Josh Franklin Memorial, Sponsored by Fred's Bait and Tackle

PDGA logoSaturday, October 1, 2022 at Joshua W. Franklin DGC in Albany, Georgia
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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The Josh Franklin Memorial Disc Golf Tournament is now sponsored by Fred's Bait and Tackle, Albany's source fo ... more
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Simon Montesano    September 30 at 12:38pm

Is it too late to register considering the tournament is not full?


Shawn Haskin    September 25 at 2:52am

Will you please make an announcement soon regarding the approaching (expected) hurricane and what your plan is regarding the decision to continue with the event or not?

Lloyd Sawyer   September 25 at 5:29am

At this point in time, the weather report for our area is showing 50% chance of rain, 10 to 15 mph winds. So at this time we are still planning to hold the event as scheduled

DJ Edward    September 21 at 10:53pm

Is there going to be a band on Saturday night again?

Lynn Sawyer   September 21 at 11:24pm

Yes sir

Lynn Sawyer    September 16 at 5:33pm

Registration is open


Chris Clark    September 15 at 5:47pm

Is it too late to sign up?

Lloyd Sawyer   September 15 at 7:30pm

I will be reopening registration shortly, however I will not be able to provide a shirt for your players pack. our deadline to order the shirts was this morning, I will look into a replacement for that part of the players pack

Lynn Sawyer   September 17 at 2:24am

Registration is open

Dr Coach Green    September 15 at 1:17am

What divisions are playing shorter tees?

Lloyd Sawyer   September 15 at 1:30am

There are only 1 set of tees for this tournament

Matthew Rivera    September 14 at 1:54pm

What layout are we playing and is the course set in that layout so we can practice?

Lloyd Sawyer   September 14 at 2:04pm

The layout is custom for the tournament, it is now in the layout, there is a udisc score card, for the layout(jfm22). There will also be 2 temporary holes, that will be set up the week prior to the tournament

Raymond Fuentes    August 17 at 1:37am

Look folks, sign up. Lloyd and Lynn will put together a great tournament. This has and will always be a great tournament!

Marshall "Griff" Griffiss   August 17 at 4:00pm

Plan on it on Monday

jamie kiep   September 26 at 12:04am

Still playing?

DJ Edward    August 16 at 11:04pm

I'm kind of concerned.... Is this tournament in Jeopardy of being canceled because of lack of participants? I've played this tournament the past two years and it sold out fairly quick I enjoyed myself greatly having a weekend at Chehaw....

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Caleb Sugg   August 17 at 1:07pm

The Macon Aces will be there! Looking forward to it.

Lloyd Sawyer   August 17 at 4:25pm

No, I will not cancel this tournament, due to a less than stellar attendance, that would not be fair to those who have already signed up and plan to attend. We will still have a great time, the Ams will still get a great players pack, and everyone gets to play a great course!

DJ Edward   August 18 at 11:41pm

Awesome thanks so much! I e played the past two years and had a great time and look forward to it again!!!

Corey Bailey    August 14 at 4:27am

Well that stinks. I've played this tournament for 10 years and never needed a PDGA number. Sounds like a cash grab to me.

Marshall "Griff" Griffiss   August 14 at 5:04am

It's a B Tier tournament. So the PDGA requires that you are a member. Tha started just this year. The TD has nothing to do with it.

Christy Yates    August 3 at 9:28pm

Best wishes to Lynn and Lloyd for a successful tournament! I had hoped to volunteer, but will be out of the country. I know you will host a great event! - Christy


Corey Bailey    August 3 at 12:29am

I tried to sign up for the tournament and it said I had to have a PDGA number. I don't have one so will I be able to play?

Brent Gann   August 3 at 1:02am

Hey Corey, starting this year a PDGA membership is required to play in a PDGA B-Tier event. It appears that this event is tiered as a B and would require that membership to be current.

Lloyd Sawyer   August 3 at 1:16am

I'm sorry Corey, but Brent is correct