Frozen Flyerz 2022

Saturday, February 5, 2022 at Holly Woods in Holly, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is a fundraiser event for the This is not at the permanent course at Holly. It is a tem ... more
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Paul Grasso    Sticky February 2 at 8:16pm

Map of the course is posted in the pictures section


Paul Grasso    Sticky January 20 at 7:39pm

We are looking for baskets for this event, please comment on this thread if you can bring one
1. Grasso
2. Grasso
3. Grasso
4. Lonteen
5. Lonteen
6. Lonteen
7. Moellering
8. Moellering
9. Jones

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Miles McLaughlin   January 23 at 9:01pm

I can bring 2 baskets :)

Paul Grasso   January 27 at 4:03pm

Miles please bring them

Paul Grasso   January 27 at 4:11pm

1. Grasso 2. Grasso 3. Grasso 4. Lonteen 5. Lonteen 6. Lonteen 7. Moellering 8. Moellering 9. Jones 10. Miles 11.Miles 12. Jeff Dunn

Jason Sosnowski    February 5 at 2:15pm

Is there any directions somewhere? I thought I knew where it was but am lost

Mark Stephens   February 5 at 2:45pm

It is in the About Section but we are at the boat launch. Then right at the booth..

Eric Groat    February 5 at 2:01pm

I wont be making it to the tournament. have fun everyone.


David Lonteen    February 5 at 1:00pm

Please be careful on the drive in! McGinnis is kind of rough.


Jason Sosnowski    February 5 at 12:59am

Any idea how deep snow is?? Are ribbons a necessity?

Paul Grasso   February 5 at 2:39am

Deep, ribbons would not be a bad idea

Neil sanders    February 5 at 12:55am

Due to work I won’t be able to make it out. Sorry guys. Have a great day tomorrow


Anthony Behrends    February 4 at 1:34pm

Can my son come along and spot for our card? We have ribbons taped to our discs, but the snow is still pretty deep.

Mark Stephens   February 4 at 1:47pm


Paul Grasso   February 4 at 3:21pm

Like Mark said yes

Anthony Behrends   February 4 at 5:25pm

Thanks fellas!

Hayden White    February 4 at 3:23am

I have to withdraw unfortunately, I gotta go to work.


Steve Nolff A3    February 3 at 9:31pm

Sadly, Saturday has become a no-go for me. Paul, please unreg me and accept my entry as a gift to the children.

Paul Grasso   February 3 at 9:43pm

bummer and thank you

brad chartier   February 3 at 10:13pm

Dammit, the Oberon is already packed. And what is packed, cannot be undone.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   February 4 at 5:02pm

Don’t worry ???? about unpacking until the day of ????

Paul Grasso    February 2 at 3:45pm



Jeff Miller    February 2 at 8:15am

Jeff Miller 18232 am3 please ????.

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Joe Levell   February 2 at 10:40pm

He can play jr10 can't he

Jeff Miller   February 3 at 2:58am


Jeff Miller   February 3 at 3:03am

I’ll play open. However I was told I might be working Saturday. I’ll let you know. Thanks Paul.

Nik LEhr    February 2 at 12:55am

Do we still need any baskets ..I have a new Chainstar lite...LMK

Paul Grasso   February 2 at 3:43pm

I think we have enough but bring it just in case we get some now shows

Alex Chase    January 31 at 6:17pm

Alex Chase
Am 2


Paul Grasso    January 31 at 5:14pm



Nik LEhr    January 30 at 3:58am

Nik Lehr #39893 Open


Frederick kilgour    January 29 at 7:19pm

Kilgour ma3


Michael Bailey    January 28 at 10:38pm

Michael Bailey


Paul Grasso    January 27 at 4:10pm



James Kim    January 26 at 6:30pm

James Kim
#104693 AM1