Frozen Flyerz

Saturday, February 20, 2021 at Mott Park Disc Golf Course in Flint, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is a fundraiser event for the We will not be able to use the temp course at Holly so th ... more
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Paul Grasso    Sticky February 17 at 4:52pm

We are accepting CTP donations and donations for payouts. We want as much money as we can to donate to the cause. So thank you for donations.


Paul Grasso    Sticky February 12 at 3:47am

We will not be allowed to use the temp course at Holly State Rec this year so we are moving Frozen Flyerz to Mott Park. We will using some temp holes.

Matthew Murdock   February 19 at 3:18am

Do you still need me to bring a basket or two?

Paul Grasso   February 19 at 11:45pm

No we good, thsnks

Dustin Courtney    February 20 at 10:38pm

Lost a purple axiom pyro left of 4s basket somewhere probably in or near the circle


Paul Grasso    February 20 at 2:28am

We will be playing 1 round of 21 holes. We will be playing holes 1- 13 all short pads, then a temp hole on a cut back trail, then holes 17(temp tee pad) and 18.The next hole is from the clubhouse to the long basket on hole 11, then a temp pad to the practice basket . Next hole is through the tunnel (mando through the tunnel) with 2 temp holes by the street hockey court. We will also have new pin placements on holes 4,7,and 12.The river and the roads are the only ob(the park drive is not OB.) The ... more


Jeff Dunn    February 19 at 10:22pm

I’m out
Thanks Paul


Mark Stephens    February 19 at 6:05pm

When does the 2nd Round start?

Adam Geise   February 19 at 8:07pm

you're already late. par plus 4s

Steve Nolff A3    February 19 at 5:04pm

Hurt my shoulder roof raking. I think it would be better to nurse the joint with rest and beer. Have fun guys.

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Steve Nolff A3   February 19 at 5:51pm

Damn right, that people is named Carolyn. Just can't get good help anymore. ; )

Josh Russell   February 19 at 6:46pm

Amen to that Steve!

Paul Bunko   February 19 at 6:55pm

What a drag it is getting old ...

Andrew jackson    February 19 at 1:23am

Move Andrew jackson to open


Radwyn Sawer    February 18 at 11:43pm

Not gonna make it. Going boarding! Have fun everyone!


Duncan Underwood    February 18 at 4:06pm

Aaron lanham will not make it please remove him!! Cant wait to see everyone!!


Megan Little    February 18 at 4:34am

If it’s still possible to join Megan Little FA2 #162156

Paul Grasso   February 18 at 3:23pm


Mario Ramirez    February 17 at 10:52pm

Can you put me back to MA2 please since we switched to mitt

Mario Ramirez   February 17 at 11:09pm


Paul Grasso   February 18 at 3:30am


Nathan Underwood    February 17 at 6:18pm

Sorry Paul, but I can't make it


Paul Grasso    February 17 at 5:13pm



Bret Adams    February 17 at 4:43pm

I'll bring a couple baskets how many I thinking

Paul Grasso   February 17 at 4:47pm

we will only need one from you, thanks

Brendan Livingston    February 16 at 5:11pm

Im out


Stanton Hoig    February 16 at 1:13pm

Sorry Paul, have to drop out due to work. In Denver for two months


brad chartier    February 16 at 1:07pm

Could you use some CTP prizes and other stuff like that??

Paul Grasso   February 16 at 6:07pm

yes please

David Feinauer    February 16 at 2:09am

Can two more sign up? Mathew Steffens ma3 and David Feinauer ma3?

Paul Grasso   February 17 at 5:00pm


Josh Flewelling    February 15 at 11:31am

Josh Flewelling, ma3 ,#109481