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PDGA logoSaturday, September 18, 2021 at Lake Cumberland State Park in Jamestown, Kentucky
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

LCO will be a 36-hole C-Tier PDGA sanctioned disc golf tournament. We will play two rounds of 18-holes at Lake ... more
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Tracy B    September 17 at 3:43pm

Has the grass been mowed.

Scottie Cook   September 17 at 4:18pm

I was out there Sunday and yes the grass had been mowed.

Jason Elsner    September 17 at 11:51am

Heading down for a practice round. Should be there by about 2pm central. If anyone is up for a round hit me up.


Josh Stewart    September 13 at 12:42am

I think if registration opened up again I would probably sign up, too. Looking like 4 spots still open.

Scottie Cook   September 13 at 3:22pm

Registration has been reopened for a short time.

Aubrey Alvey    September 12 at 10:59pm

I would like to sign up for your tournament, and get a buddy to come as well. It says there is 4 spots open but registration is closed.. can it be opened please

Scottie Cook   September 13 at 3:22pm

Registration has been reopened for a short time.

Eddy Salinas    August 30 at 5:06pm

Hey Scottie, unfortunately I won’t be able to make it and need to withdraw please.


John Bal    August 25 at 1:24pm

i have to drop out. please remove me from registration. sorry.


jason miller    August 24 at 11:50pm

I have to drop out. Wish I could make it. Good luck to all


Nick Stinson    August 17 at 12:18pm

64 spots?

72/4 is 18. This number would create a 4 pack for every hole and allow all the waitlist ppl to get in. 64 spots doesn’t really make sense!?!

Scottie Cook   August 17 at 2:12pm

We decided to leave a couple holes open to help with flow. All registrants have been aware of the 64 cap. We may revisit the question closer to the tournament. But, as of now the cap is 64.

John Bal    August 4 at 8:54pm

will the wooded holes 11-13 be used for this event? or temp holes to replace them like in previous years events.

Scottie Cook   August 5 at 6:18pm

Temp holes will replace holes 11-13.

Jentry Carrier    July 8 at 3:18pm

Sorry Scottie me and Dalton had something come up this day we need to withdraw if possible. Thanks.

Scottie Cook   July 8 at 4:04pm

removed and refunded

Cory Lowe    June 13 at 10:42pm

Will there be any other spots opening up?

Scottie Cook   June 14 at 2:42pm

No. But, there is a waitlist you could get on in case someone drops.

Stephen Fortney   July 26 at 7:25pm

why is it only 64 spots?

Scottie Cook   August 17 at 2:18pm

Decided to leave a couple holes open to help with flow.

Jentry Carrier    May 13 at 12:16pm

Hey Scottie I didn't see the junior division can Dalton move down and play there instead of rec.

Scottie Cook   May 13 at 1:28pm

yes. I will move him to the junior division.