Ed Headrick Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic presented by ProActive Sports Disc Golf - A Tier

PDGA logoFri-Sun, October 13-15, 2017 at International Disc Golf Center in Appling, Georgia
A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


Ed Headrick Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic presented by ProActive Sports Disc Golf - A Tier graphic


Tournament DirectorZach Shafer
Assistant Tournament DirectorThomas Lynch

About this tournament

This October, the PDGA and IDGC welcome back our participants and spectators for the 8th edition of the Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic. The Disc Golf Hall of Fame Classic represents both a National Tour Event, as well as an A-Tier. While this tournament has traditionally been a biannual event, 2017 leads the transition to an annual National Tour stop.

New to this event is the Hall of Fame Induction Banquet and Hall of Fame Celebration Party. We are both excited and proud to add this to our schedule of events for this year, and every year moving forward. Come out and help us show our appreciation to those who have spent countless hours supporting and growing the sport of disc golf.

Professionals will receive payments via PayPal within 1 week of the conclusion of the event, unless another form of payment is requested by participant to tournament staff. Please ensure that your PayPal address is accurate during registration.

Amateurs will receive a player pack, voucher payouts to the IDGC Pro Shop, and trophies for the top finishers. Payout vouchers will be available to pick up in the IDGC Pro Shop within 1 hour of the conclusion of the A-Tier. Trophies must be received at the awards ceremony unless otherwise requested by participant to tournament staff.

The Player Meeting on Friday, October 13th at 9:30 AM is MANDATORY. Please be on time so we can stay on schedule.

CTP Opportunities
We will have a list of all CTP opportunities sorted by round and division posted at the IDGC prior to each round. Please find this list upon your arrival to ensure you know which holes for each round will offer a CTP prize.

Ace Pool
If no ace is hit during competition, we will have a throw off on "Steady" Ed Headrick, Hole #1 from the short tee to determine a winner. Participants must enter the ace pool prior to the two minute warning for round 1. Participants must have entered the ace pool to be eligible to win the ace pool, including the throw off if no aces are hit.

Course Schedule
Pool assignments can be found in the "Registered Players" tab.

Round 1 - W.R. Jackson - Long Tees (Par 68)
Round 2 - Jim Warner - Long Tees (Par 63)
Round 3 - Jim Warner - Long Tees (Par 63)
Round 4 - "Steady" Ed Headrick - Long Tees - HoFC Layout (Par 64)

Round 1 - Jim Warner - Short Tees (Par 63)
Round 2 - "Steady" Ed Headrick - Long Tees - HoFC Layout (Par 64)
Round 3 - "Steady" Ed Headrick - Short Tees - HoFC Layout (Par 64)
Round 4 - Jim Warner - Short Tees (Par 63)

Player Packs TBA

Trophies TBA

Lodging Options
(706) 396-4600

(706) 860-8223


Wildwood Park RV & Tent Camping

Wait List
Wait list registrants will be added to official registration as players drop per specific pool.
Example: If you are on the wait list for C - Pool, you will be added as soon as someone drops from C - Pool. If you are on the wait list for D - Pool, you will be added as soon as someone from D - Pool drops. This means that someone further down the wait list may be added before you if a spot opens in their pool before yours.
Please direct any questions about this to the Tournament Director at [email redacted].

Food Options

Meals will be available on site for a small fee Friday - Sunday.
A Tier will receive free lunch on Saturday.

Refund policy

IDGC is responsible for all refunds/cancelations. Refunds will be issued based on the PDGA Withdrawals and Refunds Policy. http://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/section-1-tournament-procedures/13-withdraws-and-refunds

