GYROscope #3: Death To Sausage Fest!

PDGA logoSaturday, June 5, 2021 at Giles Run @ Laurel Hill Park in Lorton, Virginia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament
Part of 2021 GYROscope

Added cash $500

About this tournament

The fourth in the Sausage Fest! series. Everyone knows I get bored after three iterations of the same tournament, so we're going to try to kill this thing off once and for all. Death to Sausage Fest!

This one-round, tee-time C-Tier features a 2021 GYROscope-stamped disc for all AMs, a little added cash for PROs, and sausages for everyone!

Layout is short to long except 2 and 13, which will be long to short. We will be using the lines painted two weeks beforehand for the Howling Gale Classic.

We will have fully-vaccinated people cooking the sausages, which will be individually wrapped. We will have individual packets of Gulden's Brown Mustard, Heinz Sweet Relish, and Huy Fong Chili Garlic Sauce. Sorry, but due to the pandemic, we will not be able to offer Lindsay's peppers and onions. This is a BYOK event, ask Cody Bradshaw if you don't already know.

Unlike past years, tee times will be by division, set to ensure a smooth flow. However, you may request to play with people in your division and I will honor those requests wherever possible. Household or family members may request to play together across divisions, but will play in the time slot for the earliest division. Generally, lower AM divisions will play earlier, and upper AM and PRO divisions will play later.

Refund policy

NOVA Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Danny Cherlow4949$230
2Nick Fletcher5050$155
3Kyle Ratcliff5050
4Connor Gulley5151$110
4David Wellsand5151$110
6Neil Bishop5252$75
7Conor Hahler5353$45
7Kevin Mosteller5353$45
7Luke Morello5353$45
10Owen Beightol5454
11Doug Marinovich5555
12Alexander Hinton5656
13Scott Hughey5757
14Thomas Rush5858
15Jeremy Hathaway6262
15Sam Newman6262
17Andy Hassan6363
18Ian Liddell-0
Pro 50+
1Thomas Alderman5353$150
2Dave Steger5555$95
3Mike Evans5757$70
4Hawk Corrick5858$45
5Graeme S Henderson6363
6Chet Butler6464
7William Potts6565
8Kevin Fetta6666
Pro 60+
1Steve Walker5656$90
2Mark Sherwood6464$45
3Rory Williamson6565
1Thomas McArdle5050
2Garrett Sadtler5252
3Andrew Dilworth5757
3Dylan Petrin5757
5Brandon Vorgang5858
6Joshua Donner6262
7Austin Whitesell6464
Amateur 40+
1Mike McKittrick6161
2Robert Michaud6363
Amateur 50+
1Daniel Hatfield5656
2Jeff Snider6262
2Kevin Carr6262
2Steve Tashjian6262
5Kevin SilverWolf Johnson6464
6Joel Harrop6868
7Eric Liberman8383
1Christopher Anderson5858
2Miles Hokanson5959
2Nathan Ellgren5959
2Thomas Mariano5959
5Brian Binder6060
6Daniel Seward6161
6Matthew Rivera6161
6Zach Peterson6161
9Scott Rodden6262
10Michael Webster6363
11Peter Ludlam6767
11Spencer Hale6767
13Kyle Miller7070
14Ben Dantowitz7272
1Jon Goldsmith5656
2Robert Wright5757
3Andrew Doucette5959
3Jake Bonheyo5959
5Bob Stahl6060
5Jeff Carlson6060
5Tyler Sturgill6060
8Carter Buschman6161
9Carter Arnold6262
10John Giannini6363
10Nicolas Gonzalez6363
10Todd Bonheyo6363
13Alan Balentine6464
13Dylan Stover6464
13Hayden Mosher6464
13Justin Seth Pearson6464
17Justin Crawford6666
17Phat Nguyen6666
19Andrew Lin6767
20Evan Paterson6868
20Scott Nichols6868
22Jared Rogalia6969
22Nick Belle6969
24Matthew Bolden7171
25Aman Chawla7272
26Ross Bonnin7676
27David Zawicki7979
1Joe Salamone6464
1Josh Tyler6464
3Cory Love6565
3Kunle Lawson6565
5Cameron Wirick6868
5Jimmy Madnick6868
7Adam Neal7070
8Brandon Kelley7272
8Brian McKelvey7272
8Gregory Potempa7272
11AJ Gilbert7373
12Dylan Contento7676
Advanced Women
1Debbie Yoo6868
Amateur Women 40+
1Lindsay Sullivan7979
Intermediate Women
1Emily Shea6767