Frostbitten at Wickes

Saturday, February 6, 2021 at Wickes Woods in Saginaw, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to Frostbitten at Wickes! This is a BYOP Doubles event, with the goal of raising club funds for nec ... more
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Brent Faubert    Sticky January 19 at 12:16am

96 will be the last number. We will wait list after that.


Brent Faubert    Sticky January 18 at 11:01pm

Holes 6, 7, and 9 are now 2 shorter holes.


Brent Faubert    Sticky January 18 at 4:35am

With 14 spots left, 7 teams this is looking great! Thank you everyone for the support. If we have increased interest passed the 76 players, we will consider adding holes to the course. Instead of doing Safari or additional temp holes, we will shorten holes by adding a basket in the fairway. Winter can be brutal, so shorter holes might be better. We would do this 1 hole at a time so we aren't playing a 24 hole layout with enough teams for 20.

Thanks again

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Brett Federspiel   January 18 at 5:45pm

We can use practice basket for hole 19 and if you must add an additional hole I guess splitting 7 would make most sense, play the normal basket from the shorts, and play the long pad to a temp basket

Brent Faubert   January 18 at 5:56pm

The idea is this is a fundraiser event. If someone would like to attend, it's in the best interest of the club to allow them to. If Pros play a different layout, it would interfere with a group on another hole. We have already filled the event for 20 holes, plus 1 extra team

Brett Federspiel   January 18 at 6:11pm

I’m not suggesting the pros play a completely different layout. Any hole that is split into two, we will play both. But I’m simply suggesting we split as few holes as possible, and simply make the others easier with a shorter pad option for the lower divisions, instead of just splitting them all into dinkers that will be auto birdies for high divisions

Ryan Schmidt    February 7 at 12:25am

Thanks for the work on this event today. Even in the wind and temps had a great time. Everyone was great for my girlfriends first tournament. Cracked my Z Nuke on a tree, just shows the weather!! Love the course!!


Scott Adkins    February 6 at 1:03pm

Check me in I will be there


Andrew Savage    February 6 at 3:56am

Can the BPort Bangers be moved to AM please?

Brent Faubert   February 6 at 4:12am


Nickolas Teague    February 5 at 11:39pm

Hey Austin Snyder 140754 is replacing my partner. Jarret is unable to attend now.

Brent Faubert   February 6 at 1:46am

Sounds good

Kyle Schaab    February 5 at 10:15pm

Still need to sign up. Are there openings for one more set of doubles?

Brent Faubert   February 6 at 1:46am

Unfortunately, not. You would be added to the Waitlist. If you would like to show up in case someone doesn't make it, Im sure that person would appreciate it

Dj Hunt    February 5 at 8:24pm

We are not making it tomorrow

Brent Faubert   February 5 at 9:01pm

Thanks for the heads up

Brent Faubert    February 5 at 10:53am

At this time, if you would like to buy your Round 1 card, you may. It will be a $5 donation per card. You will be choosing your card mates, not your starting hole. This will be available until 830 tomorrow morning


Brent Faubert    January 29 at 6:09pm

So with current registration full to capacity and 4 teams on Wait-list, I have taken advantage of getting stuff done early. I'll have CTPs and Raffle info later tonight


Pro-6 teams, 2 spots $300 purse
1st- $220
2nd- $80

AMs- 24 teams, 8 spots $720 purse
1st- $120
2nd- $110
3rd- $100
4th- $90
5th- $85
6th- $80
7th- $70
8th- $60

AM Mixed- 8 teams, $240 purse
1st- $100
2nd- $80
3rd- $60

Noob- 10 teams, $300 purse
1st- $80
2nd- $70
3rd- $60
4th- $50
5th- $40


Brent Faubert    January 28 at 8:35am

Just a reminder, anyone looking at the registered page, we are full at 96. The MPO div is actually Wait-list teams looking to get in. The order goes

1st ones in
(Wait-list 1 and 2, by discgolfscene)
3rd team in
(Wait-list 3 and 4 by discgolfscene)


Scott Adkins    January 19 at 7:06pm

I'll be available that day if anyone needs a sub. Or wants to partner up.

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Brent Faubert   January 22 at 8:26am

You guys are on the "Pro column" only so I know who my wait-list is without looking for it. Your team name is 1st in so I know an order

Scott Adkins   January 22 at 10:43am


Josh Russell   January 22 at 12:10pm


Teran Hutchens    January 19 at 1:12am

Put Henry fisher and myself down. For AMS no team name yet.

Brent Faubert   January 19 at 1:24am


Bob Morton    January 19 at 1:00am

Move I'm a gotta up to open plz I'll pay the difference morning of!!

Brent Faubert   January 19 at 1:23am

Will do

Jeremiah Clennan    January 18 at 4:32pm

Jeremiah Clennan
Spencer Gee

Jeremiah Clennan   January 18 at 4:32pm

Division AM

Craig Clingan   January 18 at 5:50pm

Big Shootz

Ben Stephens    January 18 at 3:33pm

Ben Stephens & Amanda Rappuhn
Mixed Am
Fantastic Plastic Pleasure Treasure


Nickolas Teague    January 18 at 5:00am

Hey I didn’t know my partners pdga number. Could you be be so kind as to add it. Jarret Wellman 142315. Thank you.

Brent Faubert   January 18 at 5:37am

Wait, Wolverine has a PDGA? Wait, Wolverine has a partner??????? I'm so confused. I'll let my people know, Thanks Nick

Nickolas Teague   January 18 at 5:54am

Yeah he comes into my work and I asked him if he wants to be my partner and we’ll now here we are. Lol

Josh Brown    January 18 at 2:59am

Sorry, I am pretty much a noob, what is “normal dubs”? Best disc? I get the drive part.

Brent Faubert   January 18 at 3:11am

Yes, best shot dubs. So you drive(partner too), you choose then you play from that disc. After the drive you play best shot

Nickolas Teague    January 17 at 5:44am

Nick Teague
Jarret wellman
Team name - grilled cheese sammich