LPDGC 2020 League #3 - Open and Pro Master

Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at Loomiller in Longmont, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament

LPDGC 2020 League #3 - Open and Pro Master graphic


Boss - Pro/Masters TDSean 'Smackers' Lewis
Consigliere - Adv/Int Ladies TDEmily 'Cream8tr' Martens
Capo - Int/Rec TDKen '3 legs' Keene

About this tournament


Here we go! Lots of information here, please take time to read it all.

We will be starting our annual summer league this Wednesday, 06/17. After working with City officials we have a few things that we have to make happen to move forward:

#1: We cannot be a group of 40 on the course, we need to be 10 groups of 4. As such, there will be NO player meeting before or after the round. Check-in will be done every week through discgolfscene.com and you will have an assigned hole to start on. PLEASE do not gather in the parking lots, head to your hole and warm up with your card before we start. Unfortunately this also means we will not be playing for tags during league as we can't have people waiting after the round. Scoring will be done using the Udisc.com app, please have it on your phones and ready to go. It's free, it's fast, and it's easy.

#2: Face coverings. Nobody likes them but everyone must have them to play. You can take it off while walking and when there's room to space out, but if your group is at a crowded tee-pad, do the right thing and put it on. We can't give park users any reason to complain about us, if you can't handle this, please don't come out.

#3 General social distancing. Let's all use common sense with this one. Don't be passing a bottle or a bowl, keep separated and be smart. If we see continued problems with players, they will be asked to leave. We have worked really hard to get this going, we can't have a few people messing it up for the other players.

The good news is, after regularly filling up last year, we have added a 3rd course into the full rotation and that allows us to field more players! We will now have pools of 40 at Clark Centennial Park, Loomiller Park and the Mead DGC every week, with 7 divisions to choose from:

Pool A:
Pool B:
Advanced/Advanced Women/Rec Women
Pool C:

Registration will be at discgolfscene.com and will open every Saturday night at 8:00pm, we will provide a specific link beforehand. There is a $5 club/registration fee that includes a 1 mulligan and entry into the ace-pool. All pools will have a free CTP each week. Registration will close at 8:00pm Monday. There is no wait list after cutoff, if you didn't sign up in time, don't come to the course and expect to get in. If you signed up and don't show, there is no refund for your entry but if you show up late you can take par+4 for your missed holes. Hole assignments and layouts will be posted on Tuesday every week and yes, cards will be random as always. The rounds will start promptly at 6:00pm following a 2-minute warning.

Due to our late start, we will only be playing 10 weeks this summer from 6/17 until 8/19. We will not be dropping low scores this year as a result and will be using weekly "scratch points" as usual with an extra-point for the CTP winner. Hopefully we will be clear to host our player party on 8/31!

We know that not all of this will be easy, especially for the first few weeks, but this is the hand we have been dealt in order to get us all competitively playing again. We are proud of being one of the first organized events to get running in Colorado however, and we absolutely can't wait to see you all on the course smashing chains!

Refund policy

There is a no refund policy for these events after registration has closed


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