Indiana State Championships

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 25-26, 2021 at Brown County Country Club in Nashville, Indiana
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Josh Knull    September 25 at 9:32pm

Lost a criminal today, does anyone have one they don’t use? Willing to pay a fair amount. Text me 513-652-6715


Eddie DeSaeger    September 25 at 1:22am

Have the players meeting emails went out? I haven't received mine

Don Gettinger   September 25 at 1:31am

I just got mine.

Jason LaBella   September 25 at 1:32am

Went out at 9:25

Tyler Sanders    September 24 at 7:28pm

Hello everyone. I plan to have a table with a bunch of random disc's at the player party. Will be a mix of brands along with new/used.


Garrett Wight    September 24 at 5:51pm

Is there a cutoff to withdraw and receive a refund? I'm still not sure if I'm able to make it tomorrow.

Jason LaBella   September 25 at 4:27am

Sorry, I'm just now seeing this. I hope you can join us in the morning.

Barry Armour    September 24 at 3:51pm

Ben, why did you sign up so early? Registration doesn't close for another 10 minutes! ????

Benjamin Irvin   September 25 at 12:40am

<taps watch, frowns, shakes head>

Josh Knull    September 24 at 3:50am

How long a drive is it between the two courses?

Amber Cook   September 24 at 10:21am

6 minutes

Shane Hesse    September 23 at 2:36pm

If we're starting at Deer Run do we have to check in at BC3 first

Jason LaBella   September 23 at 2:53pm

Not required but preferred so I can get you your players pack. I will be busy at lunch cooking and turning around the hole assignments, so you would have to wait until the players party to get your players pack.

Carson Buck   September 23 at 11:49pm

Could we get it Sunday? I am far away and will be driving in really early

Jason LaBella   September 24 at 10:37am

Please pick it up Saturday

Jeff Fletcher    September 23 at 1:37am

This might seem like silly questions, just want to make sure I’m reading everything right. I’m guessing there will be no actual players meeting Saturday morning just something sent out Friday night correct? I am playing in MA3, so I will be teeing off first round at Bc3 and playing all red tees and then second round at deer run from all Long tees. Correct? Thanks man, really looking forward to it!

Jason LaBella   September 23 at 4:55am


Jason LaBella    September 22 at 8:46pm

Similar to years past, there will be burgers and dogs provided for Saturday lunch, as well as a delicious dinner Saturday evening prepared by the staff and family at BC3. All of this is included in your entry. The only small change is the player party will be a BYOB event this year.

The players party will be DJ'd by 3x Hall of Famer Brian Cummings, and multiple vendors will be on site. If you want to set up a table and try to rid yourself of some plastic, send me a message.

John Strifler   September 23 at 12:02pm

Thanks for all the updates and details, Jason

Jason Ehizokhale    September 22 at 7:20pm

Are these courses cart/stroller friendly?

Jason LaBella   September 22 at 8:02pm


Nathaniel Romans    September 22 at 11:04am

Just curious as to how deer run will be played. Last year, the tall grass on the sides was played as OB. The only issue was sometimes questioning where it started and ended. Since it has lots of cut outs (especially in the open field)

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Brian Wilson   September 22 at 1:20pm

All of your shots are OB....

Jason LaBella   September 22 at 1:23pm

Hazard, OB would force a continual retee unless aced

Chris Baker   September 22 at 6:37pm

Will be painting it tomorrow, paint will go across cutouts. Tall grass on right side near creek of Holes 1 and 3 (safety/dropoff issue near creek), and tall grass surrounding holes 9/10/11

Stephen Shively    September 20 at 3:02pm

Baskets are in place for the tournament including the elevated baskets on #3, #12, and #24. Also, uDisc layouts for both short and long tees are available.


Dan CORNWELL    September 20 at 1:43am

I will be unable to attend both days so I am withdrawing and would like a refund if that is still possible sorry for the inconvenience


Jason LaBella    September 18 at 2:31pm

BC3 was set up in the tournament configuration yesterday. Here is a list of the pin locations being used for the event:

Hole Pin
1 A
2 A
3 Wagon
5 A
6 B
7 A
8 10A
11 A
12 B Elevated
13 B
14 B
15 A
16 B
17 A
18 B
19 A
20 B
21 A
22 A
23 B
24 A Elevated

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Jason LaBella   September 22 at 2:18pm

Correct. It stretches out the shot and eliminates the safety issues playing from the long tees

Chris Baker   September 24 at 7:47pm

Will there be a Mando on Hole 14?

Jason LaBella   September 25 at 12:33am

No mando

Rachel Page    September 15 at 12:54am

caddies allowed?

Jason LaBella   September 15 at 1:01am

As long as they follow PDGA guidelines. They are also welcome at the players party.

Nikki Vaughan    September 9 at 9:35pm

Are these layouts, by chance, in UDisc so us out-of-towners can look through them? Please and thank you!

Jason LaBella   September 10 at 6:59pm

Both courses are in udisc, and the Deer Run layout for longs is in there. At BC3 it will depend on pin locations, but we also combine a couple holes, so udisc will get you at least 90% there.

Carson Buck    August 30 at 7:49pm

Any plans on layouts for each division?

Jason LaBella   September 3 at 2:11pm

Sent this to you personally when we chatted but responding so others can see. Champions pool will be playing long tees at all times. Winners pool will be playing longs at Deer Run and shorts at BC3. All pin locations will be finalized the week before the event and shared on this page.

Kyle Sterwerf    August 28 at 7:01pm

If anyone needs somewhere to camp I have space to camp in Bloomington about 40 mins away. Email me at [email redacted] if you want to camp.

Jason LaBella   August 28 at 8:46pm

Thanks Kyle!

Tyler Frew - 45639   August 28 at 10:28pm

I read that as you were going to space camp. Yay NASA!

Benjamin Irvin    August 28 at 12:59pm

Will there be a cap on registration?

Jason LaBella   August 28 at 8:46pm

Yes, inevitably there will be a cap. Likely around 170 depending on divisional registrations

Benjamin Irvin   August 29 at 1:10pm


Keegan Boring    August 28 at 12:52pm

When will we know when registration opens? Don’t want to miss this.

Jason LaBella   August 28 at 8:43pm

The registration schedule was posted last night and can be found on the About page