Homestead Classic

PDGA logoSaturday, August 22, 2020 at WJ Homestead Disc Golf in Millarville, Alberta
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

++++ READ FIRST +++++
We are very pleased to be able to provide sanctioned play in Alberta once again. Of course, sanctioning at this time is conditional. Whereas there are PDGA Requirements and then also PDGA Best Practices all our events will follow both the Requirements and the Best Practices where applicable.

- Limit our events to 50-60 people per day with tee times.
- Limit our groups to 3-4 people
- PDGA Digitial Scoreboard will be utilized
- Player Packs will be provided

Your safety and well being extremely important to us so we will be adhering to the requirements outlined by the Alberta Government:

++ PDGA Requirements and Best Practices ++
We will also be implementing the Requirements and Best Practices for PDGA Sanctioned Play During COVID-19 as outlined in the document linked below (where applicable):


++ Women's Divisions ++
All Women’s divisions receive a 10$ discount! That means all women divisions will be prized out based on $45 entry not the reduced $35 entry fees!

++ Junior Divisions ++
Mixed Junior divisions on offer:
MJ18 - under 18 years - All players between 16-18 years old
MJ15 - under 15 years - All players 15 or younger

Women only Junior divisions on offer:
FJ18 - Under 18 years old

Please note: We're aware that the majority of the Juniors who have played this course over the last two years are likely to register into Novice(MA4) or, more appropriately(because our juniors are great) Intermediate(MA2).

We will adjust our divisions as the event grows closer to ensure we've got a fun and competitive experience for all the Juniors involved.


We will be playing both basket positions during the event. Between Wednesday and Thursday during the event week, we will be moving the baskets to the Round 1 position.

The Tee Pads will not change between the two rounds.

Mix of Blue and White Tees - MA1, MA40, MA2
-- To be determined August 19, 2020

Mix of White and Red Tees - FA2, MA50, MA4, MJ15
-- To be determined August 19, 2020

++++ COURSE NOTES ++++

There will be Hazard and Out-of-bounds documented for competitors on Thursday, August 20, 2020. We will have the course fully marked by Friday, August 21, 2020.

OFFICIAL COURSE NOTES will be provided Friday August 21, 2020.

++++ TEE TIMES ++++

Official Tee Times will be posted on Friday Afternoon. PLEASE BE ADVISED If you see Tee Times prior to Friday Afternoon on the PDGA event page they are not official tee times.


We've seen the Kaxe, the Reko, and the Berg so far. Let's Kaxe-z this place up.

MIDRANGE DRIVER 6 / 5 / 0 / 2

This is beadless midrange that behaves like a seasoned-ish Kaxe. It's faster than most midranges at a speed 6, which brings it close to control driver territory. This is something anyone can throw.

++++ HOT ROUND ++++

We'll have an assortment of division focused Hot Round Prizes to award at the end of your divisions final round!

++++ RAFFLE ++++

We're not likely to be able to accommodate the end of series raffle onsite so it will be hosted at a later date via technology and magic. Just know we've got a Züca set aside with someones number on it.

Additionally, we will have a sundry of additional awesome we've compiled from Kastaplast, the Canadian Kastaplast Distributor Acerunners, AND Lobo's stock of rarities. Sigh.


We had hoped we'd be closer to being able to provide award ceremonies and the like by the data of this event. Even with our precautions we're trepidatious about any potential congregation trouble.

Our Champs will receive something pretty special. We'll have more on that soon.


Refund policy

JKDiscs is responsible for refunds.

You can see our refund policy here:



Final Results

PDGA results at
1Ben Rada4755102
2Matt Paccagnan6153114
3Liam Hernberg5857115
4Joshua Meijndert5561116
4Steve Potter5957116
6Chris Teeple5958117
6Daniel Medwin6255117
6Jason Funnell5859117
9Caleb Miller5662118
9Jerrid Driedger6256118
11Kevin King5861119
12Michael Stoddard5961120
13Christopher Everett5963122
13Josh Kennedy6161122
15Scott Lemon6459123
15Wildon Busano6459123
17William Plowman6658124
Amateur 40+
1Aaron Tremblett5557112
2David Jenniex5756113
3Vance Alexander5757114
4Chris Thornton6055115
4Shaun Skinner5956115
6James Tomasson5860118
7Duff Rooney5961120
8Matt Quigley6064124
9Casey Kelly6065125
10Chauncey Ashworth6462126
11Bill Hoppen6565130
Amateur 50+
1Braden Walters5557112
2Michael Potter5759116
3Mike Hoogstraat6156117
4Tim Driedger6058118
5Bruce Marsales5961120
1Andrew Noel5347100
2Brandon Seabrook5753110
3Chris Bailey5358111
4Justin Bonham6054114
4Thomas Kerr5757114
6Brayden Reedy5660116
1Joey Mckillop5252104
2Curtis Scott5960119
2Patrick McKillop5663119
4Daniel Roy6558123
5James DeBoice6065125
6Sam Dougan6561126
7Ron Seabrook7159130
8Dwayne Wilson6764131
9Rob Raincock7065135
Intermediate Women
1Lisa Worth6767134
2Pamela Seabrook6769136
3Larissa Dingwell7269141
4Sarah Lorenz9386179
Junior 15
1Conall McLeod5552107
2Jackson Pease5752109
3Beckett Ashworth6363126
4William Tremblett6962131
5Benjamin Stein-Worth6470134
6Caleb Smith7066136
7Michael Wilson6870138