Infinite Discs Tour Flex Start Challenge - Copper Sky 2nd Weekend

PDGA logoThursday, February 2, 2023 at Copper Sky in Maricopa, Arizona
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Rob Paull    February 14 at 6:55pm

The scores from this flex start were not submitted to the PDGA before the ratings update today. Are there any plans to submit them?

Brandon Merzlock   February 14 at 8:30pm

So Sorry! Its fixed done submitted and paid for.

Eric Dunton    February 9 at 5:00pm

Will the scores from this flex start be submitted to the PDGA soon before the rating updates next week?


Curtis Van Slyke    February 2 at 7:10pm

Is hole 9 really a 625 ft par 3?

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Brandon Merzlock   February 3 at 12:39am

The flex start pars were copied from the Maricopa Open, so thats what Sam had

Tim Lloyd   February 4 at 2:11am

Today it was a par 4

Brandon Merzlock   February 6 at 5:53pm

It doesn't matter. It affects your rating 0%

Roger Rahill    February 2 at 3:13am

I’m in for 9am!


Roger Rahill    February 2 at 2:59am

Which layout for MA60 and which for MA2?

Victor Gordon   February 2 at 3:07am

Last week, ma60 played similar to ma4. Ma2 is a mix of short and long tees. The have a player's caddy book, I just don't remember where.

Eric Dunton   February 2 at 5:10am

They have the layout for MA2 on Udisc. Not sure about MA60 though

Brandon Merzlock   February 2 at 4:21pm

Since this weekend is the pro only layouts, MA2 will be playing white tees.

Roger Rahill    February 2 at 2:15am

Where can I see time slots and who’s filling them? I could only make 9am, and don’t know anyone well enough to have their contact info.

Jeddadiah Emanuel   February 2 at 2:24am

I will be there at 9 am

Jeddadiah Emanuel   February 2 at 2:25am

we just need one more.

Derek Warner   February 2 at 2:29am

I'll be there at 9am too.

Victor Gordon    January 27 at 11:45pm

Do the Ams play the same layout as pros this weekend, or play the am layout?


Jeff Sparrow    January 25 at 8:52pm

Is it Jan 27 or Feb 2? Either? Both?

Brandon Merzlock   January 26 at 4:34am