GCDGA Presents A Day @ Devou DGC

Sunday, August 6, 2023 at Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

GCDGA Presents a Day @ Devou. We have rescheduled this event for 8/6 We plan on sanctioning it after basket ... more
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Thomas Brockhoff    April 17 at 4:43pm

this is going to be fun


Brian Dargis    April 16 at 6:56pm

you will never play another tournament like this !! try and find one !!

show support and get signed up !!

do not let "them" win !!


Tony Vincent    April 2 at 2:32am

The baskets were once again messed with. I am working with the rest of the group to come up with what we are going to do. We will keep you posted.

Peter Lueschen   April 11 at 10:41pm

Hey Tony, any updates to share?

Tony Vincent   April 16 at 4:35pm

We are playing the course with baskets as is. Yes, most of the baskets do not have chains. Everyone has to play the same baskets. The park is working to get replacements, but they will not be in until after the tournament. We want people to truly continue to play the course, and show everyone we are not going anywhere.

Brian Dargis    April 1 at 6:42pm

Did the baskets get destroyed again ??


Austin Cornell    March 17 at 12:47pm

What's the reasoning for making it unsanctioned?

Tony Vincent   March 18 at 12:57am

The baskets at Devou are a little banged up, playable but messed up, thus this event is not able to be sanctioned. When the baskets are replaced, our next event there will be.