Grow and Throw Presents: The Please Don't Rain Open

PDGA logoSaturday, September 18, 2021 at Harmony Bends DGC in Columbia, Missouri
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is the first event of the Grow and Throw Disc Golf Tour! In this one round C-Tier out at Harmony Bend ... more
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Chris Neff    September 17 at 5:49pm

Are the tee times correct? Right now 3 ma40 tee off at 7:36 a.m. two of us tee off at 9:00 a.m. and one tees off at 10:36 a.m.

Quentin Borengasser   September 17 at 7:03pm

Yes, they are correct. There are some people who couldn't play unless they went out at specific times.

Chris Neff   September 17 at 9:44pm

Ah. Understood!

Nate McFail    September 16 at 9:44pm

The earlier the tee time for me the better, but I understand if it might be hard to work out.

Matthew Aholt   September 17 at 1:42am

Yeah earlier would be better for me as well.

Nick Kanne    September 16 at 5:06pm

Is it okay if few people come to spectate?

Quentin Borengasser   September 16 at 5:16pm


Nick Kanne    September 14 at 1:56am

When will tee times be posted?

Quentin Borengasser   September 14 at 4:22am

The 17th, after registration has closed.

Nick Kanne    September 13 at 7:05pm

Will the pin placement be moved for just the pro division?

Quentin Borengasser   September 13 at 8:40pm

No pin placements will move. Golds are not allowed for anything less than an A tier I believe

Kevin Free    September 13 at 4:11pm

What time do you think the first card of MPO will tee off?

Quentin Borengasser   September 13 at 8:39pm

Dunno yet, if there's a time you need to tee off by or vice versa can't be there by a certain time, lemme know.

Quentin Borengasser    September 13 at 3:10pm

Heads up everyone, MA40 will now be playing whites!


Karl Kent    September 13 at 12:36am

Will we be playing the same OB as Selinske? Will the flags/lines still be there? What about the rope on hole 1 that determines where OB starts on the gravel bar before hole 1 basket?

Quentin Borengasser   September 13 at 3:10pm

Good question! We will not. I am going to have 1 and 2 unflagged and such. 13 will remain flagged as to keep from any lost disc retees and then I will change the flags on 18 slightly so that the gravel infront of that green is in too but most of that will remain flagged for safety. All land will be inbounds on 1 and 2 though!

Quinn Miller    September 10 at 2:48am

I have never played a tournament, hoping this will be my first. Could someone point me to a link explaining how payouts work, specifically for recreational divisions? Thanks!

Todd Thurman   September 10 at 4:26pm

Payouts depend on each tournament. In years past, recreational was trophy only. More recently, some tournaments do payout for all Am divisions. That being said, no Am division pay actual money; the payout is typically in the form of voucher, equipment/discs, or next tournament entry fee.

Quentin Borengasser   September 12 at 11:02pm

Payouts will be cash for pros, vouchers to grow and throw for ams. It's top 40% for pros, top 45% for ams.

Quinn Miller   September 13 at 12:56am

Got it. Thank you!!

Jerry Mcginnis    September 8 at 12:43am

Is there a player pack for rec

Quentin Borengasser   September 8 at 2:30pm

No, all money goes to payouts.

Quentin Borengasser    August 20 at 11:33am



All other divisions

This list is 99% set.


Nick Boland    August 18 at 9:00pm

What tees do each division play from?

Quentin Borengasser   August 20 at 11:34am

Thanks for the reminder! Posted above now

Mario Ortiz    August 18 at 4:32pm

What time does this event start?

Quentin Borengasser   August 18 at 4:59pm

Probably around 7:30 am. Sunrise is a little before 7 that day.