Ice Breaker Ice Bowl

Saturday, February 20, 2021 at The Breakers in West Olive, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the Breakers first ever ICE BOWL! We plan to do a one round, singles tournament with all procee ... more
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Chad Cole    Sticky 1 day ago

We here at the Breakers League and Summit Church believe in 100% transparency. That being said, here are the numbers for the Ice Breaker Ice Bowl.

Expenses =

$245.65 = 1st order of discs
$266.83 = Merch
$256.00 = 2nd order of discs
$69.48 = 3rd order of discs

$172.00 = Trophies

$300.00 Disc Baron basket and Zuca cart

$230.00 = Ace Pool
$122.5 = 50/50 winnings ($245.00 total)

$1,662.46 = total expenses

Payments Received =

$1,255.00 = Cash payments
$1,997.70 = Pay ... more


Trevor bramer    5 days ago

Where are the pics that were taken

Leah Cole   5 days ago

Once I receive them from the photographers, then I'll post them to The Breakers DGC Facebook Page.

Derek K    7 days ago


Derek K   7 days ago

Emoji fail

Leah Cole   7 days ago


Chad Cole    7 days ago

As we wanted everyone to enjoy their Ice Bowl experience, we had extra discs overnighted to us so that everyone will receive a players pack.

Zachary Vaughn   7 days ago

Will the Open players get to enjoy their ice bowl experience as well?

Chad Cole   1 day ago

Hey Zac. Just saw this now. We didn't have an Open division this year. We wanted as much of the overall money coming in to go to the charity. We'll discuss having an open division for next year.

Ferrel Mejeur    7 days ago

Just 1 round? Why so early? If it's a shotgun start you may need to give a little more time for groups to get to their tees. ;)

Scott "Deuce" Spear jr   7 days ago

Earlier the better!

Ferrel Mejeur   7 days ago

Forecast shows partly sunny! That'll help!

Leah Cole   7 days ago

There were a lot of reports that the rounds were taking a really long time so we decided to keep it at the earlier time.

Justin Lintner    February 19 at 7:37pm

Can i pay tomorrow at sign ups?

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Justin Lintner   7 days ago

See you tomorrow

Chad Cole   7 days ago

Let me know what division you want to play in and I can add you tonight. There's only one spot left open right now.

Justin Lintner   5 days ago

Thankful to get in and had a blast at the tournament

Craig Ritter    February 19 at 2:52pm

Are ribbons allowed?

alh 5870   February 19 at 5:07pm

Yep, and encouraged

Craig Ritter   February 19 at 5:46pm

Good lol thank you

Claribel Martinez    February 18 at 8:58pm

Just curious, does it need to be a “canned” item or may we pantry shelf items? :)

Chad Cole   February 18 at 9:11pm

Preferably a canned item, but we're excepting anything that is stackable or in a plastic bottle/container. :)

Joe Israels    January 28 at 1:40am

Will there be a pro division?

Chad Cole   January 28 at 3:05am

No pro division. Since all proceeds are going to charity, we decided that it wasn't necessary to establish a pro division for the Ice Bowl.

alh 5870    January 19 at 12:37pm

Thanx to Disc Baron for his support for this event. Basket and Zuca raffle, ace bounty on hole 9......what's not to love?
C'mon out and enjoy the fun


alh 5870    January 18 at 12:04pm

We are also taking canned goods donations as well. 1 raffle ticket per can.
More fun to come