JRDG Little Mulberry Flex

PDGA logoSunday, July 7, 2024 at Little Mulberry DGC in Dacula, Georgia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

1 round 18 hole flex start tournament. Choose your time and card. Cards must have 3 players at tee time to pay ... more
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Joe Pelletier    July 8 at 2:12pm

Can someone tell me who JBird is? They won a CTP


Joe Pelletier    July 7 at 11:59pm

Event Report has been submitted. Payouts will happen tomorrow.


Julio cisneros    July 7 at 12:01am

Can you switch bahi blatnick from ma2 to mj12 please.

Joe Pelletier   July 7 at 12:06am

sure thing. And I moved all of you to the same tee time at 11:24am

Corey Landers    July 5 at 9:17pm

I had two card mates that removed themselves from the one o'clock tee time.

So free to assign me later , but I cannot be earlier

Joe Pelletier   July 5 at 9:43pm

No problem. There will probably be more signups and they might join your card. You're also welcome to move yourself to a later time.

Zachary Pouliot    July 5 at 8:14pm

Hey Joe, I will no longer be able to make the tournament due to work. Could you please shoot a refund when able? Thanks

Joe Pelletier   July 5 at 8:31pm

If you click withdraw under the Registered Players tab you can start the refund process.

Stephanie c    July 5 at 10:17am

Is it possible to put Ezra Chastain as a 5th on the 4:00 time slot? The rest on that slot are friends or family

Joe Pelletier   July 5 at 5:07pm

Sure, I've moved him

Stephanie c   July 5 at 6:36pm


Taylor Snyder    July 4 at 5:18pm

Can I please change my tee time to 2pm?

Taylor Snyder   July 4 at 6:15pm

Nvm I figured out how

Joe Pelletier   July 4 at 6:42pm


Edward Marzano    July 3 at 10:15pm

Why does it say 20 bucks on the flyer for ams but 40 bucks on disc golf scene?

Joe Pelletier   July 3 at 10:40pm

The flyer is incorrect, it will be fixed tonight

Grant Reynolds    July 3 at 8:13pm

Could I please get Pierce Reynolds moved to the 8:48 AM tee time with me? I can't figure out how to change it. Unless it's okay for me to move back to 8:36 AM and the two of us just play together there. Thank you!

Joe Pelletier   July 3 at 8:15pm

Sure thing he's been moved

Grant Reynolds   July 3 at 8:38pm


Taylor Snyder    July 1 at 1:19am

If all goes smoothly, will the tournament report be submitted that Sunday after it is completed? I am hoping to have this reflect for the rating update and it would have to be submitted the same day.

Joe Pelletier   July 1 at 1:41am

Great question! I will make sure the event is submitted the evening of the event.

Taylor Snyder   July 1 at 2:49am

Thank you!

Joe Pelletier    June 30 at 9:35pm

Baskets are now in tournament positions. The Hog Layout on udisc is what will be used.

Mike Dammes   July 2 at 4:38pm

Did any move since the weekend?

Jay Phillips    June 30 at 5:39am

Will all divisions be playing the same tees? Will you allow a group of 5 to play?

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Mike Dammes   June 30 at 11:58am

Tee Assignments: (subject to change)
MPO, MP40, MP50, MA1, MA2, MA40, and MA50 will play long Tees.

Joe Pelletier   June 30 at 1:20pm

Thanks Mike!

Joe Pelletier   June 30 at 1:22pm

Additionally, groups of 5 may be allowed on a case by case basis

Jeff Gary    June 27 at 2:29pm

Will baskets stay in same position for tourney next weekend or they subject to change?

Joe Pelletier   June 27 at 6:38pm

I'm trying to get a definite answer but it looks like there may be some movement before the 7th.

Jeff Gary   June 27 at 6:42pm

Thanks. Saw your post on FB ALSO

Oliver Elliott    June 6 at 2:32pm

Will there be a Player Pack?

Aaron Anderson   June 6 at 11:45pm

AM Players Pack will be a $20 voucher to JRDG (onsite). Remainder of entry after fees will go to digital payouts after the tournament. $20 Players Pack remainder to Payouts

Joe Pelletier   June 10 at 10:03pm

Thanks Aaron! Sorry I missed this!