Kansas City Flying Disc Challenge presented by Mint Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 27-28, 2023 at Water Works Park in Kansas City, Missouri
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Kansas City Flying Disc Challenge presented by Mint Discs graphic
Added cash $2,500


Tournament DirectorMichael Krueger
Director of Player PacksElisabeth Borg-Bowman
Course Director - LaBeniteCrispian Paul
Course Director - Water WorksJerry Patterson
Favorite Patterson at Water WorksTina Patterson
Course Director - SmithvilleNova Politte
Course Director - SmithvilleKim Giannola

About this tournament

Welcome to the 2023 Kansas City Flying Disc Challenge!

The Kansas City Flying Disc Challenge has been selected as a Regional Qualifier for the DGPT - TruBank Des Moines Challenge presented by Discraft. The top two MPO finishers with ratings above 935 (Due to PDGA ratings floor requirement) and the top DGPT eligible FPO finisher will be invited to register for the 2023 TruBank Des Moines Challenge!

This tournament will be four rounds over two days on four different courses:

Paradise Pointe - Woodhenge (Chainstar)
Paradise Pointe - Black Thorn (Chainstar)
LaBenite DGC (Disc Golf Park)
Water Works Park (Mach X)

Tentative pool assignments (each pool caps at 72) and pool schedules:

Pool A: MPO
Pool B: FPO, MP40, MP50, MP60, MA1, MA40
Pool C: FA1, FA40, MA2, MA50
Pool D: MA60, MA65, FA2, FA3, MA3, MA4, MJ18

Pool A: Water Works, LaBenite Longs, Black Thorn, Woodhenge
Pool B: LaBenite Longs, Water Works, Woodhenge, Black Thorn
Pool C: Black Thorn, Woodhenge, LaBenite Shorts, Water Works
Pool D: Woodhenge, Black Thorn, Water Works, LaBenite Shorts

Warm up areas:

Water Works has limited warm up areas. There is a small warm up area with practice basket to the east of Hole 12. There is an additional practice putting basket in the island (but it's a Mach III, I think - not a Mach X for sure).

LaBenite has excellent warm up facilities, with a driving range and three practice baskets for putting.

Woodhenge/Black Thorn are in a complex with three courses; Beaver Creek is the third course and is not part of the tournament. There is a practice basket for putting near hole 1 of Black Thorn, and a basket from Beaver immediately across the street from Black Thorn hole 1. There are also some open areas for warming up throughout the complex.

As always, thanks to our sponsors and partners!

Kansas City Disc Golf, Inc.
Kansas City Parks & Recreation
The City of Sugar Creek
The US Army Corps of Engineers
Clay County Parks & Rec
Dick Parker
Duck's Flying Discs - Kansas City
Launchpad Disc Golf
UnderPar Disc Golf
DG Nomad
TruBank Des Moines Challenge

Player pack items TBD. Player packs MUST be picked up at Duck's Flying Discs - Kansas City by close of business May 28 (or alternate arrangements made by that date), or they are forfeited.

Amateur payout through Duck's Flying Discs. Payout expires 12/1/2023. Duck's Flying Discs - Kansas City is the official vendor of the Kansas City Flying Disc Challenge.

Pass-through fee per PDGA rules:
$3/player PDGA fees
$3/player KCDG fees
$3/player TD fees
Additional fees for portapotties, if necessary, will be added to the pass-through fees.
See https://www.pdga.com/news/pdga-official-rules-disc-golf-competition-manual-updated-2023, section "Tour Standards" and Pass Through fees.

Refund policy

Michael Krueger and Nightmare Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. All refunds will be pursuant to the PDGA Competition Manual Section 1.03 Withdrawals and Refunds. https://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/103

Players who officially request to withdraw on or before April 27, 2023, will receive a 100% refund (not including PayPal or Disc Golf Scene fees).

Players who officially request to withdraw from April 28, 2023 to May 12, 2023, will receive a 100% refund IF THE SPOT IS FILLED BY A PLAYER ON THE WAITLIST (not including PayPal or Disc Golf Scene fees). If the spot is NOT filled by a player on the waitlist, then the player will receive a 50% refund.

