Johnson Hills Open - Pros - Presented by GCDGA

PDGA logoSunday, June 4, 2023 at Johnson Hills Park in Anderson Township, Ohio
Professional C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Early registration for sponsors (only $10 extra) will open April 10th @ 8pm. Regular registration opens April ... more
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Pete Caldwell    June 4 at 4:41pm

2nd round 1:40 tee off.


Christopher Carver    June 3 at 12:55am

Are walk up regs accepted if not full? My kids have softball tournaments this weekend here in Anderson. If they don’t make championships on Sunday I could play. Thank you!

Pete Caldwell   June 3 at 1:25am

Yes, But you'd have to be there by 8:00 so I can get the paperwork straight.

Christopher Carver   June 3 at 1:38am

Thanks Pete, I’ll let you know tomorrow evening after their games if it’s possible to make it as easy as possible.

Nolan Blessing    May 28 at 12:44pm

Are the original turf tees all the short ones outside of 15? And what will the 2 extra holes be to make it 20 holes?

Pete Caldwell   May 28 at 1:26pm

Yes. The regular turf tees. Not playing #5 long. #15's short turf is the drop zone.

Pete Caldwell   May 31 at 11:11pm

There will be a hole between #9 and #10 - throwing down from the shelter toward the gravel driveway. There will be another hole after #18 throwing up from the field towards the house.

Jaden Phillips    May 21 at 2:16am

For ams playing pro, what will payout be for those not taking cash?

Tony Vincent   May 21 at 3:56pm

I will have the GCDGA Merchandise available.

Nolan Blessing    May 17 at 10:39pm

What tee pads will we be playing and will all the long pins be in for the tournament?

Pete Caldwell   May 18 at 12:39am

We will be playing original turf tees and all baskets will be in long positions, except #12 which will be in original position up hill to right.

Nolan Blessing   May 18 at 1:53am

Are the original turf tees all the short ones outside of 15?

Nolan Blessing   May 18 at 1:55am

Also what will the extra 2 holes be?

Pete Caldwell    May 4 at 4:42pm

All baskets were moved to the long positions today. Except for # 12. # 11 is being moved this week - the sleeve was damaged by a tractor and is being replaced