Inside The Chains + WGE Powered by Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 6-7, 2022 at Sundance Trail Ranch in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Inside The Chains Powered by Innova disc golf tournament is designed to be an inclusive, welcoming and comfort ... more
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Glenn Dowdy    August 8 at 7:46pm

Can you post the pro and am pars for each hole?

Matt James   August 11 at 2:35am

Hey Glenn! They are on the course map which is on the website as well as in the pictures of this website. But I will also take pictures of the scorecards which has that info to.

Matt James    August 3 at 10:23pm

I apologize for delayed responses the last couple weeks. I was on vacation without connection and its taken longer than expected to get caught up. Dealing with refunds and all communications tonight.


Emily W.    August 3 at 7:14pm

Hi Matt,
We have been trying to reach you via email about our overnight plans. Can you please reach out to us at [email redacted]? You should have an email from us with our questions in response to the email you sent us. Thanks!

Matt James   August 3 at 10:25pm

Hi Emily! So sorry for delayed response. I was on vacation on an island off the coast of Maine without connection for a week. I replied to Dans email just now. Let me know what you guys want to do and I'll get you taken care of.

Darien Tebbe    August 2 at 6:04pm

Hey, I just tried to sign up for camping and now I think I'm signed up twice. I didn't want to withdrawal one and not have camping or not get refund because of timing. Can you help or suggest the best way to rectify?

Matt James   August 3 at 10:31pm

Hi Darien! Yes you were not logged into DG Scene first when you added the camping, so you did indeed register twice. In fact I got notification from the PDGA saying there are two of you playing the same tournament as well. I will make sure to refund the second mistake registration and keep the one with camping.

Deven Gould    July 30 at 11:55pm

Hey! Is there room for a small travel trailer at the campgrounds? Not really sure what the set up is so thought I would ask :) thanks!

Matt James   August 3 at 10:28pm

Hi Deven! Yes if it indeed a small trailer you are fine. There aren't any real 'sites', it's just wherever you want to live for the night. The south side of the road is a meadow, with a small 3'-4' hill to go down, which might not be good for a trailer. The north side of the road is forest with seamless transition from the road.

Deven Gould   August 4 at 4:25pm

ok awesome, thank you!

Deven Gould    July 18 at 11:31pm

Hey! if we want to edit our selections for food or the various competitions, do we need to let you know or should we just "edit" our registrations under the "Registered Players" tab? thx!

Matt James   July 19 at 4:28pm

Hi Deven! The latter is correct. Just make sure you are signed into DG Scene first, then you can add anything to your registration by clicking the ‘Edit’ button at the top and I will get notifications of your changes.

Deven Gould   July 20 at 12:33am

ok awesome, thank you!

Jason Noble    June 20 at 11:23pm

Sorry another question, for us traveling good distance to get there, is there a possibility of setting up camp Friday night?

Matt James   July 3 at 1:41pm

Tournament camping is only for Saturday night. There is another group on the ranch the week before us who is checking out Saturday morning, when we get rolling.

Matt James   July 18 at 1:57am

Sorry, realizing I forgot to add the camping info in the area. There are two Natl Forest campgrounds about 4 and 5 miles down the same road 74E, West Lake and Doudy Lake campgrounds.

Jason Noble    June 20 at 10:30pm

My wife and I both plan on playing, do we pay $15 each for tent site?

Matt James   June 28 at 3:56pm

Hi Jason! The camping fee is per person, so we know who is on-site in case of emergencies. There really isn’t specific ‘sites’ either. Camping at my tournaments is your choice of a meadow or a forest. But it’s all raw ranch land.

Angie Dowdy    June 7 at 1:00am

Hi Matt! Could you amend my registration to remove the caddy and extra dinner since Glenn Dowdy is my SO, & is now competing so he doesn’t get two dinners!
And, any chance we can select our shotgun start hole to play w SO? If not, I will be happy in the FA3/4 slot!

Matt James   June 9 at 9:11pm

Hi Angie! Yes I was going to ask if he would try to caddy and play at the same time. Could totally be possible if I do group you guys together. So I will work to make that happen. I’ll fix your extra orders too and make sure you guys get a room together.

Brett Tebbe    May 25 at 2:34pm

Does the camping reservation get you a site for one tent or multiple, or is it per person?

Matt James   May 26 at 1:21am

Hi Brett! The $15 camping is indeed per person. This is how we count and arrange the space so that everyone camping can bring a tent. There aren’t any actual sites either. It is raw ranch land that they let us camp on three times a year for PeaceJames Co events. But as you can see on the map, ... more

Jacob C. Utting    May 25 at 1:23am

There is an error with the sub menu options. The registrant is forced to choose two Sunday subs. Thank you!

Al Pulkrab   May 25 at 1:28am

I'm Having same issue

Matt James   May 25 at 2:25am

Sorry I just got it fixed. I will first verify all Sunday box lunch orders and then fully refund anyone who does not want to order a box lunch but was forced to make a selection.

Matt James   May 26 at 1:22am

I sent emails to everyone affected by this issue. Let me know your response and I’ll get you refunded.

John Mola    January 26 at 1:24am

Is this going to be part of WGE?

Matt James   January 31 at 2:59am

Hi John, sorry for late reply. YES, I have changed my original plan of a single day tournament for Ams, to be a two-day C-Tier amateur event so that it can be registered as another WGE-Women’s Global Event option in Colorado. Working with PDGA on logistics of links and websites we’ve already setup, but more info very soon.