Players who officially request to withdraw from May 13, 2023 to May 25, 2023 at 8:00 PM, will receive a 100% refund IF THE SPOT IS FILLED BY A PLAYER ON THE WAITLIST (not including PayPal or Disc Golf Scene fees). If the spot is NOT filled by a player on the waitlist, then the player will receive a 25% refund.

Players who officially request to withdraw from May 25, 2023, 8:01 PM to May 27, 2023, at 9:00 AM will receive a player pack ONLY. The player bears the burden of picking up the player pack or paying for shipping AND MAKING ALL ARRANGEMENTS FOR DOING SO.

Any player who does not officially request to withdraw and does not show for the first round forfeits the entry fee and player pack.

Any player on the waitlist who does not gain entry will receive a full refund (not including PayPal or Disc Golf Scene fees).

All times listed are based on Central Daylight Time.


Water Works Park
Kansas City, MO   Get Directions
LaBenite DGC
Sugar Creek, MO   Get Directions
Paradise Point
Smithville, MO   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/64983
1Isaac Heinen48554755$1,220
2Noah Free47564954$910
3Micah Noble49565251$700
4John Jones52535153$545
4Jared Stoll47604953$545
6Jonathan Fletcher47585652$440
7Dw Hass51565057$400
7Nolan Ramser47595058$400
9Loren Lewis54624950$340
9Dillon Spellman50595056$340
11Michael Babbitt51625054$280
11Daniel Holsten52615153$280
11Jose Ossa51575158$280
11Blaine Wood47615356$280
15Anthony Bodanza53585255$240
15Hans Coleman50595356$240
15Zach Moses48615554$240
18Marcus Cathey47635455$215
18Brock Rohler46655058$215
20Alex Banning47605261$190
20Keehnan Ford52605355$190
20Jordan Renzelman49625455$190
23Drew Cantrell49655057$175
24Woody Hass50665254$165
25Daniel Thayer50615557$150
25Andy Wacha52615654$150
27Mark Krueger49635855$140
27Brett Lance53645058$140
29Andrew Arnold51605461
29Gavyn Brand53615359
29Matthew Karst51615757
29AJ Kroenlein56595556
29Luke Sabulsky58605058
29Hunter Williams54605062
35David Allen52605758
35Ryan Holmes50635658
35Rob Johnson51655457
38Trevor Hastert50655558
38Charlie Peters55615359
38Zeke Zumbro49625760
41Jason Flook56665157
41Benjamin Sorensen56635556
43Kobee Austria58635556
44Benjamin Giebler52645463
44Ryan Marquardt53645462
46Josh Olson55714959
47Ricky King54675559
48Peter Bures52636061
48RJ LAWSON58665260
48Thomas Ostaszewski51655367
51Casey Hunt55635663
52Isaac Scheer56625565
53Hugo Dwyer56645762
53Alex Mense54665861
55Jitt Belcher59745554
55Jason Berg54695663
57Shawn Bareiter57725460
57Jamison Monroe56725857
57Kellen Weiss56665962
60Derrick Holt54685567
60TJ Thurman56646163
62Justin Frey53656265
62Mitchell S. Porter56675963
64Erik Hjelmaas56705964
64Rylan Stamback56675967
66Danny Roman5663888-
67Luther Hargrove5466999-
67Trent Tinlin5666999-
1Frank Weaver III65535653$280
2Duane CD Steiner68485957$160
3Steve Thimmesch66615956
4David Boone69566357
1Nicholas Pascuzzi60525755$210
2Troy Smart63495656$165
3Grayson Beyers63565354$140
4Dustin Klein64515656$125
5Jesse Fletcher65546053$110
6Ian Lee64536155$95
7Cody Lee61576254$85
8Jonathon Oakes59556457$75
8Tyler Price65575954$75
10Jeremy Klempnauer60606056$60
10Andy Robuck64575758$60
12Kameron Dickerson64546455$50
12Ben Knops62605659$50
12Grant Rieschick67546155$50
15Charlie Hemstock66585955$45
16Zach Hawkins62615858$45
17Dan Maynard68566254$40
18Jackson Hagen67576058
19Jett Mathews59596659
20Joe Hoog66576260
21Steven Karpovich61586761
