HMC 18

Saturday, September 25, 2021 at Whitehall Township DGC in Whitehall, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

18th Annual Harvest Moon Classic- 18th straight year for the Harvest Moon Classic Disc Golf Event. Non-sanc ... more
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Joe Wingett    Sticky September 17 at 12:42am

Please see the change in course layout for your division. Also posted on FB.

If you would like to play your first round with certain players from your division, please message me privately. We will do everything we can to accommodate. The deadline to do this will by the end of this coming Wednesday 9-22. Thanks.

Aaron Goofy Mitchell   September 17 at 12:44am

but I wanted to play the deep 12 twice :(

Ryan ware    September 25 at 3:22pm

Wow some big time baggers in am3 an I got **** for playing am 3 at Ross sry y’all I’m just salty I forgot tht the tournament was today! Lol


Nathan Barber    September 25 at 12:29am

I know its the night before the tournament, but could I please get a refund im not gonna be able to make it.

Brian Mulnix   September 27 at 3:22pm

all set

Kyle Eveland    September 24 at 12:34am

Hey could you put me into am2?

Joe Wingett   September 24 at 6:03am

all set

Ben "The Teej" Tejchma    September 23 at 7:47pm

If a spot opens up, I would like to join the fun with you all this weekend. AM2 please. Thanks!

Ben "The Teej" Tejchma   September 25 at 12:07am

Cancel this request. Thanks!

Richard A Mackey    September 21 at 11:06pm

Can I register for am3?

Brian Mulnix   September 22 at 2:57pm

We are completely full at this point, I can let you know if we have a spot open up.

Alec Venne    September 20 at 11:53pm

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. Work won't give me the time off

Brian Mulnix   September 21 at 1:38pm

refund sent

Matt Buckhout    September 20 at 11:29pm

I have to drop out due too work....

Brian Mulnix   September 21 at 1:37pm

refund sent

Chad LeBaron    September 20 at 4:36pm

Unfortunately I will not be able to make it have to work can you give someone my spot and refund me plz

Brian Mulnix   September 20 at 4:54pm

whaaaaaaaat? thats a bummer

Will Hodgson    September 19 at 11:34am

Any room to get into Am3?

Brian Mulnix   September 19 at 1:44pm

can you pay today?

Bryan Birdsell    September 19 at 10:47am

Unfortunately Becky won't be making it.

Brian Mulnix   September 19 at 1:40pm

bummer, I'll send you pp refund.

zach crozier    September 19 at 1:27am

Can I get in on am 3 please?

Brian Mulnix   September 19 at 1:39pm

all set

Richard Tripp II    September 17 at 1:38am

I love the new layout. Now everyone gets a Taste o' the deep haha awesome


Scott "Deuce" Spear jr    September 16 at 2:46pm

Can you move Hilary to FA3 please!! Thanks!

Joe Wingett   September 17 at 12:06am

good to go

Scott "Deuce" Spear jr   September 17 at 3:59am

Thank you!

Jacob Beegle    September 16 at 1:08pm

Unfortunately I had to request a withdraw, torn ligaments in my left ankle have me in a boot until October 12th at the earliest. Then see the surgeons to determine.

Brian Mulnix   September 16 at 1:45pm

Bummer, get well my friend. Feel free to come out if you want to just hang out.

Brian Mulnix   September 16 at 1:50pm

****......I removed Josh by accident, he was refunded, can you guys work it out? I put him back into AM2...

Joe Wingett   September 17 at 12:07am

Get better soon brother. Hope you can still make it out there.

Jennifer Kane    September 15 at 1:28pm

Can I be moved to FA2, please?

Brian Mulnix   September 15 at 2:02pm

all set

Steele Boonstra    September 13 at 9:51pm

Can I still register for am2

Brian Mulnix   September 14 at 6:26pm

all set

Brock Berson    September 13 at 1:52pm

I would love to play as well, MA3

Brian Mulnix   September 14 at 6:27pm

room in AM2 right now unless someone moves up.

Brock Berson   September 16 at 7:00am

Sounds good, I just would like to play

Trevor Hamm    September 13 at 1:00pm

Can you move tim hamm to am3 please thank you

Brian Mulnix   September 13 at 3:00pm

good to go

Derrick Conkle    September 13 at 1:44am

Waitlist ma3

Brian Mulnix   September 13 at 12:55pm

I have room for you, paypal me directly if you want