Hangover Bowl III

Monday, January 1, 2018 at Addison Oaks County Park in Leonard, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

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Who needs sleep after a night of bringing in who needs sleep after a night of bringing in the New Year? Wake u ... more
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Brian 'The Brain' Evans    January 5 at 11:59am

Always trying to improve year after year. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey and provide us feedback. Thank you!


Brian 'The Brain' Evans    January 2 at 8:53pm

Final results are posted! Congratulations to all our winners! Big thanks to Brandon Johnson and Eric Manidok Team Mother Chuckers for donating back their winning to the cause. It was a long day for both the event and the people that participated in the raffle. Can't thank you all enough for supporting this event, because of your efforts we were able to raise over 5200 dollars. When we sell our remaining plastic and hoodies will be pushing close to 6000!


Michael Christian    January 2 at 1:55pm

Lost a 10 year buzzz on hole 15 left side fairway about half way up. Reward if returned. Name and number are on it


Scott Adkins    January 2 at 2:30am

What a great day! Thanks for all the hard work.


Logan Cook    December 29 at 9:36pm

Is there a wait list if anyone drops? Also if we show up and another team drops could we take place? Would love to be a part of this.

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Logan Cook   January 1 at 1:05pm

On our way. Eta 1 hour.

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   January 2 at 11:40am

Logan I need your team info before I can post scores Assuming you are Bogeys are us. partner name/PDGA # or emails

Logan Cook   January 2 at 2:31pm

Bogeys r us. Patrick Theisen, [email redacted]. Logan Cook 89769. Thank you for letting us be a part of such an awesome event. We will 110% be there next year.

Adam Mitchell    December 29 at 5:31pm

Due to work related issues, please remove team Plate O' Shrimp. Cannot make it out. Keep the $$$, it for a great cause.

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 29 at 7:46pm

Sorry you can't make it, Thanks Adam. I will save a Disc for you and your partner. Just hook up with me when you can.

Adam Mitchell   December 29 at 9:51pm

Right on Brian, I will be in touch!

Mark Neiger    December 29 at 4:25pm

How much snow on the course at this point

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 29 at 7:45pm

About 6 inches or so. Not allot big drifts that i noticed.

Josh Cook   December 30 at 4:54pm

very powdery and easy to walk through. it will be nicer conditions than you might expect

Scott Kuechle    December 22 at 12:42pm

DOes it even look like a fourth spot waitlist will get to play?

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 22 at 1:40pm

With it being the holidays and weather conditions its possible. If you happen to come out and don't make the cut, I have cards for euchure/poker, Cornhole, and there is the raffle.

Elijah Wykes    December 22 at 12:29pm

Elijah Wykes 62104 waitlist plz


Tyler Alfano WPD    December 22 at 10:22am

Can you move team alpha gybros to AM division please and thanks. Just going to play our ratings. Am for life!

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 22 at 1:50pm

Done sir

Brenden Andrews    December 22 at 6:32am

Looking to partner with someone already signed up, any division, let me know! Thanks!

Jay B   December 22 at 2:12pm

Keep me posted if you get in off the waitlist

Brenden Andrews   December 22 at 5:04pm

will do sir!

Brian 'The Brain' Evans    December 22 at 2:25am

Wait list
1. Clint Rodger/Steve Ameel
2. Marc Flowers/Marshall
3. Daniel Jacques/TBD
4. Scott/Colleen
5. Mike Michalak/Derek Bonner
6. Bret Adams/TBD
7. Brenden Andrews/TBD

Brenden Andrews   December 22 at 5:54am

I may need a partner if someone on the waitlist gets in

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 29 at 7:49pm

8. Elijah Wykes 62104

Brenden Andrews    December 22 at 2:05am

waitlist please

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 22 at 2:10am

Yes sir

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 22 at 2:11am


Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 22 at 2:11am

You would be 7th on the waiting list at this point, I will post the complete waiting list soon. I appreciate you contacting, You would still be more than welcome to come for the raffle.

Mike Michalak    December 22 at 1:37am

Mike Michalak 7665 & Derek Bonner (old guys) AM Doubles

Mike Michalak   December 22 at 1:41am

team name = Ebony & Ivory

Daniel Jacques    December 21 at 5:12pm

If anyone cancels let me know hopefully 1st on wIt list


Brian 'The Brain' Evans    December 21 at 4:02pm

Best bet is to register through scene, I will be away from my computer for a while. Last spot people!


Mike Pampalona    December 21 at 3:24pm

mike pampalona (92631) and jeff place - am doubles

Mike Pampalona   December 21 at 3:40pm

Team Name: Legends of Lennon

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 21 at 4:03pm

All Set!

Tiger Borth    December 21 at 2:50pm

Tiger 78232 put me down with an unnamed partner for mixed. I'll find someone.

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 21 at 3:11pm

all set, keep me posted

Brenden Andrews   December 22 at 6:31am

ill play if need be

Scottie Reslock    December 21 at 2:32pm

Please Add: Scottie Reslock #62134/Unnamed Partner to AM please! Team Name: Sponsored By Yo Mama!
Also 24 Cha!ns will be bringing a CTP prize pack as well!

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 21 at 3:12pm

all set, keep me posted. and thanks for the donation!

Scottie Reslock   December 21 at 3:17pm

Partner Will Be Timmy Redman #17339

Timmy Redman   January 1 at 6:08am


Jay Moran    December 21 at 11:56am

Hey can we pay day of Jay Moran #98268 and EJ Parker. Team name TBD lol. If we can pay then put us in am 1

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 21 at 12:53pm

All Set , I put a temp name of EJAY Duz It, there was already a TBD :-)

Jay Moran   December 21 at 1:10pm

Thanks. See you there. Kinda digging that team name

Brian 'The Brain' Evans   December 21 at 1:17pm

Only other thought i had was EJay Puttz It