22Steven Snider67616159
23Nick Jarvis66616458
23Austin Rieschick70596456
25Robert Holt69616460
25Austin Pribyl68557358
27Dalton Humphreys67636362
27Jason Springer68596365
29Taylor Pennington72596462
30Stephen Winzer73616859
31Zachary Griffith74616859
31Bryan Schottman66617164
33Noah Schopper75626858
34Ethan Christy73636863
35Tanner Langenbahn755769999
35Mario Ortiz6962135999
1Andrew Klaasmeyer64606156$95
2David Colbert72606960$55
3Brandon Michael Traw75657661$40
4Brent Brell9576999-
5Chad Kelley81888--
1Bryan Rezen56666155$105
2Joe Giovagnoli62686155$70
3John Childress56686660$55
4Gary Dennis59676659$40
4Brad Scott60686657$40
6Travis Fittro61656660$30
7Wayne Johnson67716760$20
8Bill Shinoski65687066
8Benjamin Whitesel63707462
10Clint Clupka62747265
11George Price66727067
12Brian Rieschick74757265
13Jason Reid64827270
14Tommy Collins70767674
1Buford Baker67646565$65
2Harold Berciunas70617075$40
3Kenneth McWhorter76706474
4Gary Johnston77717781
1Doug K75716578$53
2JC Alonzo83737385
1Cory Scheer57626452$90
2Aaron Bolli60626355$84
3Alexander Slocum59626559$80
4Jacob Mustard60626361$80
5Jonathon Rinehart59666458$73
5Dawson Wheeler61626460$73
7Matthew Lingner63616559$68
8Cam Hawkins57656166$68
9Kyle Bates59686558$62
9Ryan Burris59666461$62
11Tanner Burton61696556$57
11Ethan Ko59646860$57
11Michael Lane63666260$57
14James Barry61686261$47
14Alan Bisenieks60716259$47
14Jace Roppa58706163$47
14Noah Young63656460$47
18Daniel Johnson60676858$37
19Jeremy Frey57657062$37
20Kolin Scharnhorst63706755$31
21Lukas Krause65706457$13
21Chris Lillich55687459$13
23Brody Rezen60687455
23Will Stubbs61667060
25Travis Wentworth62696761
26Thomas Semkiw65656567
26Larr Whaley60706765
28Dakota Summerfield-solomon61756562
28Will Wood62736761
30Wyatt Borg62756563
31Matthew Wilderson59766764
32Kyle Davis61776961
33William Zappelli62757063
34Aidan Ellis69717358
34Zach Guiciardi66697462
36Timothy Russell64737659
37Marshal Mallett70706766
37Brandon Shellenberger62787063
37Brent Walkenhorst67747062
40Jimmy Blundell69726766
41Bryce Noelle67787262
41Ronald Ringgold69747165
43Seth Miles687473888
43Derek Williams606870888
45Brett Truax717883999
46David Claycomb6364999-
1Roman Davis67595268$85
2Peter Jenkins59606068$80
3Jack Daugherty65635565$75
4Marcus Funk68605964$75
5David Kyslinger66685662$75
5John Murphy67626063$75
7Alexander Mammele70615766$65
8Emma Arp66636166$65
9Ethan McLenon66636464$60
10David Pentimone69615672$55
11Micah Baird70606465$50
11William Hellmuth64606075$50
13Alex Webber69615872$45
14RJ Estes72596268$40
15Sean Higley73645966$35
16Jake Gilmore73656263$20
16Matthew Risher72616169$20
18Logan Harder70636272
19Cody Bradley70656074
19Eston Wirsing77645969
21Kalaheo Benz70607270
22James Hicks78636072
23Louis Belamour69706075
23Dustin Heese74675974
25Michael Bumpus70676574
25Nicholas Funk72636675
27Derek Carpenter73656772
27Sean Mael72676375
29Brian Olson77676272
30Jeremy Lansing73656875
31Zach Grover76667078
32Patrick Shaner77756577
33Rick Curtin III85738081
34Blake Foresman88757286
35Andrew Sechrist85777586
36Chris Davis7573999-
36Logan Flowers7965999-
1Charles Waldrop72666372$50
2Joel Smith75656771$25
3Logan Burris80696983
1Rachel Price65707065$65
2Ava Meyer66776764$40
3Hannah Campbell68798167
4Miranda Reisen76858176
1Dawn Childress78848179$53
2Korie Clupka79948483
1Layne Jones67625765$30
2Landen Carver67625667$20
3Levi Scheer73646668
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