Lake Claiborne - 8th Annual BYOP Doubles presented by Innova Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 10-11, 2021 at Lake Claiborne State Park in Homer, Louisiana
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned doubles tournament

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Friday FLEX START SINGLES 10am to 2pm AMS can get there Tourney Disc at HQ Come out and get in a sanc ... more
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Chris Nix    April 7 at 4:30pm

Will there be a flex start on Friday?
If so, what are the details?

Jonathon Rivera   April 7 at 5:29pm

WIll be posting this afternoon. Singles FLEX from 10am to last card at 2pm. Sign up near Hole 1 Whitetail.

John Calvin Johnson    March 30 at 2:57pm

For alternate shot, is it each sequential shot (putt to next drive) or do partners alternate tee shots each hole?

Jonathon Rivera   April 2 at 4:52pm

Alternate every shot. 1. Teammate 1 (T1) throws from the tee. (stroke 1) 2. Teammate 2 (T2) throws the team's next shot from where T1's shot landed. T2's shot lands near the basket. (stroke 2) 3. T1 putts from the lie and misses but lands near the basket. (stroke 3) 4. T2 makes the putt from where T1 landed. (stroke 4: bogey) 5. T1 throws the team's drive from the next tee.

Jesse Weaver    March 16 at 6:46pm

Is the 6-6-6 format best shot, alternating shot, and worst shot. And also in worst shot do both putts have to be made?

Jonathon Rivera   March 17 at 3:56am

Yes that is correct. A putt is considered a shot so both players must make it in the basket to count.

Mitch Trotter    March 3 at 8:11pm

The Mixed division is already showing a waitlist. Is that correct?

Jonathon Rivera   March 4 at 8:32pm

There is no waitlist on the mixed. We fixed it.

Allysia Hurt    February 21 at 5:28am

Will there be a MA3 division?

Jonathon Rivera   March 4 at 8:32pm

No not this year.

Jeremy Hunter    January 20 at 2:02pm

Does the mixed division have any ratings regulations? And is it cash or merchandise payout for the mixed division?

Jonathon Rivera   January 21 at 3:09am

No Rating Regulation for Mix Divisions and will payout in Merch Gift Cards.