Saturday, October 1, 2022 at Coyote Trace Disc Golf in Nineveh, Indiana
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

JoCo First Annual Howl at the Moon Doubles event!! Inspired by the Indy Clubs Glow Down events, we will be ... more
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Troy Padilla    September 30 at 5:45pm

I played there a few times for practice. Are there spotters or should we bring one? There’s some rough tree areas and high grass for sure

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Dustin Richards   September 30 at 6:08pm

If you haven’t played a glow round, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to find discs that are lit up as well!

Troy Padilla   September 30 at 7:23pm

I see thanks guys! My 13 yr old nephew wants to play but his partner can't make it. Is it possible if he plays by himself with us?

Troy Padilla   September 30 at 11:29pm

Found a partner so we are all set

Dale sapp    September 19 at 12:43pm

We have glow tape and UV lights available


Chris Due    September 9 at 6:11pm

Will there be glow tape available? I don't have any glow discs and that course can be tough to find discs when it's light out.

Dustin Richards   September 9 at 6:37pm

You can find it pretty easily on Amazon. I do not have glow discs and that’s the easiest route to go. I am not sure if any will be available for purchase that evening.

Dale sapp   September 9 at 6:56pm

We are trying to get some extra for people that don't have any

Jeremy Geiger    September 8 at 9:26pm

Will you be allowing flashlights or just black lights. I have an interest in playing but not getting blasted by someone’s flashlight every 3 mins

Dale sapp   September 8 at 9:55pm

Strictly blacklights,, flashlights are band on the course

Jesse Cahill   September 29 at 1:03am

This is the best rule. Was a staple of the original glow league I played waaay back in the day.

Clyde Fraze    August 21 at 2:18am

Yes I was trying to see if when you all say BYOP can I basically have anyone that I choose to bring as a partner or does it have to be myself (male) and my partner (female)?

Dustin Richards   August 21 at 2:43am

It is anyone you want, as long as you both qualify for the division you sign up. If it is a male/female team you’d have to sign up in the mixed division.