LWS Amateur at Idlewild presented by Dynamic Discs & The Nati

PDGA logoFri-Sun, August 18-20, 2023 at Idlewild in Burlington, Kentucky
Amateur A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

LWS Amateur at Idlewild presented by Dynamic Discs & The Nati graphic


Tournament DirectorAdam M. Jones
Tournament DirectorJason Kerl

About this tournament

Welcome to the LWS Amateur at Idlewild Tournament.
Presented by Dynamic Discs and hosted by The Nati Disc Golf

PDGA Live Scoring Login: https://www.pdga.com/apps/tournament/score/login

This year we are hosting the Amateur weekend just after the Pro Tour event.

For 2023 this event is once again an A-Tier with three rounds over three days at the infamous Idlewild DGC.

You will get to play the same DGPT Layout with tee times and groups of 4 players. Dynamic Discs is our Brand sponsor and will be providing your player packs and other prizes.
This course was designed to truly test our sports most elite players in every way imaginable. Can you survive the challenge that Idlewild provides.

Players Pack: 2023

Dynamic Discs Recruit Lite Basket
Custom Orbit Truth
Custom Lucid Disc
Custom Dry-Fit
LWS Open Disc Golf Pin
LWS Open Sticker
Other Swag items TBD

Total Pack Retail Value of : Approximately $200

Layout: DGPT 18 holes, strict OB.
Caddy Book : https://www.lwsopen.com/the-course.html

MPO Layout: MA1, MA40, MA2, MA3
FPO Layout: MA50, MA60, FA1, FA40, FA2, FA3

Tee times will be our format of play. Three Rounds, Three Days. Groups of 4 every 12 minutes starting at 8am. Plan to post Tee Times by Wednesday night, or at least early Thursday morning so you can properly prepare. This is the order of when each division will tee off: starting with MA1->FA1->MA40->MA50->MA60-> MA2->FA2->MA3->FA3.

We will be sending out email updates as the event gets closer with all of the event information with layouts and players guide.

Hotel options in the area: https://www.meetnky.com/stay/airport/

Special thanks to all our event sponsors and supporters, our great local staff for all their hard work and efforts that help us make these events possible.

Refund policy

The Nati Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Per PDGA Guidelines.


Burlington, KY   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/64488
1Mason McLean676764198$264
2Tanner Young686470202$217
3Riven Tanner667269207$193
4Adam Osborn766567208$164
4Ethan Owens716968208$164
6Andrew Wallen717365209$124
6Drew Cobble736769209$124
6Harrison Young677369209$124
9Mark R Sove707071211$103
10Jimmy Carter717368212$94
11Jamie Escudero697768214$82
11Jesse Diller726973214$82
11Sean Lucas777067214$82
14Steven Cox746972215$72
15Chris Fischer678170218$63
15Jeff Stout757271218$63
15Tony Brackett707375218$63
18Oz Mert786478220$55
18Shane Hesse707674220$55
20Jacob Haussler747374221$26
20Nicholas A Shoemaker747176221$26
22Tim Faiken727179222
23Josh Neely767275223
23Tyler Plank727774223
25Matthew Roe747377224
25Nick Townsend777671224
27Aaron Gettys727776225
27Joshua Kirk728172225
27Kol Patterson826677225
30Andrew Gowan797771227
30Marshall Eippert737579227
32Paul Rose777873228
33Casey Garnett797575229
33Eric Morgan757084229
35Kyle Bussard738077230
36Kevin Brun847573232
37Josh D'Anna847973236
38Dylan Trenum758082237
39Osher Groh847681241
40Brett Thaman788678242
1Matthew Coleman Coleman777783237$162
2Aaron Stewart838187251$102
3Clinton Pelfrey868385254$64
3Timothy LeMaster818489254$64
5Rodney Travis858885258
6Aaron Hendrix928386261
7Blake Shaffer---0
1Loren Barnhurst787782237$195
2Randy Compton808675241$134
3Greg James827884244$77
3Jerry Reynolds867880244$77
3Russell Smith828478244$77
6Steve Parker828382247
7David Gibson848384251
8James Cinkovich828784253
9Mark Haussler878186254
10Curtis Stimac8387-170
1John Oliver758777239$161
2Bethel Barrett888174243$102
3Curtis Shriver758783245$74
4Jimmy 5 Finfrock838286251$55
5Allen Risley868985260
6Don Farrow938485262
7Chester Meade878998274
1Chris Perkins777269218$165
2Nicholas Wisman737373219$153
3Clifford Rush807571226$148
3Doug Herzog767674226$148
5Alexander Hoelle787377228$142
6Justin Yamaguchi758175231$131
6Logan Delk778272231$131
8Tyler Roth807379232$120
9Dakota Kinnes787877233$120
10Brandon Taylor798175235$105
10Chris Wallbrech778276235$105
10Matthew Trelc807679235$105
13Chris Goetz768476236$91
13Stuart Fanko768080236$91
13Taylor Haynes808076236$91
16Casey Mingo847578237$76
16Logan Matson788277237$76
18Jace Tyler Brooks827681239$66
19Dallas Hunt817980240$40
19Keun Hur768282240$40
19Tanner Carizey788478240$40
22David Keller818179241
22Joe Armstrong767986241
22Reece Lemanski767788241
25Curran Wiggins847682242
26Matthew Meade867978243
26Ritish Sharma788283243
28Ryan Barton857981245
29Sam Karlock828381246
30Elijah Reynolds868378247
31Kris Evans898376248
32Aaron Carroll818682249
33Jamo Gaines868483253
34Jonathan Meade828686254
35Tyler Yamaguchi828989260
36Robert Strohmeyer928487263
37Andrew Blevins889197276
38Isaac Rechsteiner8399-182
39Jarrett Beasley79--79
1Dalton Killingsworth797779235$170
2Jacob Eaves867674236$160
3Joshua Smith738282237$153
4Jacob Nielson778280239$153
5Andrew Young738483240$141
6Dakota Warren817883242$141
7Nathan Linton788382243$129
8Chuck Penick878572244$124
8Dan Bankemper818875244$124
10George Phillips858278245$118
11Colbey Cracraft828282246$118
12Kevin M Stewart828184247$106
13Ryan Sullivan778883248$106
14David Snodgrass788289249$94
14Justin Ady838383249$94
16Justin Rak838978250$82
17Brent Walker898776252$77
17Craig Dammeyer828288252$77
19Anthony Hurt888680254$71
20Joshua Gray858189255$57
20Steven Wood788394255$57
22Anthony Rodis848983256
22Kevin Kuhn888583256
24John Johannides819086257
24Josiah Rucker808493257
26Aaron Brown868389258
26Coy Barnes809385258
26Tim Huffman938283258
29Drew M Brown928187260
30Andrew Phelps898489262
30Gus Bezy888094262
32Chris Profitt869384263
33Alex McJessy948783264
34Scott Corbin899484267
35Brady Wheelhouse918790268
36Drew Ellis969083269
37David Czarnota889292272
38Zachary Meacham889893279
39Martin Wheeler1068793286
40Craig Haynes8781-168
41Travis B Bowerman8787-174
42Leland Merling89--89
1Erin Hausch858689260$105
2Maddie Miller898893270$63
3Paige M Davis999999297
1Alison N Miller879091268$134
2Kelsie Sweeten969593284$90
3Amber Goetz919898287
4Lauren Harmon10210195298
1Shelly Bauer10610194301$101
2Tara Cohen9710599301$67
3Krystina Endicott109108113330
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