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/30688
1Kevin McCoy64575352226$520
2Jay Yeti Reading67585753235$330
3Lionel Ducluzeau69626158250$245
4Chad Yeatts67636160251
5Michael Vaughn77686462271
6Nathan Mullett82736871294
1Michael Paulette69556257243$600
2Laymon Gray69606252243$380
3Eric Vandenberg70615759247$280
4J. Gary Dropcho71606159251$200
5Derek Robins76646260262
6Mark Muren76646762269
7David Muntean Jr78666761272
8Dono Simpson80737469296
Senior Grandmaster
1Rick Voakes57555060222$600
2Alan Beaver55595058222$380
3Chuck Kennedy57664963235$280
4Michael Snap Conger69645763253$200
5John Bird66666361256
6Joe Feidt73696068270
7Jim Palmeri66776571279
8Dan Stork Roddick78806775300
Senior Grandmaster Women
1Sylvia Voakes82886784321$185
1Martin Kneece72596056247$50
2Scott Roberts64656159249$40
3Idris Garcia73566361253$35
4Zach Haynes68626858256$30
5William Braddy73656455257$25
6Adam McJunkin78656354260$20
7Joe Waterbury75656061261$18
7Jordan Duke73646460261$18
9Billybob Meyers71706259262$15
9David Floyd73636462262$15
9James Hopkins73656163262$15
12Frank Aquilone78686158265$10
13Kevin Allison75596666266$10
14Mykie Branham76676658267$10
15Corey Stafford76666363268$5
15Lane Keenan76656166268$5
17Nate Paxton75636963270
18Brandon Carpenter79666265272
19Brennen Baxter76696762274
19Lee Jones77676862274
21Aaron Marshall84656563277
21Stephan Berna75706765277
23Anthony Nicolini76716665278
24Andrew Vanstone77657562279
24Ben Pagano80666469279
26Marco Teamnice Iannello80666966281
27Nick Maynard82656673286
28Micah Shaw81697566291
29David Foxwell86717264293
Advanced Master
1Ben Boyter73586465260$50
2Craig PP Wesnofske72686556261$40
3Joshua Easterling72656165263$35
4Scott Walsh71646763265$30
5Nathaniel Rushin76666759268$23
5Pat Leonard73666861268$23
7Chris Uhl76636763269$18
7Jason Hennard70676666269$18
9Bill Coughenour74676867276$15
10Ot Arounleut77726663278$15
11Steve Ganz76706568279$15
12Joedy Godwin81687460283$10
13Jason Kimbell85677164287$10
14C.J. Siege Nappier79697565288
15Jeremy Mason77737467291
16David G. Walls84727265293
17Christopher Summers83717368295
17Khris Cunningham83707369295
19Justin Menickelli79767764296
20Benny Ramseth83806768298
20Webb Warren88787359298
22Jeff Shannon80738167301
23Matthew Stersic85757575310
24Mike Sellers89797675319
25Don Tennyson88858572330
26Zachariah Knight84849073331
Advanced Grandmaster
1James Elkins57635255227$45
2Scott "ScottyLove" Elam58665561240$30
3Rock Arnold60675262241$25
4Steve Bogdon64695262247$20
5Darryl Vilano65645961249$18
5Jerry Swami Swain63645765249$18
7Michael Wellman67656160253$10
8Charles E. Toney63666169259$10
9Paul Fritz Finch64676269262$10
10John Zenger66676268263
11Jimi Castillo73675770267
12Grant Wise74696068271
13Gene Varano71726472279
14Noel Duke74736773287
15Mark Barnett81856677309
16Kurt Spivey-646161186
17Mike Trello6273--135
Advanced Senior Grandmaster
1Jon Jimenez64655363245$40
2Jack Korn63695659247$25
3Scott Crackel64656066255$20
4William Monger Morris68736164266$15
5Don Wall69696366267$5
5Paul Neugebauer67706367267$5
7Michael Newfield73725969273
8Lee Reading69766175281
9John Christy77726779295
10Donal Pilcher6264538881067
1Jonathan Pitt56555260223$50
2Reed Irvine54645457229$40
3Bryon Carter62635258235$35
4Justin Richardson60605660236$30
5Joe Wallace62615559237$25
6Dave R. Donaldson II63645655238$25
7Connor Beveridge56705955240$20
8Ross Marshall65645361243$20
9Eric Lund61656157244$15
10Nate Michalove64675362246$15
11Lucas Mason60675862247$15
11Stephen Armstrong65685559247$15
11Travis Hayes63665761247$15
14Terry Shockey64625767250$10
15Robert Teeter66675563251$10
16Tim Gaddy66645667253
17Evan Baker62725466254
17Michael Preble60655871254
19Voeuth Voeun65675965256
20Rick Waggoner65696063257
21Logan Staton62695671258
22Mark Maxen65755961260
22Peter Crist72665765260
24Stuart Salmon65686662261
25Christopher Ward65716167264
26Craig King65726069266
27Daniel Exumé70696070269
28Quinn Waggoner67726270271
29Ed Bellaire74706074278
30Adam Lovett68766180285
31Bert Ackermann76836672297
32Michael Tribble69867282309
Advanced Women
1Yuliya Pastovenska65735660254$20
2Kara Hoover73686470275$10
3Mercer Waterbury70756274281
Advanced Master Women
1Jennifer Lovett83817083317$20
Advanced Grandmaster Women
1Kathleen Hudson79826580306$20