IDGC Ironman

PDGA logoSaturday, June 19, 2021 at International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Are you a true disc golf warrior? Do you have what it takes to play 26,370 feet of disc golf in one day? If so ... more
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Patrick Graziani    Sticky 7 days ago

Thank you for registering for the 2021 IDGC Ironman. This Email will act as you player meeting for the event tomorrow.

In this email I will cover the event schedule, event rules, and course rules for the event tomorrow.

There will be no lunch provided and breaks between rounds will be 20 minutes from the last card being turned in each round. Please plan accordingly as nothing is close to the IDGC.

We will have snacks and water on the courses and at tournament central in the lobby for a ... more


Daniel Wood    7 days ago

Is the course playable today? I am about to head up and check it out and at least walk the courses

Patrick Graziani   7 days ago

Everything is set up and open for play.

MarkS Barnett    June 18 at 4:10am

Will there be early check in on Friday?

Patrick Graziani   June 18 at 11:04am

There will not be any early check in today.

MarkS Barnett   7 days ago

Thanks, Patrick. As far as the park entrance fee, is there a drop box, or will someone be there in the morning. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Patrick Graziani   7 days ago

There is a dropbox. You can also pay for a weekend pass if you come in today. I do not know if anyone will be at the gate that early in the morning.

Adam Martin    June 15 at 8:54pm

I will not be able to make it due to an illness. Please refund.

Thank you


Noble Jennette    June 14 at 4:03pm

Hey! I totally apologize for this, but, I got initially wait-listed for this tournament and when I was accepted to register I did so very quickly and didn’t re-check the date of the tournament. I’ll actually be home in New Orleans this weekend and can’t play. Hopefully we can find another player to take my spot in the Rec division and maybe get me a refund. I wrote an email to the tournament director’s address but haven’t had a reply yet. Sorry, really wish I was playing.

Patrick Graziani   June 14 at 8:06pm

I did not get an email from you, but you have been refunded now.

Collin Pike    June 10 at 11:14pm

Currently #2 on WL… Can you please change my division to MA1? Thanks!


Allen Hall    June 8 at 9:39pm

How are the cards going to be determined? Do we get pick who we play with at all? My buddy and I are traveling up from Florida for this event

Patrick Graziani   June 8 at 9:51pm

Cards will be randomly assigned per PDGA rules.

Micah Jones    May 24 at 1:30pm

Would my chances of getting in increase if I move to the MPO waitlist?

matthew stewart   May 24 at 2:57pm

I've got a buddy on the WL I wish they would push it to 72. Every year I played in this were had plenty of time

Patrick Graziani   May 24 at 7:24pm

No, the waitlists are the same for am and pro.

Caleb Henzmann    May 23 at 7:29pm

Hey! I just wanted to follow up and ask if I could be switched to MA3 from MA2?

Patrick Graziani   May 23 at 7:55pm

I switched you.

Caleb Henzmann    May 11 at 12:44pm

Is there any chance I can be changed to MA3? If not thats aye ok!

Patrick Graziani   May 11 at 3:00pm

I will consider it after the division caps are lifted. Please remind me after May 21st.

Micah Jones    May 4 at 9:32pm

will it be likely to get in off the waitlist since is there is technically still 18 spots?

ettore minutillo   May 5 at 2:43pm

i think it said they hold the spots until May 21 then release them to the waitlist

Zach R    May 4 at 3:19am

Is this still open? It says 54 can play but there’s only 36 signed up?


Jacob Chesser    May 2 at 12:33am

Won’t be able to make it. Refund please. Thank you.


Patrick Graziani    April 22 at 12:22am

Sorry about the tee sign sponsorship being required for registration. I had a box clicked that I didn't see that required the selection. I am in the process of refunding all the $15 tee sponsorships. If you do want to sponsor a tee sign please message me and let me know.

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MarkS Barnett   May 4 at 1:21am

i clicked it, was wondering why you refunded

Daniel Wood   May 4 at 9:43pm

If no women sign up, what will happen to all of the women spots?

Patrick Graziani   May 5 at 11:01am

They will be opened up to those on the waitlist.

Hunter Sonnenberg    April 22 at 12:18am

Tee sign refund too please.


Ian, Vincent Mini    April 22 at 12:16am

Not trying to pile on, just letting you know that I am also on the tee sign refund list.


Enrique Tomas    April 22 at 12:09am

Agree with others on the tee sponsor refund. It was not stated prior to registration opening. Please refund the $15

Patrick Graziani   April 22 at 12:14am

I apologize. I had a box clicked that I didn't see. I will process the $15 refunds.

Eric Riggs   April 22 at 12:22am

Thank you Patrick. I would like a refund as well.

Hunter gray    April 22 at 12:06am

Only let me pay for tee sponsor, can I get my $15 back?

Patrick Graziani   April 22 at 12:14am

I apologize. I had a box clicked that I didn't see. I will process the $15 refunds.

Eric Lund    April 22 at 12:06am

I would also like a refund for the hole sponsorship fee please.

Patrick Graziani   April 22 at 12:15am

I apologize. I had a box clicked that I didn't see. I will process the $15 refunds.

Andrew Maze    April 22 at 12:04am

I would also like a refund for the sign sponsorship...

Daniel Wood   April 22 at 12:05am

Same please...I did not budget for that amount of money for this tournament. Thank you

Patrick Graziani   April 22 at 12:15am

I apologize. I had a box clicked that I didn't see. I will process the $15 refunds.