MVP Open - Am Side

PDGA logoFri-Sun, August 23-25, 2019 at Maple Hill in Leicester, Massachusetts
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Mike Green    August 22 at 8:16pm

Is check in at maple hill?


bryen hart    August 22 at 6:07pm

Any answer on the check in question?


Nicholas Olson    August 22 at 8:40am

Do we have to be there today to check in?


bryen hart    August 20 at 8:49pm

Do we have to be there the day before to check in?


Will Plein    August 19 at 7:17pm

What are the details of the Pre-Party???


Roy Lyons    August 18 at 6:04pm

Which courses are FA1and MA3 playing?


Brian Trottier    August 7 at 11:57pm

requested refund and withdrawal been a couple weeks email said a couple days?


Bill Currier    August 4 at 2:45pm

I put in for a withdrawal and refund months ago and still have not seen either process. Can I please be removed from this tournament


Kyle Kleeberg    July 18 at 1:49am

Is there any camping available?

Jeremy Kasprick   July 22 at 1:06am

I to would love to know about camping

Josh Milne    July 17 at 2:27pm

Steve, my son Jackson Milne can not make the tournament unfortunately. I registered him with my PayPal. Could you please remove him and refund me? Thank you
Joshua Milne


Justin Gilbert    July 16 at 6:09pm

Can I unregister from the tournament? Thank you


Tony Stolo    July 8 at 3:30pm

Do we know what layout the Hill will be in for the event?


Mike Green    July 6 at 6:18pm

I was trying to figure out which course was the Hills. There are several course names with hills in it. Can you give us the addresses for the AM courses 501 Greens and The Hills? I'm from a long way off and am not familiar with the courses in the area. I'm also assuming that MH Blues and Whites are at the 132 Marshall St. addresses.

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Mike Green   July 8 at 1:12pm

Do you have the address for The Hills? Also, with it being on a base, any procedures we need to follow to get into the base?

Tony Stolo   July 8 at 1:14pm

3 Antietam St, Devens, MA 01434 and no you should be able to drive right on no problem. Hole 1 is across the street from the field you'll see driving up, parking is either in the lot next to the field or directly across from the field. You'll see a devens disc golf banner and a shed

Mike Green   July 8 at 1:16pm

Thanks buddy

Stephen Quevillon    July 1 at 7:00pm

please issue my refund. i submitted a refund request on 6-22. thanks


Forrester Wilson    June 12 at 3:53pm

Wish MA1 was playing 501 instead of Devens. Devens is whackadoo


Eric Basile    June 4 at 1:04pm

I put in for a refund request about 2 weeks ago and shot the TD a PM. Still haven't recieved it.


Eric Basile    May 23 at 7:41pm

Refund request sent.


Jeff Hollinger    May 15 at 12:56pm

Where can I find some information on this tournament?


Eric Basile    May 2 at 1:02am

Will there be a specific hotel for players to utilize at a discounted price?


Matt Alsfeld    May 1 at 11:22pm

Just wondering if sending more people to a free course to play (Devens) over a course (maple,501) Increases the take home for the TD?

Owen Smith III   July 22 at 3:49pm