Laurelain Classic presented by B.S. Upshot

PDGA logoSaturday, April 22, 2023 at Laurelain Park in Reading, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Amateur players pack is a disc of choice plus one $8 item (Beef Jerky, Sportsack, DD Flexible Mini, B.S. Bull ... more
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Cassandra Landis    April 22 at 7:16pm

There was a black water bottle found on the course with a pink carabiner found out on the course

Cassandra Landis   April 22 at 7:17pm

It was left at the pavilion

Brian Bochantin    April 22 at 3:33pm

Round 2 start at 12:16pm


Brian Bochantin    April 19 at 11:55pm

Amateur players pack is a disc of choice plus one $8 item (Beef Jerky, Sportsack, DD Flexible Mini, B.S. Bull Key Chain Bottle Opener, License Plate Frame, B.S. Bull Wooden Mini)


Brian Bochantin    April 13 at 6:03pm

Tentatively we will be using same layouts as previous years. The below is unlikely to change but sometimes things happen.

Round 1 Layout
Hole 1 Par 4, 470 feet B Basket (Parking lot is OB)
Hole 2 Par 3, 310 feet B Basket (Parking lot is OB)
Hole 3 Par 4, 490 feet tee from pavilion A Basket (Path and left of path plus water is OB)
Hole 4 Par 3, 335 feet A Basket (River on left is OB defined by flags)
Hole 5 Par 4, 475 feet Long tee B Basket (Property line behind basket is OB defined by fl ... more

Brian Bochantin   April 19 at 2:20pm

Hole 1 Par 4 (Parking lot is OB; Double Mando with DZ)

Martin Binder    April 8 at 5:31pm

Are the baskets currently in the pin positions for the tournament?


Maxwell Snyder    April 3 at 1:01pm

If he makes it off the waitlist, can i be on a card with Eddie Russell for round one?

Brian Bochantin   April 3 at 2:11pm

Noted, no promises but possible.

Maxwell Snyder   April 3 at 5:36pm

wonderful, thanks Brian

Audrey Bochantin    March 23 at 9:34pm

For all our tournaments we tend to use the same layouts as last time; to a degree. Changes may occur in areas outside of our control. (Ex. Flooded area, down tree…) In all cases it is our goal to present the layout in a timely manner. We understand that timely for us may not be timely for you, and with that we thank you for your understanding.


Steve coffland    March 23 at 6:50pm

You can move me to ma2 if no one on the waiting list enters my division.

Brian Bochantin   March 23 at 8:53pm


Roger Moore    March 23 at 6:18am

What will the layout be for MA4?


Brian Bochantin   March 23 at 8:55pm

Exact layouts will be determined much closer to event.

Kurt Franz    March 11 at 4:40pm

Not sure if I did everything correct, but I joined General team upshot and put in the code. Excited about this tournament!

Martin Binder   March 11 at 6:30pm

I've been curious, how does one join the general Team Upshot?

Martin Binder   March 14 at 12:25am

Sold! Thanks!