Innova Option presented by The NPDGA

Sunday, March 4, 2018 at Bud & Carol Billiard Disc Golf Course in wellsburg, West Virginia
Disc golf singles tournament

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Feeling a little rusty from the off season? Brush off the snow, dust & jitters of winter with the Innova Opti ... more
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josh fender    March 5 at 11:14pm

Congrats to our CTP winners!
Hole 3 ~ Gary Hartle
Hole 14 ~ Wes Muncey


josh fender    March 5 at 11:06pm

On the first round I was on the card with Wes Murray, we saw him hit chains on hole 7 & hole 2, the disc unfortunately then fell to the ground...
But he got redemption, let me tell you, we threw off for the ace pot that was sitting at a cool $152, and he parked it against the pole!


josh fender    March 5 at 11:04pm

Just want to say thanks to everyone who came out yesterday!
I know everyone had a good time, looking forward to seeing you at our next event!


Joshua Smith    March 5 at 1:40pm


chris deitzel   March 5 at 4:18pm


josh fender    March 2 at 12:23pm

Schedule has been updated, registration is open until 9am!
Yes you can register at the event aswell!

Joshua Smith   March 2 at 2:46pm


Gary L Hartle    March 1 at 8:01pm


josh fender   March 1 at 8:50pm

Gotcha Gary!

chris deitzel    March 1 at 12:27am

I should be there. Pro open. 14036

josh fender   March 1 at 12:59pm

Thanks for the heads up Chris!

Eric Jageman    February 28 at 10:32pm

Is this a cart friendly course?

James Williams II   March 1 at 5:26am

Yes for the most part.

Eric Jageman   March 1 at 6:09am

Thanks James!

josh fender    February 27 at 12:09pm

Spots are filling in pretty quickly, we have 25 players packs available. Those who registered online get first pick. After those players packs are gone it's first come first serve, after all 25 players packs are gone players receive a $20 merchandise Voucher.


josh fender    February 27 at 1:01am

Registration will be open day of!

Eric Jageman   February 27 at 2:15am

I just wasn’t sure if there was still going to be players packs. I figured you would’ve had to already order them.

josh fender   February 27 at 12:04pm

Anyone who has registered online will receive a players pack up to the first 25 players, after those are gone players will get a $20 merchandise voucher.

Eric Jageman   February 27 at 12:29pm

Awesome news! Thanks Josh!!!

Eric Jageman    February 26 at 3:28pm

Is it too late to sign up and also get a players pack.

josh fender   February 27 at 12:57am

Not too late at all my friend!

Eric Jageman   February 27 at 2:25am


Luke Lozier    February 14 at 2:12am

Is there a Junior division?

Luke Lozier   February 14 at 2:15am

I ask because I think it makes a big difference in whether kids want to enter if they can separate out of Rec division. Especially younger kids. My son is 11 and while he plays rec without issue, we also find that in places where the Junior is allowed there are more kid signups and thus more money for the organizers. Kids are fickle. Acknowlege them and they are excited to come play.

josh fender   February 14 at 2:17pm

Thank you for the input Luke! I have as

josh fender   February 14 at 2:18pm

Thank you for the input Luke! I have added juniors division, as people inquire I expand the playing field, hope to see you & your son there!