Frozen Toes 2017

PDGA logoSaturday, December 9, 2017 at Veterans Memorial Park in Parma, Ohio
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Two rounds of 19 holes in the shortest layout of the season!

Player packs by Parma Disc Golf Club.
Player Pack- Trilogy Disc and Hand Warmer

AM Payouts by JKF Discs.

$2 ACE Fund
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Joe Cruz    Sticky December 7 at 4:54pm

The Tournament Layout is set. Holes 1-18 plus the Island hole between holes 9 & 10. 19 holes total.

We are playing to the white Veterans Baskets only.

We will not be playing to any Mach 3 baskets. Those are located at longer positions on the following holes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 15, & 18.

Tyler Schrock   December 7 at 8:09pm

Looking forward to playing the course again!

Gary Fullen   December 9 at 9:38pm

This was our first tournament and we had a blast. Thank you for your hospitality. Dustin and I will definitely be back again.

Joe Cruz    Sticky November 20, 2017 at 1:36pm


Over the weekend we noticed that several locks had been removed from our baskets on the course. We believe that someone is intending to steal the baskets from the course. We ended up buying stronger locks to replace the missing ones, but that doesn't mean it'll stop the thieves.

We ask that anyone who plays this course please look out for suspicious activity and check for locks when you are putting out at each hole. If anyone sees anything, please notify the club immediately! Don't let ****ty people ruin our course!

Thank you,

Parma Disc Golf Club

scott summers   November 20, 2017 at 8:59pm

This sucks, whats wrong with people man. People love to ruin a good thing.

dan jaras    December 17 at 6:16pm

Is there a reason my scores aren't posted on my page

Dipankar Biswas   December 17 at 11:27pm

I believe the scores are only on the pdga website. It has not been posted on discgolfscenes

Joe Cruz   December 18 at 4:51pm


dan jaras   December 19 at 1:54pm

Thank You

jackson lozier    December 10 at 12:30am

Thanks for having us today. jackson is very happy and tired and you were extremely helpful. However, you put in the wrong PDGA number for his scores. He is 102037. Someone named Peter probably will be rather surprised.

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jackson lozier   December 10 at 1:34am

I'm really sorry about that. I thought I cut and pasted the number but I must have typed it.

Joe Cruz   December 10 at 1:40am

Ya I checked the Tournament Director site for the event and I do not see an option to change it. I'll e-mail the PDGA tomorrow, but I would not expect an answer until Monday afternoon.

jackson lozier   December 10 at 1:42am

I appreciate it. Jack would probably prefer the scores not post anyway but I want to point back some day and have him say "no way I shot that high!" ;-)

Jordan Verbiak    December 9 at 2:30am

MA1 - #30593


dan jaras    December 9 at 12:27am

Rec please. 74035


Matt Rosier    December 8 at 6:31pm



Josh Wood    December 8 at 3:11am

Unfortunately I have to back out.
Good luck everyone!


Joe Cruz    December 7 at 12:54pm

It's going to be a chilly weekend, make sure to dress warm!

Hopefully Joel can bring his tarp to wrap around the pavilion!

Gary Fullen   December 7 at 3:32pm

Is the layout for Saturday set up now? I've never played the course so I was going to go out tomorrow and try a practice round.

Joe Cruz   December 7 at 4:51pm

Yes, the layout has been set for a few weeks now. We are playing 1-18 plus the island hole between holes 9 & 10. Play to the white Veterans Baskets. There are some older Mach 3's still hanging around, they will not be played for this event.

Joel Garn   December 7 at 9:09pm

I am

Evan Adams    December 7 at 1:35am

Evan Adams mpo. 34310


Dan Horwat    December 6 at 3:15am

Dan Horwat


jackson lozier    December 5 at 11:20pm

Any kids in this tourney? My son is looking to get a rating as soon as he can to sign up for the US Juniors. He will play without kids, but if there are any pairing them would be nice.

Joe Cruz   December 6 at 3:06am

No kids signed up right now, but if any do we will make sure they are on the same card. What division does your son play?

Bill "The Ninja" Savage    December 4 at 5:53pm

Sorry guys, just realized my pool league banquet is this Saturday, good luck to all.


Chris Warfield    December 2 at 3:57am

Ill play #52439


Jeff M    December 1 at 7:56pm

What is a good score on this layout?

Joe Cruz   December 1 at 8:17pm

It really depends on what division you play in. My goal on this layout is always double digits under, but I am usually happy to shoot -6 or better.

Pat Jackson    November 29 at 6:37pm

I've got to drop, thanks


Trent Stull    November 28 at 7:01pm

I’m out


Gerald Conaway    November 27 at 2:26am

Will not be able to make it on the 9th. Please remove me. Thanks!


Josh Barber    November 27 at 1:19am

Josh Barber 23240 MPO


Nathaniel Shifley    November 26 at 7:35pm

Nathaniel shifley 52312 open