Ledgestone Flex - Kennel Lake

PDGA logoThursday, August 3, 2023 at Kennel Lake Sportsmen's Club in Morton, Illinois
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This will be a one round flex C Tier event at the Kennel Lake course. You must tee off between 8AM and 4PM and ... more
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Sean Stewart    August 5 at 12:00am

At what times and locations can we receive and redeem vouchers? Great event, loved the course!

Nate Heinold   August 5 at 3:57am

These vouchers should have been emailed to you, please check your spam. You can redeem at pro shop tomorrow at Northwood or Flymart tomorrow night.

Alex Royer    August 3 at 2:58pm

I made the mistake of assuming this was going to be like DDO last year. Where I’d be able to show up at a Flex-Start with my card, pay and play.

Nate Heinold   August 3 at 3:02pm

I am not sure why you thought that, considering registration has been open for 6 months and the event has 200 players signed up :)

Alex Royer   August 3 at 3:09pm

So is that a no go Nate?

Nate Heinold   August 3 at 7:11pm

The event is full.

Mark Mozuch    August 3 at 1:34pm

I may be arriving later than my tee time. Do I cancel or can you fit me in a later time slot?

Mark Mozuch   August 3 at 4:52pm

I entered for refund for my 150 tee time. Does there happen to be a later tee time I could get in? If not I understand

Caleb Kramer    August 3 at 12:30am

How does the waitlist work if there are tee times? Do we take whatever tee time was dropped?

Nate Heinold   August 3 at 2:31am

Yes, if you were promoted from the waitlist

Jason Gaca    August 2 at 2:32pm

Hey Nate -
James DesLauriers and Sean Stewart have agreed to switch from 2p to 250 so Nick and John Gaca can play with me at 2p.

Can you please update the tee times for us?

Nate Heinold   August 2 at 2:35pm

Please email [email redacted] and he can handle

James Farmer    August 1 at 7:08pm

Are we able to get a practice round in here?

Nate Heinold   August 1 at 7:11pm

Please read the practice schedule: https://ledgestoneopen.com/event/2023/practice-schedule.aspx

Justin Grayer    August 1 at 5:23pm

My buddy and me have a Tee time of 11:50, but seems like it is only the two of us. We need a third to make it sanctioned, but all the other times say 0 available. Anyway to let another person in? How should we address this issue?

Nate Heinold   August 1 at 6:55pm

The 1150AM time is full.

Justin Grayer   August 1 at 8:03pm


Jason Gaca    July 31 at 1:27pm

It looks like there are still 4 available tee times - I am on the waitlist - can I be assigned to the 2p slot?

Nate Heinold   July 31 at 1:48pm

You have been promoted from the event, you can add yourself to that time.