to include all three days.

Brian Lively    August 4 at 5:26pm

Schedule is posted for Friday. Will it be the same schedule for all 3 days?

Steve Dodge   August 19 at 4:29pm

Schedule has been updated to include all three days.

Bryan Boe    August 4 at 1:18pm

If you are on the waitlist, and don’t get to play do you get your entry fee back?

Steve Dodge   August 4 at 1:41pm


Jacob LaPlante    August 3 at 6:25pm

Which layout will it be for this tournament?

Steve Dodge   August 19 at 4:29pm

See schedule for layouts being used for each division:

Brent B    August 3 at 3:38pm

Registration opens in about 20 minutes, any more details about the tournament? Not that the lack of any details would prevent me from registering.

Steve Dodge   August 3 at 8:13pm

Coming soon. Promise. And if you are not happy with the deets, you can always request a refund. I'm confident you'll be happy. MVP treats us very well!

Joel Wesseling    July 8 at 7:07pm

How many rounds for MA1 will be played on the Maple Hill courses? Which MH courses? Any rounds on MH Golds?

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Steve Dodge   July 8 at 7:35pm

More information is coming. Stay tuned!

Gavin Plourde   August 3 at 12:26pm

Can you add a mj15