Killer B's "Rock Road Rumble"- Driven by Innova

PDGA logoSunday, March 26, 2023 at Endicott Park in St. Louis, Missouri
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Killer B's "Rock Road Rumble"- Driven by Innova graphic
Added cash $750

About this tournament

2023 Killer B’s Driven by Innova and presented by St. Louis Disc Golf Club (The Passage 3/25, Rock Road Rumble 3/26)

A PDGA B-tier with $750 added cash.

Rock Road Rumble Consists of:

Pool A starting at Endicott and playing their final Round at Carrollton.

Pool B starting at Carrollton and playing their final round at Endicott.

There will be an hour break for lunch.

No players meeting so make sure to check your e-mail the night before of the event for more details.

Players pack to be announced shortly!

Payouts to Ams will be vouchers to the St. Louis Disc Golf Club inventory (which will be onsite). Club inventory will be set up at tournament central (ENDICOTT)

There will be a raffle for many different items, which will be announced leading up to the event! We promise you will want to get in on this!! (We will have a raffle each day 25th & 26th)

There is a club ace pool that players will be automatically bought into, you will need to be a St Louis Disc Golf Club member to be eligible for payout of ace pool.

We will also have a separate ace pool for the tournament that you can buy into for $5. If no Aces are hit the money will be donated to St. Louis area food bank.

NO WALK UPS - Registration closes March 24th at 8pm.

Starting Course by Division (Pools are tentative and may change according to division sign-ups)
Carrollton – POOL B - ALL AM MASTERS, FA1, MA2, FA2, MA3, FA3, MA4, FA4, JUNIORS

Refund policy

STLDGC / St. Louis Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. We follow the PDGA policies for refunds:

Important Dates:
Full entry fee refund if withdrawn by 3/12/2023
50% entry fee refund if withdrawn by 3/19/2023
25% entry fee refund if withdrawn before 3/24/2023 (registration close)
No entry fee refund if withdrawn after 3/24/2023 (registration close)

Refunds which are partial will only be partial to the entry fee. All other items are refunded in full.
Example: $60 entry fee + $10 raffle = $70 paid, if withdrawn on 3/19 (50% entry fee refund) your refund would be $40 ($60 * 50% + $10).


Endicott Park
St. Louis, MO   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Andrew Presnell4756103$686
2Zackeriath Johnson4661107$450
3Brock Rohler5260112$294
3Phil McGuire4765112$294
5Adrian Chevalier5162113$183
5Nick Hanson4865113$183
5Ryan Holmes4964113$183
8Chris Malatesta5264116$133
8Max Anderson5462116$133
10Taylor Thomas4869117$115
11Josh Riley5266118$97
11Kevin Free5167118$97
13Alex Banning5068118
14Adam Marbes5069119$54
14Chris Mathes5267119$54
14Cory Folkins5465119$54
17Alex Schimmelpfenning5070120
17Danny Beauchamp5367120
17Noah Free5466120
20Victor Williams5467121
21Colin Poe5567122
22Ryan Zile5668124
23Jake Sigmund5768125
23Mark Jones5768125
25Thomas Von Brecht5670126
26Ryan Jarvis6067127
27Austin Nunnery5672128
27Dustin Schrieber5078128
29Frederick Schaljo6268130
29Jack Schulte5773130
29Michael Waradzyn5674130
32Jason Baird5972131
32Matt Becker5972131
34Daniel Ainsworth5874132
34Zack Finwall6072132
36Myles Lawson55-55
1Pat Ruschke5264116$355
2Roger Reyes5767124$224
3Tom Matesevac5670126$142
3Will Rosa5571126$142
5Chris Gore5374127
6Scott Hodges5475129
7Joshua Winer5874132
7Robert Sotta5577132
9Mike Swehla6073133
10Scott Houska5977136
1Chancey Green5362115
2Luke Sivertson5563118
3Dustin Klein5466120
4Tim Trehy5666122
5Jeff Morrison5370123
6Justin Van Sant5768125
7Joe Killian5472126
8Brett Elam5770127
8Pat Mehal5473127
10Tyler McLean5474128
11Andy Robuck5673129
11Rob Masnica5376129
13Connor Milos5972131
14Andy Huss5874132
15Alex Rode6172133
16Anderson Heintz5876134
16Gabriel Haas5975134
16Kelly Mauntel6074134
16Nick Schleicher5975134
20Jacob Capstick6276138
20Kyle Hanner5979138
22Adam Vandivier5882140
23Ben Vatterott6281143
24Nikolai Joseph Karg6485149
25Sam Keeven66-66
25Tommy Reyes66-66
1Eric Dochterman6657123
2Chad Loegering6858126
3Norm Shoults6962131
4Daniel Riddle7557132
5Benjamin Gilbert7063133
6Hector Luzunaris7361134
7K Sterling8276158
1Gene Stephens6660126
2Sean Stewart8161142
3Robert Klahr8165146
1Danny White7467141
1Alan Clifton7867145
1Eric Sisco6156117
2Nathan Gardner6852120
3Mark Roark Jr.6359122
4Neil Wessling6758125
4Rémi Didry7055125
6CJ Novak6957126
6Cullen Walsh6363126
8Maxwell Moore6564129
9Nathan Schilly7159130
10Daniel Johnson7161132
11Keagan Settles6964133
12Andrew Raguini7461135
13Curtis Wiegand7760137
14Owen Flett7464138
14Thomas Wade8058138
16David Titus7566141
17Eric Peal8062142
18Brent Walkenhorst8367150
19Garrett Smith8973162
1Mike Behme6861129
2Thomas Semkiw6960129
3William Hellmuth6961130
4Jeffro Goodall6962131
5Gage Crowell7161132
6Alex Tomaszewski7558133
6Collin McCartney7459133
6Tim "Big Country" Dunahee7360133
9Tyler Winterbottom7163134
10Andrew Muthonjia7758135
10George Koulouriotis7164135
10Justin Peabody7461135
13Kalaheo Benz7760137
13Rob Givens7463137
13Thomas Faust7661137
16Andrew Stastny7761138
16Dakota Summerfield-Solomon7167138
16James Reifel7068138
19Dominic Fecarotta7762139
19Joel Lender7366139
19Louis Belamour7168139
19Nicholas Loynd7366139
23James Ly7367140
23Jonathan Orf7466140
25Jacob Mandry8358141
25Jake Frydman7665141
27Adrian Howard7567142
29David Witt7568143
30Andrew Clifton8465149
31Patryk Barnas8869157
1Keith Royse8565150
2Ben Palmer8466150
3Andrew Schrautemeier8473157
4Marvin Lindsay8578163
5John Platt8778165
1Renae Beasley7461135
2Ashley Pickett7668144
3AnnMarie Faust8165146
1Emma Randolph8470154
2Alexia Eguires8477161
1Sally Lindsay136-136
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