HomeTeam Cash Dubs at Blue Gill

Saturday, July 11, 2020 at BlueGill Disc Golf Course in Wayland, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

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Tournament DirectorSteve Hedstrom
Tournament DirectorChad Shine

About this tournament

HomeTeamd Disc Golf welcomes you to two rounds at the world famous Blue Gill DGC!

Cost is $80 per team. Blue Gill greens fee are included in your registration cost.

We will be playing 2 rounds of 24 holes. There are 3 divisions available- Open, FPO, and Am. We are using 950 pdga player rating as our cut off for Am. So if you or your partner are 950 or over you must play the Open Division regardless of your partners rating. Am teams must consist of 2 players rated under 950, if the player or players from a team are not current or do not have a PDGA # we will use our best judgement and make a TD decision, if we feel you are not in the proper division. $80/team for all divisions. Optional 50/50 CTP and Ace pool are $5 each per person. ($100 all in)

Blue Gill Rules- BG policy is pack it in pack it out, meaning there are no trash cans so keep any trash or cans you may accumulate during your round in your bag! This is a beautiful piece of property and must be treated with utmost respect. ANY TRASH OR CIGARETTE BUTTS LEFT AND FOUND ON THE COURSE THAT DAY WILL RESULT IN A $5 DEDUCTION FROM THE ACE POOL PER PIECE OR BUTT, THAT WILL GO STRAIGHT BACK TO BLUE GILL We surely do not want to have to do this but we really take pride in being able to come to this course and we take the trash issue very seriously. The course is beautiful and is an absolute treat to walk and play, all we ask is you help us keep it that way. :-) Lunch is not included.

Payouts will be cash as always but you will have the option to exchange your cash value for a Disc Baron Voucher worth 25% more in value if you choose. Lots of CTP and Long Putt prizes! Optional $5 CTP 50/50 and $5 ace pool as well (per person).

Register your team with a comment with your names, PDGA # (if you have them), division, and team name. Let’s have some fun, win some cash, and bang some chains at one of Michigan’s disc golf gems!

We will also be having a Zuca cart raffle, so bring some extra cash to win it! :-)

This is always a great day of fun, we are looking forward to seeing everyone at the course we call Home!

Thank you to our sponsors: Zanfel, Disc Baron, Discraft, & BlueGill Disc Golf.

Final Results


Nick Bosovich$430.00 for Hole 14 on Main course, BlueGill 24 Par 78
Round 1: BlueGill Disc Golf Course - Main course Blue Gill, 24 holes, par 72
Round 2: BlueGill Disc Golf Course - Main course Blue Gill 24, 24 holes, par 72
1Dan Treece
Willie Prince
5756113 (-31)
2Brad Levendosky
Nick Gill
6056116 (-28)
3Josh Yates
Reid Frescura
5859117 (-27)
4Miles Hansel
Sam Smigiel
5961120 (-24)
5David Burkholder
Sam Mrdeza
6259121 (-23)
5Jeff Kuehle
Kyle Mihatsch
5863121 (-23)
7Jake Messner
Kyle Steed
6260122 (-22)
8Derrick Andrews
Josh Tobias
6360123 (-21)
9Nick Bosovich
Sam Vandergraaf
6163124 (-20)
10Bob Ramsdell
Mark Laninga
6461125 (-19)
11Kyle Eno
Matt Jackson
6462126 (-18)
12Conrad Budzynski
Zach Heerema
6662128 (-16)
13Chris Wojciechowski
Foster Hayes
6366129 (-15)
14Jordan Parks
Travis Jones
6664130 (-14)
15Dennis Deboer
Trevor Wander
6369132 (-12)
16Richard Little
Joe Gill
6469133 (-11)
17Jeff Dabkowski
Mike Dabkowski
6769136 (-8)
18Chris Davis
Steven Krajnik
7167138 (-6)
19Drew Rhuland
John Blair
7070140 (-4)
Round 1: BlueGill Disc Golf Course - Main course Blue Gill, 24 holes, par 72
Round 2: BlueGill Disc Golf Course - Main course Blue Gill, 24 holes, par 72
1Brad Mol
Corey Matthysse
6162123 (-21)
2Aaron Witter
Taylor Martin
6761128 (-16)
2Jim Wareck
Will Oostdyk
6464128 (-16)
4Travis Hodgemire
Zax Knight
6666132 (-12)
5Austin Redick
Steve Searle
6370133 (-11)
5Chad Shine
Connor LeClaire
6469133 (-11)
7Dave Chansler
Eric Saya
6569134 (-10)
8Brad Feagans
John Hendrickson
6768135 (-9)
9Bill Scott
Rich Williams
6967136 (-8)
9John DeKorne
Zackery Swanson
6868136 (-8)
11Brandon Griffin
Richard Fuller
6968137 (-7)
12Jason Herring
Jordan Laur
6870138 (-6)
13Josh Eisengruber
Travis Tol
7168139 (-5)
14Chip Youmans
Cody Greene
7070140 (-4)
14Fred Martilotta
Quentin Gerke
6674140 (-4)
14Stormie Morris
Zac Sherman
7070140 (-4)
17Josh Kliewer
Rick Mol
6972141 (-3)
18Brian Hurley
Teymour El-Tahry
7072142 (-2)
19Ryan Krinker
Sal Ruiz
7271143 (-1)
20Kyle Wiersma
Samuel Duckworth
7570145 (+1)
21Andy Sanders
Courtney Feister
7473147 (+3)
22Brian Keillor
Robby Smith
7574149 (+5)
22Dylan Sonnevil
Tyler Wilson
7475149 (+5)
24Michael McElhoes
Timothy VanSteenburg
8072152 (+8)
24Robert Runnels
Steve Hedstrom
7478152 (+8)
26Blake Myers
Rob Holweger
7876154 (+10)
27James Matheis
Nic Jerue
7682158 (+14)
28Matthew Grubb
Michael Bailey
7986165 (+21)