Ice Bowl at White River

PDGA logoSaturday, January 27, 2018 at White River in Auburn, Washington
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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josh heideman    January 24 at 4:56am

I see that the registration is closed, but is there any spots available?


Cory Flachmeyer    January 24 at 12:34am


Cory Flachmeyer    January 24 at 12:34am

When will the schedule be posted I don't want to show up late and this is my first tourney so I don't know exactly how it all works.

Thomas Bontempo   January 24 at 1:28am

The schedule is posted here on discgolfscene, however, check in starts at 8:30, player's meeting immediately after check in

Cory Flachmeyer   January 24 at 4:23am

thank you so much tom.

Pierce Parnell    January 20 at 4:03am

Tom could you open 1 spot for juniors for me because there is only 1 in there. Out of 3 spots but you closed it

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Pierce Parnell   January 24 at 2:08am

Ok thanks do you want me to show up with the fee or what

Thomas Bontempo   January 24 at 4:45am

Yes. Check in starts at 8:30

Pierce Parnell   January 24 at 8:44am

Ok thanks

Pierce Parnell    January 20 at 3:59am

Or need intermediate spot you closed the juniors


Pierce Parnell    January 20 at 3:58am

Hey I need a spot for junior. Tom its pierce

Thomas Bontempo   January 23 at 6:05pm

Hi Pierce, Seth will move to Junior if you still want to play in Ice Bowl. Let me know as soon as possible if you are still interested

Rob Wright    January 20 at 12:00am

If the open and women’s cards don’t fill, will there be spots opened up for intermediate or if there enough, a rec card?

Thomas Bontempo   January 20 at 12:28am

We'll see how it goes after the weekend

Kyle Schaar    January 16 at 12:02pm

will you accept day of walk-ins for MPO?

Thomas Bontempo   January 16 at 2:23pm

Prefer to know you are playing so, sign up now please

Thomas Bontempo   January 16 at 2:30pm

I just opened sign up for Open Division, so, sign up asap. Thanks for wanting to play in our event

Dave Green    January 16 at 5:48am

Will you be collecting donations for a food bank? If so, what kinds of items are most needed?

Thomas Bontempo   January 16 at 2:21pm

Money and non perishable food like, rice, pasta, boxed and can goods

Carlos Magana    January 14 at 1:31am

Is there a waiting list and if so could you please add in MA1. PDGA 75732

Thomas Bontempo   January 15 at 3:02pm

there are two possible people ahead of you, but, you just never know what changes may take place before the event. I'll put you on the list and notify you if you get to the top of the list. Thanks for wanting to support our event.

Carlos Magana   January 15 at 9:46pm

Thank u and sounds good!l

Dave Glowen    January 12 at 7:08pm

I should not have procrastinated. If there is an opening in the Intermediary or a enough players for a new card or a REC division please let me know.


Derek H.    December 25 at 7:20pm

How many rounds will the tourney be?


Brad Isakson    December 20 at 5:00am

will this event have player's package?

Thomas Bontempo   December 22 at 5:05pm

an Icebowl Wizard