MVP Open - Am Side

PDGA logoFri-Sun, August 23-25, 2019 at Maple Hill in Leicester, Massachusetts
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Forrester Wilson    June 12 at 3:53pm

Wish MA1 was playing 501 instead of Devens. Devens is whackadoo


Eric Basile    June 4 at 1:04pm

I put in for a refund request about 2 weeks ago and shot the TD a PM. Still haven't recieved it.


Eric Basile    May 23 at 7:41pm

Refund request sent.


Jeff Hollinger    May 15 at 12:56pm

Where can I find some information on this tournament?


Eric Basile    May 2 at 1:02am

Will there be a specific hotel for players to utilize at a discounted price?


Matt Alsfeld    May 1 at 11:22pm

Just wondering if sending more people to a free course to play (Devens) over a course (maple,501) Increases the take home for the TD?


Jeff Russell    April 23 at 3:20pm

How long does it take for a refund to go through?

Jeff Russell   April 30 at 11:47pm

Guess longer than this...

Dan Wilson   May 1 at 4:52pm

I'm going with not quick also since I withdrew weeks ago.

Jeff Russell   May 1 at 5:09pm

Any other tournament i’ve withdrew from has only taken 2-3 days max for me to get my refund, kinda lame it takes this long

Stephen Kozun Jr    April 5 at 2:57pm

Can I please have a refund, I thought the MVP Open at Maple Hill would actually be played at Maple Hill this year not Devens, thank you. Stephen Kozun Jr 94580

Steven Dodge   April 5 at 3:19pm

Hi Stephen, please hit the request refund on the confirmation email.

Stephen Kozun Jr   April 5 at 9:02pm

I have never had a problem requesting a refund through dg scene before but ok no problem, ill request my refund through the email . thanks..

Stephen Kozun Jr    April 4 at 6:11pm

Are the courses set for the divisions final?

Tony Stolo   April 4 at 8:12pm

Yeah they are, AM1 is playing Golds

Tony Stolo    April 1 at 7:28pm

So MA1/MA2 only get to play Maple if you make the cut?

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Tony Stolo   April 8 at 7:22pm

I agree with Tim that there should be more transparency on the actual tournament listing, everything is branded as being at Maple Hill when in fact you could register for this and never play a competitive round there. Even if the rounds were reduced from 2 to 1 at Maple I'm sure there wouldn� ... more

David Galvin   April 10 at 12:53pm

Switching MA2 and MA3's Saturday locations would make more sense than giving MA3 the best schedule and leaving MA2 with a 45 minute commute between rounds, none of which are at Maple. Especially considering that many MA3 player's aren't signing up for a 150$ tournament. Just my two cents.

Patrick Harris   April 11 at 4:21pm

Steve - Can you update the "About" page with that information? Many of us really thought that we all playing at MH because the title of the event clearly says "MVP Open at Maple Hill"

Cody White    April 1 at 4:53pm

Tournament director compensation $1275?

Chris Dierkens   April 1 at 5:00pm

That's what is listed. It's roughly $1/pp per round. Pretty cheap, huh?

Cody White   April 1 at 5:21pm

Yeah provided it goes to all TDs assisting in the process of these 5 courses rather than solely to the head director.

Steven Dodge   April 2 at 11:30am

Each TD actually gets a prize package worth this amount. The head TD is donating his to the raffle and all profits from the event go to the pro side or the pro tour.

Greg McWilliams    April 1 at 3:09pm

Are green fees at 501 and maple included in the entry price?

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Steven Dodge   April 1 at 3:50pm

That is spelled out in the finances page.

Greg McWilliams   April 1 at 4:09pm

Thanks Steve.

Bob Kulchuk   April 1 at 4:41pm

I love that the course TD’s are receiving a compensatory nod. Being a TD is a ton of work and is generally a thankless job. Great to see this!