Intown Atlanta Holiday Classic

PDGA logoSunday, December 10, 2017 at Perkerson Park in Atlanta, Georgia
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

First round played from black pads, second round from the red pads. Everyone plays the same layout. Optional s ... more
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Travis Durden    December 11 at 5:59pm

Mr Jonny the scores on pdga are not final are they it seems the par is off on it

Jonny Avery   December 12 at 12:03am


Austin Wehunt    December 9 at 1:16am

So how can I register? I was on call and registration closed before I could try to sign up again. I am really sorry for any inconvenience.

Jonny Avery   December 9 at 1:52am

Registration is closed. You can show up Sunday and, provided people haven't signed up day-of before you, sign up them with cash.

Jonny Avery   December 9 at 1:53am

Check the schedule on the "about" page. If you don't show up during sign in, you don't play.

Austin Wehunt   December 9 at 2:29am

Ok, thank you.

Austin Wehunt    December 8 at 11:04pm

Any worries about the tournament getting canceled bc of the weather?

Jonny Avery   December 9 at 12:07am


Austin Wehunt    December 8 at 1:23am

I’m trying to register, however PayPal is experiencing problems, is there a way I can pay through Some other method?

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Jonny Avery   December 8 at 9:33am

Michael, did you have trouble with PayPal, too? I see you signed up. I assume the problem was temporary.

Austin Wehunt   December 8 at 11:03pm

I’ll try again tonight!

Michael Downes   December 9 at 3:02am

Sorry, yeah I tried again and it went through right away. See you Sunday!

Ryan Burgess    December 6 at 10:24pm

Will there be food on site? I’m not old enough to drive so I need to know if I need to pack something.

Jonny Avery   December 6 at 10:50pm

No food on site. Pack a lunch.

Joshua Swaney    December 5 at 4:29am

I wanted to play Advanced and have never taken cash in Open. Is this possible?

Jonny Avery   December 5 at 3:54pm

Yes, you can play in advanced. Do you want me to move you there?

Joshua Swaney   December 6 at 4:55am

yes please. thank you!

Patrick Brigham    November 24 at 5:52pm

What time is the Players Meeting and Projected Start?

Jonny Avery   November 28 at 7:16pm

Players meeting is at 8:40 and start is at 9 AM. Page has been updated to reflect schedule.